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Routine: PSOMHV1

Package: Outpatient Pharmacy

Routine: PSOMHV1


PSOMHV1 ;BIR/MHA - MHV API, Build patient medication ; 4/20/05 8:54am

Source Information

Source file <PSOMHV1.m>

Call Graph

Call Graph

Call Graph Total: 2

Package Total Call Graph
Kernel 1 $$DT^XLFDT  
VA FileMan 1 C^%DTC  

Caller Graph


Legend of Colors

Package Component Superscript legend

action A extended action Ea event driver Ed subscriber Su protocol O limited protocol LP run routine RR broker B edit E server Se print P screenman SM inquire I

Caller Graph

Caller Graph Total: 1

Package Total Caller Graph
My HealtheVet 1 MHVXRX  

Entry Points

Name Comments DBIA/ICR reference
EN(DFN,BDT,EDT) ;entry point to return medication list
  • ICR #4687
    • Status: Active
    • Usage: Controlled Subscription
    EN2(DFN,RXLIST) ;Entry point to return data for specified RX #s
  • ICR #4687
    • Status: Active
    • Usage: Controlled Subscription
    EN3(DFN,BDT,EDT) ;entry point to return prescription history
  • ICR #4687
    • Status: Active
    • Usage: Controlled Subscription
    GET ;
    GET1 ;
    BLD ;
    RXD ;
    MDR ;
    SIG ;

    External References

    Name Field # of Occurrence
    C^%DTC EN+5, EN3+5
    $$DT^XLFDT EN+3, EN2+4, EN3+3

    Global Variables Directly Accessed

    Name Line Occurrences  (* Changed,  ! Killed)
    ^PS(50.606 - [#50.606] PEN+4, PND+4
    ^PS(50.7 - [#50.7] PEN+4, PND+4
    ^PS(51 - [#51] SIG+3
    ^PS(51.2 - [#51.2] MDR+3, MDR+4, PND+7
    ^PS(52.41 - [#52.41] PENPEN+1, PNDPND+1, PND+10, PND+11, PND+12, PND+13, PND+14, PND+15
    ^PS(55 - [#55] EN+8, EN+9, EN3+8, EN3+9
    ^PS(59 - [#59] RXD+30
    ^PSDRUG - [#50] EN2+15, EN2+17, PEN+4, GET+6, GET+7, GET1+4, GET1+5, RXD+12, PND+4
    ^PSRX - [#52] EN+9, EN2+10, EN2+13, EN2+14, EN2+16, EN3+9, GET+1, GET+2, GET+3, GET+4
    GET+5, GET+6, GET+8, GET1+1, GET1+2, GET1+3, GET1+4, RXD+1, RXD+2, RXD+4
    RXD+5, RXD+6, RXD+7, RXD+9, RXD+10, RXD+16, RXD+19, RXD+22, RXD+24, RXD+25
    RXD+27, RXD+28, MDR+2, MDR+3, MDR+4
    ^PSRX("B" EN2+8, EN2+9, EN2+10
    ^TMP("PSO" EN+4!, EN2+5!, EN3+4!, RXD+3*, RXD+4*, RXD+6*, RXD+7*, RXD+8*, RXD+10*, RXD+11*
    RXD+12*, RXD+13*, RXD+16*, RXD+17*, RXD+19*, RXD+20*, RXD+24*, RXD+25*, RXD+28*, RXD+30*
    MDR+4*, MDR+5*, PND+5*, PND+6*, PND+7*, PND+8*, PND+9*, PND+11*, PND+13*, PND+15*
    PND+16*, PND+17*, SIG+4*, SIG+5, SIG+6*, SIG+7*
    ^VA(200 - [#200] RXD+13

    Label References

    Name Line Occurrences
    @( BLD+2
    BLD EN+13, EN3+15
    GET EN+9
    GET1 EN3+9
    MDR RXD+21
    PEN EN+13
    RXD EN2+18
    SIG RXD+22

