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Routine: LEX10CX

Package: Lexicon Utility

Routine: LEX10CX


LEX10CX ;ISL/KER - ICD-10 Cross-Over - Main ;05/23/2017

Source Information

Source file <LEX10CX.m>

Call Graph

Call Graph

Call Graph Total: 7

Package Total Call Graph
Lexicon Utility 5 ($$SRL,SRA)^LEX10CX2  ($$FIND1,$$FIND2,$$FIND3)^LEX10CX3  ($$SAB,ASK,X,Y)^LEX10CX4  ($$LA,SA,SEG)^LEX10CX5  PR^LEXU  

Entry Points

Name Comments DBIA/ICR reference
EN ; Suggested Code (Code and Source are unknown, interactive)
  • ICR #5840
    • Status: Active
    • Usage: Controlled Subscription
    EN2(CODE,SYS) ; Suggested Code (Source is known, interactive)
  • ICR #5840
    • Status: Active
    • Usage: Controlled Subscription
    EN3(CODE,SYS,ARY,MAX) ; Suggested Code (Code and Source are known, silent/GUI)
  • ICR #5840
    • Status: Active
    • Usage: Controlled Subscription
    CX(LEXSRC) ; Convert to ICD-10
    OUT(X,Y) ; Display Output - Interactive, Positive Results only
    ERR(X) ; Error
    SAB(X) ; Resolve SAB to 3 character Abbreviation
    SRC(X) ; Resolve Source (pointer for SAB in 757.03)
    SRN(X) ; Resolve Source (pointer for SAB in 757.03)

    External References

    Name Field # of Occurrence
    $$SRL^LEX10CX2 EN+53
    SRA^LEX10CX2 EN2+52
    $$FIND1^LEX10CX3 CX+27
    $$FIND2^LEX10CX3 CX+28
    $$FIND3^LEX10CX3 CX+62
    $$SAB^LEX10CX4 EN+47
    ASK^LEX10CX4 CX+49
    X^LEX10CX4 CX+64
    Y^LEX10CX4 CX+64
    $$LA^LEX10CX5 CX+19
    SA^LEX10CX5 CX+59, CX+60
    SEG^LEX10CX5 CX+25
    $$UP^XLFSTR CX+23, SAB+3, SAB+4

    Global Variables Directly Accessed

    Name Line Occurrences  (* Changed,  ! Killed)
    ^LEX(757.01 - [#757.01] CX+14
    ^LEX(757.03 - [#757.03] EN+51, EN2+48, SAB+2, SAB+3, SAB+4, SAB+5, SRC+2, SRN+2

    Label References

    Name Line Occurrences
    $$SAB EN+47, EN2+44, SRC+1
    $$SRC EN+50, EN2+46, SRN+1
    $$SRN EN3+33
    CX EN+54, EN2+53
    EN2 EN3+33
    ERR EN+48, EN+50, EN+52, EN2+45, EN2+47, EN2+49, EN2+51, CX+3, CX+5, CX+8
    , CX+10, CX+13, CX+14, CX+17, CX+20, CX+24, CX+26
    OUT CX+54, CX+65

