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Routine: LEXCODE

Package: Lexicon Utility

Routine: LEXCODE


LEXCODE ;ISL/KER - Retrieval of IEN^Term based on Code ;04/21/2014

Source Information

Source file <LEXCODE.m>

Call Graph

Call Graph

Call Graph Total: 4

Package Total Call Graph
Kernel 2 $$FMTE^XLFDT  $$UP^XLFSTR  
Lexicon Utility 2 $$SAB^LEXSRC2  VDT^LEXU  

Caller Graph


Legend of Colors

Package Component Superscript legend

action A extended action Ea event driver Ed subscriber Su protocol O limited protocol LP run routine RR broker B edit E server Se print P screenman SM inquire I

Caller Graph

Caller Graph Total: 9

Package Total Caller Graph
PCE Patient Care Encounter 3 PX1P94  PXBPL  PXRPC  
Enterprise Health Management Platform 1 HMPDJ02  
Lexicon Utility 1 LEXU3  
Order Entry Results Reporting 1 ORWPCE1  
Problem List 1 GMPLUTL  
VistA Integration Adapter 1 VIABRPC7  
Womens Health 1 WVRPCPT1  

Entry Points

Name Comments DBIA/ICR reference
EN(LEX,LEXVDT) ; Get terms associated with a Code
  • ICR #1614
    • Status: Active
    • Usage: Supported
    CHK ; Check if Valid
    ASEM ; Assemble List
    LEXY ; Get IEN^TERM for Code X
    CODE(X,LEXVDT,LEXSAB) ; Code for an Expression and Source
    ; Similar to $$ICDDX^ICDEX
    ; $$DX^ICDXCD
    ; $$PR^ICDXCD
    ; Except the data comes from the Lexicon and
    ; can be used for any source in file 757.03 and
    ; is not limited to ICD-9, ICD-10 and CPT.
    ; Input
    ; X Pointer to an Expression in file 757.01
    ; LEXVDT Versioning Date
    ; LEXSAB Source Abbreviation
    ; Output A 11 piece "^" delimited string
    ; 1 IEN of Code File ^LEX(757.02)
    ; 2 Code File ^LEX(757.02) Field #1
    ; 3 Expression Pointer to ^LEX(757.01)
    ; 4 Concept Expression Pointer to ^LEX(757.01)
    ; 5 Source Pointer ^LEX(757.03)
    ; 6 Preference File ^LEX(757.02) Field #4
    ; 7 Primary File ^LEX(757.02) Field #6
    ; 8 Status on date 4 multiple
    ; 9 Inactive Date 4 multiple
    ; 10 Active Date 4 multiple
    ; 11 Source Nomenclature File ^LEX(757.03) Field #1
    EXP(LEX,LEXS,LEXVDT) ; Get Preferred Expression for an Active Code
  • ICR #5680
    • Status: Active
    • Usage: Supported
    PA(X,Y) ; Previous Activation Date

    External References

    Name Field # of Occurrence
    VDT^LEXU EN+39, CODE+46, EXP+44
    $$FMTE^XLFDT EXP+57, EXP+61
    $$UP^XLFSTR EN+37

    Global Variables Directly Accessed

    Name Line Occurrences  (* Changed,  ! Killed)
    ^LEX(757 - [#757] CODE+38
    ^LEX(757.01 - [#757.01] CHK+7, LEXY+5, LEXY+6, CODE+35, CODE+36, CODE+38, CODE+39, CODE+41, CODE+42, CODE+43
    , EXP+63, EXP+64
    ^LEX(757.02 - [#757.02] EN+40, EN+41, CHK+2, CHK+4, CHK+5, CHK+6, CHK+9, LEXY+1, LEXY+4, CODE+53
    , CODE+55, CODE+57, CODE+58, CODE+59, EXP+46, EXP+48, EXP+49, EXP+50, EXP+51, EXP+52
    , PA+2, PA+4, PA+6, PA+7
    ^LEX(757.03 - [#757.03] CHK+8, ASEM+3, ASEM+4, ASEM+9, CODE+49, EXP+34, EXP+35, EXP+37, EXP+38, EXP+40
    , EXP+42