    Naked Globals

    Name Field # of Occurrence
    ^("STA" GET+6, GET1+4, RXD+2
    ^(0 RXD+6, RXD+10, MDR+4
    ^(2 RXD+2
    ^(3 RXD+2
    ^(9 SIG+3

    Local Variables


    >> Not killed explicitly
    * Changed
    ! Killed
    ~ Newed

    Name Field # of Occurrence
    BDT EN~, EN+4, EN3~, EN3+4
    DFN EN~, EN+1, EN+8, EN+9, EN2~, EN2+1, EN2+12, EN3~, EN3+1, EN3+8
    , EN3+9, PENPEN+1, GET+4, GET1+2, PND+1
    DRG EN+2~, EN+11*, EN+12, EN2+3~, EN3+2~, PEN+1*, PEN+4*, PEN+5, PEN+6*, PEN+7
    GET+6*, GET+7, GET1+4*, GET1+5, PND+4*, PND+5
    DRGN EN+2~, EN2+3~, EN3+2~, GET+7*, GET+8, GET+9, GET+10, GET1+5*
    DT EN+3*, EN+5, EN2+4*, EN3+3*, EN3+5, GET+7, GET1+5, RXD+14
    EDT EN~, EN+4, EN3~, EN3+4
    EXD EN+2~, EN+6*, EN+8*, EN+9, EN2+3~, EN3+2~, EN3+6*, EN3+8*, EN3+9
    I EN+2~, EN2+3~, EN3+2~, RXD+5*, RXD+6, RXD+7, RXD+9*, RXD+10, RXD+25*, RXD+26*
    RXD+27*, RXD+28
    IFN EN+2~, EN2+3~, EN2+16*, EN3+2~, BLD+2*, RXD+1, RXD+2, RXD+4, RXD+5, RXD+6
    RXD+7, RXD+9, RXD+10, RXD+16, RXD+19, RXD+22, RXD+24, RXD+25, RXD+27, RXD+28
    MDR+2, MDR+3, MDR+4, PNDPND+1, PND+10, PND+11, PND+12, PND+13, PND+14
    J EN2+3~, EN2+7*
    LSTFD EN+2~, EN2+3~, EN3+2~, RXD+2*, RXD+5*, RXD+16
    MIG EN+2~, EN2+3~, EN3+2~, PND+15*, PND+16, PND+17
    ORD EN+2~, EN2+3~, EN3+2~, PEN+1*, PEN+2, PEN+3, PND+1*, PND+2, PND+3, PND+7
    PND+8, PND+9
    PEN EN+2~, EN2+3~, EN3+2~, PEN*, PEN+1, PEN+6, PEN+7, PND+14*, PND+15
    PSOBD EN+2~, EN+4*, EN+5*, EN+6, EN2+3~, EN3+2~, EN3+4*, EN3+5*, EN3+6
    PSODD EN+2~, EN2+3~, EN3+2~, PEN+3*, PEN+4, PND+3*, PND+4, PND+6
    PSODIV EN+2~, EN2+3~, EN3+2~, RXD+29*, RXD+30
    PSOED EN+2~, EN+4*, EN+7*, EN+8, EN2+3~, EN3+2~, EN3+4*, EN3+7*, EN3+8
    PSOERR EN2+3~
    PSOOI EN+2~, EN2+3~, EN3+2~, PEN+3*, PEN+4, PND+3*, PND+4
    PSORX EN2+3~, EN2+7*, EN2+8, EN2+9, EN2+10
    PSOSD EN+2~, EN+13, EN2+3~, EN3+2~, EN3+15
    PSOSD( EN+11, EN+12*!, EN3+13, EN3+14*!, GET+8, GET+9*, GET+10*, GET1+6*, BLD+1, BLD+2
    PSOSD("PEN" PEN+6, PEN+7*
    PSOSTA EN2+3~, EN2+6*, EN2+16
    PSOX1 SIG+1~, SIG+5*