    Local Variables


    >> Not killed explicitly
    * Changed
    ! Killed
    ~ Newed

    Name Field # of Occurrence
    ARY EN3~, EN3+33!, EN3+42!
    ARY("E" EN3+34*, EN3+44*
    ARY("X" EN3+41, EN3+43*, EN3+45*
    ARY("Y" EN3+39*, EN3+40, EN3+42*
    CODE EN2~, EN2+51, EN3~, EN3+33
    DIR CX+49~
    DIROUT EN+44~, EN2+42~, EN3+30~, CX+49!, CX+50, CX+51!, CX+52, CX+53
    DIRUT EN+44~, EN2+42~, EN3+31~, CX+49!, CX+51!, CX+52
    DTOUT EN+45~, EN2+43~, EN3+31~, CX+49!, CX+51!, CX+52
    DUOUT EN+45~, EN2+43~, EN3+31~, CX+49!, CX+51!, CX+52
    LEX0FND EN+43~, EN+45*, EN2+41~, EN2+43*, EN3+29~, CX+50*, CX+51, CX+56
    LEX0REV EN+43~, EN+45*, EN2+41~, EN2+43*, EN3+29~, CX+50*, CX+51
    LEX0SEL EN+43~, EN+45*, EN2+41~, EN2+43*, EN3+29~, CX+50*, CX+56
    LEX1 CX+40~, CX+41*, CX+45
    LEX2 CX+40~, CX+42*, CX+45
    LEX3 CX+40~, CX+43*, CX+45
    LEX4 CX+35~, CX+36*, CX+37, CX+40~, CX+44*, CX+46
    LEXC EN3+29~, EN3+34*, EN3+38*, EN3+39, CX+30~*, CX+31*, CX+32, CX+33
    LEXCI SAB+1~, SAB+3*, SAB+4*, SAB+5*, SRC+1~, SRN+1~*, SRN+2
    LEXCS SAB+1~*, SAB+2, SAB+3, SAB+4, SAB+5, SRC+1~*, SRN+1~*
    LEXEFF EN+43~, EN2+41~, EN3+29~, CX+21*
    LEXERR EN+43~, EN+46*, EN+48, EN+50, EN+52, EN2+41~, EN2+44*, EN2+45, EN2+47, EN2+49
    , EN2+50*, EN2+51, EN3+29~, CX+6*, CX+8, CX+10, CX+11*, CX+13, CX+14, CX+15*
    , CX+17, CX+18*, CX+20, CX+22*, CX+24, CX+26
    LEXERRT EN3+29~, EN3+32*, EN3+34, EN3+44, ERR+1*
    LEXEXP EN+43~, EN2+41~, EN3+29~, CX+9*, CX+10
    LEXI EN3+29~, EN3+34*, EN3+35*, EN3+36, CX+30~*, CX+31, OUT+2~, OUT+11*, OUT+12, OUT+14*
    , OUT+15
    LEXIEN EN+43~, EN2+41~, EN3+29~, CX+7*, CX+8, CX+14
    LEXIT EN+43~, EN+45*, EN2+41~, EN2+43*, EN3+29~, CX+48*, CX+50*, CX+53*, CX+55*, CX+56*
    LEXL OUT+2~, OUT+8*, OUT+9, OUT+10, OUT+12, OUT+13, OUT+15
    LEXLAD EN+43~, EN2+41~, EN3+29~, CX+19*, CX+20, CX+21
    LEXNASK EN3+30~, EN3+31*, CX+29
    LEXNASK( EN3+35, EN3+36, CX+33*
    LEXNASK("X" EN3+45, CX+38*, CX+47*
    LEXNASKM EN3+30~, EN3+31*, EN3+32!, EN3+38, CX+32
    LEXNOM EN+44~, EN+51*, EN+52, EN2+42~, EN2+48*, EN2+49, EN2+50, EN3+30~, EN3+33*, EN3+37
    , CX+1*, CX+4, CX+5, CX+6, CX+11, CX+18, SRN+1~
    LEXQT EN3+30~, EN3+32*, CX+59, CX+60, OUT+10, OUT+13, OUT+16, ERR+1
    LEXSAB EN+47*, EN+48, EN+49!~*, EN+50, EN+53, EN2+44*, EN2+45, EN2+46!~*, EN2+52, CX+16*
    , CX+17, CX+19, SAB+1~, SRC+1~*, SRC+2
    LEXSC OUT+1~, OUT+4*, OUT+7
    LEXSD OUT+1~, OUT+7*, OUT+8, OUT+10
    LEXSI OUT+1~, OUT+3*
    LEXSN OUT+1~, OUT+4*, OUT+7
    LEXSRC EN+44~, EN+53, EN+54, EN2+42~, EN2+52, EN2+53, EN3+30~, EN3+41*, EN3+43, CX~
    , CX+25, CX+27, CX+28, CX+49, CX+62, CX+64
    LEXSRC("SEG" CX+26
    LEXSRC("SOURCE" CX+1, CX+2, CX+7, CX+9, CX+12, CX+16, CX+23, CX+34, CX+35, CX+36
    , CX+39, CX+41, CX+42, CX+43, CX+44
    LEXSRI EN+44~, EN+50*, EN+51, EN2+42~, EN2+46*, EN2+47, EN2+48, EN3+30~
    LEXST OUT+1~, OUT+9
    LEXST( OUT+11, OUT+12
    LEXST(1 OUT+3*, OUT+10
    LEXT EN3+36~*, EN3+37*, EN3+39, CX+31~*, CX+33, CX+35~*, CX+37*, CX+38, CX+40~, CX+45*
    , CX+46*, CX+47
    LEXTC OUT+1~, OUT+6*, OUT+7
    LEXTCOD EN+44~, EN2+42~, EN2+51*, EN2+52, EN3+30~, CX+12*, CX+13, CX+19, CX+27
    LEXTD OUT+2~, OUT+7*, OUT+8, OUT+13
    LEXTEST CX+58, CX+60~
    LEXTGT EN+44~, EN2+42~, EN3+30~, CX+27, CX+28, CX+49, CX+62, CX+64
    LEXTGT( CX+30, CX+31
    LEXTGT(0 CX+63
    LEXTGT(1 CX+63
    LEXTI OUT+1~, OUT+5*
    LEXTMP EN+44~, EN+49*, EN2+42~, EN2+46*, EN3+30~
    LEXTN OUT+1~, OUT+6*, OUT+7
    LEXTT OUT+1~, OUT+9
    LEXTT( OUT+14, OUT+15
    LEXTT(1 OUT+5*, OUT+13
    LEXTTXT EN+44~, EN2+42~, EN3+30~, CX+23*, CX+24, CX+28
    MAX EN3~, EN3+31*
    SYS EN2~, EN2+44, EN3~, EN3+33
    X EN+45!, EN+53*, EN2+52!, CX+27*, CX+28*, CX+48, CX+51, CX+53*, CX+54, CX+55
    , CX+57*, CX+61, CX+62*, CX+65, CX+66*, OUT~, OUT+2*, OUT+3, OUT+4, ERR~
    , ERR+1, SAB~, SAB+1, SRC~, SRC+1, SRC+2*, SRC+3, SRN~, SRN+1, SRN+2*
    , SRN+3
    Y EN+45!, EN2+52!, CX+53*, CX+54, CX+55, CX+57*, CX+65, CX+66*, OUT~, OUT+2*
    , OUT+5, OUT+6
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