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Routine: LR7OR4

Package: Lab Service

Routine: LR7OR4


LR7OR4 ;slc/dcm - Get Lab TEST Info ;8/11/97

Source Information

Source file <LR7OR4.m>

Caller Graph


Legend of Colors

Package Component Superscript legend

action A extended action Ea event driver Ed subscriber Su protocol O limited protocol LP run routine RR broker B edit E server Se print P screenman SM inquire I

Caller Graph

Caller Graph Total: 1

Package Total Caller Graph
Order Entry Results Reporting 1 ORWLRR  

Entry Points

Name Comments DBIA/ICR reference
ONE(Y,TEST) ;Gets parameters for one test
  • ICR #4864
    • Status: Active
    • Usage: Controlled Subscription
    ALL(Y,TESTS) ;Gets Lab Test ordering parameters from file 60
    COLL ;Get Collection Sample-Specimen data
    URG ;Get Urgency params for TEST
    SAMP(X,REQ) ;Build Collection Sample data
    GCOM ;Get General Ward & Lab Instructions
    SUB ;Tests in panel
    CRRV(RT,RV) ;Convert Referance Range Values - convert embedded M code into a more readable format
    GSV(X,SEX) ;Get Sex Value
    FAVO(X,HL) ;Format Age Value Output

    Global Variables Directly Accessed

    Name Line Occurrences  (* Changed,  ! Killed)
    ^LAB(60 - [#60] GET+2, GET+3, EN+3, EN+7, EN+8, COLL+3, COLL+9, COLL+10, COLL+14, COLL+20
    COLL+21, GCOM+4, GCOM+5, SUB+3, SUB+4
    ^LAB(61 - [#61] COLL+15
    ^LAB(62 - [#62] SAMP+4
    ^LAB(62.05 - [#62.05] URG+2, URG+3

    Label References

    Name Line Occurrences
    $$GET EN+2
    $$GSV CRRV+25, CRRV+26, CRRV+27, CRRV+28
    $$SAMP EN+7, EN+8, COLL+4
    COLL EN+10
    CRRV COLL+16, COLL+17, COLL+18
    EN ONE+4, ALL+5
    FAVO CRRV+31, CRRV+32
    GCOM EN+6
    SUB EN+10
    URG EN+5

    Naked Globals

    Name Field # of Occurrence
    ^( EN+7, EN+8, COLL+3, COLL+10, COLL+14, COLL+21, GCOM+5, SUB+4
    ^(0 EN+7, SAMP+4

    Local Variables


    >> Not killed explicitly
    * Changed
    ! Killed
    ~ Newed

    Name Field # of Occurrence
    AT0 FAVO+12~, FAVO+13*, FAVO+22
    AT1 FAVO+12~, FAVO+14*
    AT1( FAVO+22
    AT1(1 FAVO+14*
    AT1(2 FAVO+14*
    AT1(3 FAVO+14*
    AT1(4 FAVO+14*
    AT1(5 FAVO+14*
    AT2 FAVO+12~, FAVO+15*
    AT2( FAVO+22
    AT2(1 FAVO+15*
    AT2(2 FAVO+15*
    AT2(3 FAVO+16*
    AT2(4 FAVO+16*
    AT2(5 FAVO+16*
    CHK COLL+1~
    CNT ONE+1~, ONE+3*, ALL+2~, ALL+4*, ALL+5*, EN+3*, EN+4, EN+7*, EN+8*, COLL+4*
    COLL+5*, COLL+6*, COLL+7*, COLL+8*, COLL+9*, COLL+10*, COLL+15*, COLL+19*, COLL+20*, COLL+21*
    URG+2*, URG+3*, GCOM+4*, GCOM+5*, SUB+3*, SUB+4*, CRRV+16*, CRRV+17*, CRRV+18*, CRRV+19*
    , CRRV+23*, CRRV+24*, CRRV+25*, CRRV+26*, CRRV+27*, CRRV+28*, CRRV+30*, FAVO+20*, FAVO+22*
    HL FAVO~, FAVO+20, FAVO+22
    I ALL+2~, ALL+4*, ALL+5*, EN+8*, COLL+1~, COLL+2*, COLL+3*, COLL+9, COLL+10, COLL+13*
    COLL+14*, COLL+20, COLL+21, URG+1~, GCOM+2~, GCOM+3*, GCOM+5*, GCOM+6*, SUB+1~, SUB+2*
    SUB+3*, SUB+4*
    I0 FAVO+12~, FAVO+19*
    I1 FAVO+12~, FAVO+22*
    J COLL+1~, COLL+10*, COLL+21*
    RT CRRV~, CRRV+16, CRRV+17, CRRV+18, CRRV+19, CRRV+23, CRRV+24, CRRV+30
    RV CRRV~, CRRV+15, CRRV+16, CRRV+17, CRRV+18, CRRV+19, CRRV+22, CRRV+23, CRRV+25, CRRV+26
    , CRRV+27, CRRV+28, CRRV+29, CRRV+31, CRRV+32
    SAMP COLL+1~
    SEX GSV~
    SP10 CRRV+13~, CRRV+14*, CRRV+25, CRRV+26, CRRV+27, CRRV+28, FAVO+12~, FAVO+17*, FAVO+20, FAVO+22
    SP5 CRRV+13~, CRRV+14*, CRRV+16, CRRV+17, CRRV+18, CRRV+19, CRRV+23, CRRV+24, CRRV+30
    SPEC COLL+1~
    TEST GET~, GET+1, GET+2*, GET+3, GET+4, ONE~, ONE+2, ONE+3*, ALL+5*, EN
    EN+2*, EN+3, EN+7, EN+8, COLL+3, COLL+9, COLL+10, COLL+14, COLL+20, COLL+21
    GCOM+4, GCOM+5, SUB+3, SUB+4
    TESTS( ALL+5
    TESTS(0 ALL+3
    URG URG+1~
    X EN+7*, EN+8*, COLL+1~, COLL+3*, COLL+4, COLL+5, COLL+6, COLL+7, COLL+8, COLL+14*
    COLL+15, COLL+16, COLL+17, COLL+18, COLL+19, COLL+21*, URG+1~, SAMP~, SAMP+4, SUB+4*
    , CRRV+13~, CRRV+14*, GSV~, GSV+7, FAVO~, FAVO+18
    X0 EN+1~, EN+3*, EN+4, EN+7, EN+8, COLL+4, URG+2, URG+3, SAMP+3~, SAMP+4*
    , SAMP+7, FAVO+12~, FAVO+18*, FAVO+19
    X1 GSV+6~, GSV+8, FAVO+12~, FAVO+18*, FAVO+19*, FAVO+20, FAVO+22
    X2 FAVO+12~, FAVO+18*, FAVO+20*, FAVO+22*
    Y ONE~, ALL~
    Y( ALL+5*, EN+3*, EN+4*, EN+7*, EN+8*, COLL+4*, COLL+5*, COLL+6*, COLL+7*, COLL+8*
    COLL+9*, COLL+10*, COLL+15*, COLL+19*, COLL+20*, COLL+21*, URG+2*, URG+3*, GCOM+4*, GCOM+5*
    SUB+3*, SUB+4*, CRRV+16*, CRRV+17*, CRRV+18*, CRRV+19*, CRRV+23*, CRRV+24*, CRRV+25*, CRRV+26*
    , CRRV+27*, CRRV+28*, CRRV+30*, FAVO+20*, FAVO+22*
    Y1 SAMP+3~, SAMP+7*, SAMP+8
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