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Routine: MAG7UD

Package: Imaging

Routine: MAG7UD


MAG7UD ;WOIFO/MLH - Imaging - HL7 - utilities - dates ; 11/15/2006 08:35

Source Information

Source file <MAG7UD.m>

Caller Graph


Legend of Colors

Package Component Superscript legend

action A extended action Ea event driver Ed subscriber Su protocol O limited protocol LP run routine RR broker B edit E server Se print P screenman SM inquire I

Caller Graph

Caller Graph Total: 1

Package Total Caller Graph
Imaging 1 MAGDHLS  

Entry Points

Name Comments DBIA/ICR reference
STRIP0(XDATELOC) ; FUNCTION - strip zeros off HL7 dates
; input: XDATELOC variable containing any 8-digit HL7 date with or w/o TZ offset (+/-ZZZZ)
; function return: always 0 (success)

Local Variables


>> Not killed explicitly
* Changed
! Killed
~ Newed

Name Field # of Occurrence
MAGDATE STRIP0+4~, STRIP0+9*, STRIP0+10, STRIP0+12*, STRIP0+13*, STRIP0+14*, STRIP0+15
OFSGN STRIP0+5~, STRIP0+10*, STRIP0+11, STRIP0+12, STRIP0+15
TZ STRIP0+6~, STRIP0+12*, STRIP0+15
Info |  Source |  Caller Graph |  Entry Points |  Local Variables