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Routine: LEXRXS2

Package: Lexicon Utility

Routine: LEXRXS2


LEXRXS2 ;ISL/KER - Re-Index - Small Files ;08/17/2011

Source Information

Source file <LEXRXS2.m>

Call Graph

Call Graph

Call Graph Total: 5

Package Total Call Graph
Lexicon Utility 2 REX^LEXRXXS  $$UPD^LEXRXXT3  
VA FileMan 2 FILE^DID  IX1^DIK  
Kernel 1 ($$FMDIFF,$$NOW)^XLFDT  

Caller Graph


Legend of Colors

Package Component Superscript legend

action A extended action Ea event driver Ed subscriber Su protocol O limited protocol LP run routine RR broker B edit E server Se print P screenman SM inquire I

Caller Graph

Caller Graph Total: 2

Package Total Caller Graph
Lexicon Utility 2 LEXRXS  LEXRXXT2  

Entry Points

Name Comments DBIA/ICR reference
EN ; Main Entry Point
R75713 ; Source Category file 757.13/757.14
R75714 ; Source file 757.14
R7573 ; Look-up Screens file 757.3
R75731 ; Displays file 757.31
R75732 ; Mapping Definitions file 757.32
R7574 ; Shortcuts file 757.4/757.41
R75741 ; Shortcut Context file 757.41
R7572 ; Subset Definition file 757.2
RM(X) ; Remove Main
RX(X) ; Re-Index File X
CLR ; Clear

External References

Name Field # of Occurrence
FILE^DID R7572+4, RX+3
IX1^DIK R7572+9, RX+6
REX^LEXRXXS R75713+12, R75714+8, R7573+10, R75731+9, R75732+8, R7574+9, R75741+9, R7572+18
$$UPD^LEXRXXT3 R75713+3, R75714+3, R7573+3, R75731+3, R75732+3, R7574+3, R75741+3, R7572+3
$$FMDIFF^XLFDT R75713+10, R75714+6, R7573+8, R75731+7, R75732+6, R7574+7, R75741+7, R7572+16
$$NOW^XLFDT R75713+4, R75713+10, R75714+4, R75714+6, R7573+4, R7573+8, R75731+4, R75731+7, R75732+4, R75732+6
R7574+4, R7574+7, R75741+4, R75741+7, R7572+6, R7572+16

FileMan Files Accessed Via FileMan Db Call

FileNo Call Tags
^LEXT(757.2 - [#757.2] Classic Fileman Calls

Global Variables Directly Accessed

Name Line Occurrences  (* Changed,  ! Killed)
^LEX RM+1, RM+2, RX+2
^LEXT( RM+1, RX+2
^LEXT(757.2 - [#757.2] R7572+7, R7572+9!, R7572+10*

Label References

Name Line Occurrences
R75713 EN+1
R75714 EN+1
R7572 EN+1
R7573 EN+1
R75731 EN+1
R75732 EN+1
R7574 EN+1
R75741 EN+1
RM R75713+4, R75714+4, R7573+4, R75731+4, R75732+4, R7574+4, R75741+4, R7572+6
RX R75713+4, R75714+4, R7573+4, R75731+4, R75732+4, R7574+4, R75741+4

