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Routine: PRCHCHK3


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PRCHCHK3 ;WISC/DJM-IFCAP FILE 442.3 DATA ; 11/3/99 12:59pm
V ;;5.1;IFCAP;;Oct 20, 2000
 ;Per VHA Directive 10-93-142, this routine should not be modified.
DATA ;The data to compare -- first line is file node
 ;                       second line is data @ first line
 ;Order Not Completely Prepared^1^3
 ;Pending PPM Clerk Signature^4^4
 ;Pending Contracting Officers Signature^5^5
 ;Ordered (No Fiscal Action Required)^22^6
 ;Partial Received (No Fiscal Action Req)^27^7
 ;Returned to Supply (Pending Signature)^6^8
 ;Pending Completion by Requestor^^0
 ;Pending Fiscal Action^10^10
 ;Pending Completion by C P Clerk^^1
 ;Pending C P Official's Signature^^2
 ;Returned to Service by Fiscal^85
 ;Partial Received But Not Obligated^28^15
 ;Complete Order Received But Not Oblig.^33^20
 ;Ordered and Obligated^20^25
 ;Ordered and Obligated (Amended)^21^26
 ;Partial Order Received^25^30
 ;Partial Order Received (Amended)^26^31
 ;Complete Order Received^30^35
 ;Complete Order Received (Amended)^31^36
 ;Transaction Complete^40^40
 ;Obligated - Awaiting Invoice^42^42
 ;Awaiting Payment^43^43
 ;Cancelled Order^45^45
 ;Pending Accountable Officer Sig.^60
 ;Assigned to PPM Clerk^65
 ;Issue Request Pending Fiscal Action^66^66
 ;Issue Pending Delivery From Warehouse^67^67
 ;Partial Issue Delivered^68^68
 ;Sent to Purchasing & Contracting^70
 ;Transaction Complete (Amended)^41^41
 ;Held for Review in Personal Prop.^62
 ;Returned to Service by PPM^63
 ;Forward to Imprest Funds Agent^74
 ;Request Clarification by Service for P&C^75
 ;Returned To Service by P&C^76
 ;Held in P&C Pending Return of Quotations^79
 ;Assigned to Purchasing Agent^80
 ;Obligated - 1358^^100
 ;Cancelled - 1358^^105
 ;Ordered (No Fiscal Action)-Amended^23^23
 ;Paid (Not Received)^24^24
 ;Paid (Not Received) - Amended^29^29
 ;Paid (Partial Receipt)^32^32
 ;Paid (Partial Receipt) - Amended^34^34
 ;Paid (Complete Order Received)^37^37
 ;Paid (Complete Order Received) - Amended^38^38
 ;Partial Payment (Not Received)^39^39
 ;Partial Payment (Not Received) - Amended^44^44
 ;Partial Payment (Partial Receipt)^46^46
 ;Partial Payment (Partial Rec)-Amended^47^47
 ;Partial Payment (Complete Rec)^48^48
 ;Partial Payment (Complete Rec)-Amended^49^49
 ;Reconciled - Amended^51^51