    PSOX2 SIG+1~, SIG+5*, SIG+6, SIG+7*
    PSRXD EN2+3~, EN2+10*, EN2+11, EN2+12, EN2+15, EN2+17
    RX EN+2~, EN+9*, EN2+3~, EN2+10*, EN2+13, EN2+14, EN2+16, EN3+2~, EN3+9*, EN3+13*
    , EN3+14, GET+1, GET+2, GET+3, GET+4, GET+5, GET+6, GET+9, GET+10, GET1+1
    GET1+2, GET1+3, GET1+4, GET1+6
    RX0 EN+2~, EN2+3~, EN3+2~, GET+5*, GET+8, GET1+3*, RXD+2*, RXD+3, RXD+12, RXD+13
    RXD+16, RXD+17
    RX2 EN+2~, EN2+3~, EN3+2~, GET+5*, GET+7, GET1+3*, GET1+5, RXD+2*, RXD+3, RXD+4
    RXD+12, RXD+14, RXD+29
    RX3 EN+2~, EN2+3~, EN3+2~, RXD+2*, RXD+3
    RXLIST EN2~, EN2+2, EN2+7
    SC EN+2~, EN2+3~, EN3+2~, RXD+15*, RXD+16, RXD+18*, RXD+19*, RXD+22*, RXD+23, RXD+26*
    RXD+27*, RXD+28, MDR+1*, MDR+2*, MDR+3, MDR+4, PND+10*, PND+11, PND+12*, PND+13
    PND+14*, PND+15, PND+16*, PND+17
    SCH EN+2~, EN2+3~, EN3+2~, RXD+18*, RXD+19*, RXD+23*, RXD+24, RXD+25*, MDR+1*, MDR+3*
    MDR+4, MDR+5, PND+10*, PND+11*, PND+12*, PND+13*, PND+16*, PND+17
    ST0 EN+2~, EN2+3~, EN3+2~, GET+7*, GET+8, GET+9, GET+10, GET1+5*, GET1+6, RXD+14*
    STA EN+2~, EN+10*, EN+12, EN2+3~, EN3+2~, EN3+10*, EN3+14, GET+6*, GET+7, GET1+4*
    GET1+5, RXD+2*, RXD+14
    TD EN+2~, EN2+3~, EN2+17*, EN3+2~, BLD+2*, RXD+3, RXD+4, RXD+6, RXD+7, RXD+8
    RXD+10, RXD+11, RXD+12, RXD+13, RXD+16, RXD+17, RXD+19, RXD+20, RXD+24, RXD+25
    RXD+28, RXD+30, MDR+4, MDR+5, PND+5, PND+6, PND+7, PND+8, PND+9, PND+11
    PND+13, PND+15, PND+16, PND+17, SIG+4, SIG+5, SIG+6, SIG+7
    TFN EN+2~, EN2+3~, EN3+2~, BLD+2*
    TR EN+2~, EN2+3~, EN2+16*, EN3+2~, BLD+1*, BLD+2, RXD+3, RXD+4, RXD+6, RXD+7
    RXD+8, RXD+10, RXD+11, RXD+12, RXD+13, RXD+16, RXD+17, RXD+19, RXD+20, RXD+24
    RXD+25, RXD+28, RXD+30, MDR+4, MDR+5, PND+5, PND+6, PND+7, PND+8, PND+9
    PND+11, PND+13, PND+15, PND+16, PND+17, SIG+4, SIG+5, SIG+6, SIG+7
    TRM EN+2~, EN2+3~, EN3+2~, RXD+2*, RXD+5*, RXD+16
    >> X EN+5, EN3+5, RXD+22*, SIG+1, SIG+2, SIG+3
    >> X1 EN+5*, EN3+5*
    >> X2 EN+5*, EN3+5*
    >> Y SIG+3*
    Z0 SIG+1~*, SIG+3
    Z1 SIG+1~*, SIG+2, SIG+3*, SIG+4, SIG+6, SIG+7
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