Local Variables


>> Not killed explicitly
* Changed
! Killed
~ Newed

Name Field # of Occurrence
DA R7572+6~*, R7572+7*, R7572+8, R7572+9, RX+1~, RX+5*, RX+6
DIK R7572+6~*, R7572+8*, RX+1~, RX+6*
LEXBEG R75713+1~, R75713+4*, R75713+10, R75714+1~, R75714+4*, R75714+6, R7573+1~, R7573+4*, R7573+8, R75731+1~
R75731+4*, R75731+7, R75732+1~, R75732+4*, R75732+6, R7574+1~, R7574+4*, R7574+7, R75741+1~, R75741+4*
R75741+7, R7572+1~, R7572+6*, R7572+16
LEXDIC RM+1~, RM+2*, RM+3, RM+5
LEXDIF R75713+1~, R75714+1~, R7573+1~, R75731+1~, R75732+1~, R7574+1~, R75741+1~, R7572+1~
LEXELP R75713+1~, R75713+10*, R75713+11*, R75713+12, R75714+1~, R75714+6*, R75714+7*, R7573+1~, R7573+8*, R7573+9*
R75731+1~, R75731+7*, R75731+8*, R75732+1~, R75732+6*, R75732+7*, R7574+1~, R7574+7*, R7574+8*, R7574+9
R75741+1~, R75741+7*, R75741+8*, R75741+9, R7572+1~, R7572+16*, R7572+17*, R7572+18
LEXEND R75713+1~, R75713+10*, R75714+1~, R75714+6*, R7573+1~, R7573+8*, R75731+1~, R75731+7*, R75732+1~, R75732+6*
R7574+1~, R7574+7*, R75741+1~, R75741+7*, R7572+1~, R7572+16*
LEXFI R75713+1~, R75713+2*, R75713+3, R75713+4, R75713+12, R75714+1~, R75714+2*, R75714+3, R75714+4, R75714+8
R7573+1~, R7573+2*, R7573+3, R7573+4, R7573+10, R75731+1~, R75731+2*, R75731+3, R75731+4, R75731+9
R75732+1~, R75732+2*, R75732+3, R75732+4, R75732+8, R7574+1~, R7574+2*, R7574+3, R7574+4, R7574+9
R75741+1~, R75741+2*, R75741+3, R75741+4, R7572+1~, R7572+2*, R7572+3, R7572+4, RM+1~*, RM+2
, RX+1~, RX+2*, RX+3
LEXIX R75713+1~, R75713+12, R75714+1~, R75714+8, R7573+1~, R7573+10, R75731+1~, R75731+9, R75732+1~, R75732+8
R7574+1~, R7574+9, R75741+1~, R75741+9, R7572+1~, R7572+18, RM+1~, RM+2*, RM+3*, RM+4*
, RM+5
LEXIX(1 R75713+5*, R75713+6*, R75714+5*, R7573+5*, R7573+6*, R75731+5*, R75731+6*, R75732+5*, R7574+5*, R7574+6*
R75741+5*, R75741+6*, R7572+11*, R7572+12*
LEXIX(10 R7572+15*
LEXIX(2 R75713+6*, R7573+6*, R75731+6*, R7574+6*, R75741+6*, R7572+12*
LEXIX(3 R75713+7*, R7573+7*, R75731+6*, R7574+6*, R75741+6*, R7572+12*
LEXIX(4 R75713+7*, R7573+7*, R7572+13*
LEXIX(5 R75713+8*, R7573+7*, R7572+13*
LEXIX(6 R75713+8*, R7572+13*
LEXIX(7 R75713+9*, R7572+14*
LEXIX(8 R75713+9*, R7572+14*
LEXIX(9 R7572+14*
LEXLONG R75713+5, R75714+5, R7573+5, R75731+5, R75732+5, R7574+5, R75741+5, R7572+11, CLR+1!
LEXMSG R7572+1~, RX+1~
LEXNAM R75713+3, R75714+3, R7573+3, R75731+3, R75732+3, R7574+3, R75741+3, R7572+3, CLR+1!
LEXNM R75713+1~, R75713+5*, R75713+12, R75714+1~, R75714+5*, R75714+8, R7573+5*, R7573+10, R75731+5*, R75731+9
R75732+5*, R75732+8, R7574+5*, R7574+9, R75741+5*, R75741+9, R7572+1~, R7572+11*, R7572+18
LEXOUT R7572+1~, RX+1~
LEXP3 R7572+1~, R7572+6*, R7572+8*, R7572+10, RX+1~, RX+5*, RX+6*, RX+7
LEXP4 R7572+1~, R7572+6*, R7572+8*, R7572+10, RX+1~, RX+5*, RX+6*, RX+7
LEXRT R7572+1~, R7572+5*, R7572+8, RM+1~, RM+2*, RX+1~, RX+4*, RX+5, RX+6, RX+7*
LEXTC R75713+3~*, R75714+3~*, R7573+3~*, R75731+3~*, R75732+3~*, R7574+3~*, R75741+3~*, R7572+3~*
X RM~, RM+1, RX~, RX+2
ZTQUEUED R75713+2, R75714+2, R7573+2, R75731+2, R75732+2, R7574+2, R75741+2, R7572+2, CLR+1!
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