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Routine: ONCOU0


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ONCOU0 ; WISC/MLH - UTILITIES for File 160 (ONCOLOGY PATIENT) ;6/25/93  09:51
 ;;2.2;ONCOLOGY;**1**;Jul 31, 2013;Build 8
RXFU ;    reindex FOLLOW-UP (#400)
 N DA S DA(1)=0
 W:'$D(ZTQUEUED) !!,"Re-indexing FOLLOW-UP"
 FOR  S DA(1)=$O(^ONCO(160,DA(1))) Q:'DA(1)  D
 .  N DIK
 .  I '$D(ZTQUEUED) W:$R(100)=0 "."
 .  K ^ONCO(160,DA(1),"AA"),^("B"),DIK
 .  S DIK="^ONCO(160,"_DA(1)_",""F"",",DIK(1)=.01
 .  F DIK(1)=.01,1 D ENALL^DIK
 .  Q
 W:'$D(ZTQUEUED) !,"Done!",!! Q
INAUTPSY ;    initialize AUTOPSY (#22.9) to 1 if performed
 N PI S PI=0 W:'$D(ZTQUEUED) !!,"Initializing AUTOPSY" F  S PI=$O(^ONCO(160,PI)) Q:'PI  L +^ONCO(160,PI):3 S:$P($G(^ONCO(160,PI,1)),U,9) $P(^(1),U,13)=1 L -^ONCO(160,PI):3 I '$D(ZTQUEUED) W:$R(100)=0 "."
 W:'$D(ZTQUEUED) !,"Done!",!! Q