    Label References

    Name Line Occurrences
    $$PA CODE+62
    ASEM EN+42
    CHK EN+41

    Local Variables


    >> Not killed explicitly
    * Changed
    ! Killed
    ~ Newed

    Name Field # of Occurrence
    LEX EN~, EN+37*, EN+40, CHK+2, EXP~, EXP+31*, EXP+40, EXP+41*, EXP+54, EXP+55
    , EXP+56*, EXP+57*, EXP+58, EXP+59, EXP+60*, EXP+61*, EXP+64*, EXP+65, PA+1~*, PA+4
    , PA+6, PA+7
    LEXA PA+1~, PA+3*, PA+5, PA+7, PA+8*, PA+9
    LEXAC CODE+32~, CODE+54~, CODE+61*, CODE+62*, CODE+63, CODE+66
    LEXARY EXP+30~, EXP+45!
    LEXARY( EXP+53*, EXP+62
    LEXARY(" " EXP+58
    LEXARY(0 EXP+54, EXP+58, EXP+62
    LEXC EXP+55~*, EXP+57, EXP+59~*, EXP+61
    LEXCDT EXP+30~, EXP+44*, EXP+49, EXP+57, EXP+61
    LEXCND EXP+30~, EXP+47~, EXP+48*, EXP+53
    LEXCT ASEM+1~, ASEM+2*, ASEM+9, LEXY+6*, LEXY+7
    LEXDA EN+38~, EN+40*, EN+41*, CHK+2, CHK+4, CHK+5, CHK+6, CHK+9, CHK+10, CHK+11
    ASEM+1~, ASEM+6*, ASEM+7*, ASEM+8*, LEXY+1, LEXY+2, LEXY+4
    LEXE CODE+32~, PA+1~, PA+3*, PA+4*, PA+6, PA+8
    LEXEF CODE+32~, CODE+54~, CODE+60*, CODE+61
    LEXEX CHK+1~, CHK+7*, ASEM+1~, CODE+32~, CODE+34*, CODE+35, CODE+36, CODE+37, CODE+38, CODE+39
    , CODE+41, CODE+53
    LEXEXI EN+38~, LEXY+3~, LEXY+4*, LEXY+5, LEXY+6, LEXY+7, CODE+32~, CODE+54~, CODE+56*, CODE+64
    LEXEXP EN+38~, ASEM+1~, LEXY+3~, LEXY+6*, LEXY+7, EXP+30~, EXP+62*, EXP+63, EXP+64
    LEXH CODE+32~, PA+5*, PA+6*, PA+7
    LEXHE CODE+32~, CODE+54~, CODE+57*, CODE+58, CODE+60
    LEXHI CODE+32~, CODE+54~, CODE+58*, CODE+59, EXP+30~, EXP+47~, EXP+50*, EXP+51
    LEXHND EXP+30~, EXP+47~, EXP+51*, EXP+53
    LEXHS CODE+32~, CODE+54~, CODE+59*
    LEXI CODE+32~, CODE+40~, CODE+41*, CODE+42*, CODE+43, CODE+44, PA+1~*, PA+2, PA+3
    LEXIEN CODE+33~, CODE+52*
    LEXIENS( CODE+37*, CODE+44*, CODE+52
    LEXIN CODE+33~, CODE+54~, CODE+61*, CODE+62, CODE+63, CODE+66, EXP+30~, EXP+31*, EXP+32, EXP+44
    LEXINA EN+38~
    LEXMC CODE+33~, CODE+38*, CODE+40~, CODE+41*, CODE+42
    LEXMCE CODE+33~, CODE+38*, CODE+64
    LEXN CODE+33~, PA+1~, PA+7~*, PA+8
    LEXNAM CODE+33~, CODE+49*, CODE+50, CODE+66, CODE+67
    LEXND EN+39~, CHK+2*, CHK+3, CHK+7, CODE+33~, CODE+54~, CODE+55*, CODE+56, CODE+60, CODE+65
    LEXNOM EXP+30~, EXP+42*, EXP+43, EXP+56, EXP+60
    LEXO EN+38~, EN+40*, EN+41, CODE+33~, CODE+34*, CODE+51*, CODE+52, CODE+53, CODE+64*, CODE+65*
    , CODE+66*, CODE+67
    LEXORD EXP+30~, EXP+44*, EXP+46
    LEXPD CHK+1~, CHK+4*, CHK+5, EXP+30~, EXP+47~, EXP+49*, EXP+50
    LEXPF EN+38~, CHK+9*, CHK+10, CHK+11, EXP+31~, EXP+47~, EXP+52*
    LEXPH CHK+1~, CHK+6*
    LEXPI CHK+1~, CHK+5*, CHK+6
    LEXS EN+37!, ASEM+1, CODE+34~, CODE+51*, CODE+53*, CODE+55, CODE+57, CODE+58, CODE+59, CODE+61
    , CODE+62, CODE+64, EXP~, EXP+32*, EXP+33, EXP+34, EXP+37, PA+2
    LEXS( CHK+10*, CHK+11*, ASEM+2, ASEM+5, ASEM+6, ASEM+8, ASEM+9*, ASEM+11*, LEXY+2!, LEXY+7*
    LEXS(0 EN+40*
    LEXSAB EN+38~, CHK+8*, CHK+10, CHK+11, ASEM+1~*, ASEM+2*, ASEM+3, ASEM+5, ASEM+6, ASEM+8
    ASEM+9, ASEM+11, LEXY+2, LEXY+7, CODE~, CODE+47*
    LEXSABT ASEM+3~*, ASEM+4*, ASEM+10, ASEM+11
    LEXSB EXP+31~, EXP+35*, EXP+36, EXP+37*, EXP+38, EXP+39, EXP+40
    LEXSI EXP+31~, EXP+45*, EXP+46*, EXP+48, EXP+49, EXP+50, EXP+51, EXP+52, EXP+53
    LEXSO EN+38~, CHK+2*, CODE+34~, CODE+60*, CODE+64
    LEXSOI CODE+34~, CODE+54~, CODE+61*
    LEXSR EXP+31~, EXP+34*, EXP+35, EXP+36, EXP+37*, EXP+38*, EXP+39, EXP+40, EXP+42, EXP+48
    LEXSRC EN+38~, CHK+3*, CHK+8, CODE+34~, CODE+47*, CODE+48, CODE+49, CODE+56, CODE+65
    LEXST CODE+34~, CODE+54~, CODE+59*, CODE+61, CODE+62, CODE+63, CODE+66
    LEXSTA EN+38~
    LEXTY CODE+34~, CODE+39*
    LEXVDT EN~, EN+39*, CHK+4, CODE~, CODE+46*, CODE+57, EXP~, EXP+44
    LEXY ASEM+1~, LEXY+3*, LEXY+7*
    X CODE~, CODE+34, CODE+67*, CODE+68, PA~, PA+1, PA+9*, PA+10
    Y PA~, PA+1
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