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Package: Pharmacy Data Management



PSSLDALL ;BIR/RTR-Find all Local Possible Dosage to edit ;05/04/08

Source Information

Source file <PSSLDALL.m>

Call Graph

Call Graph

Call Graph Total: 3

Package Total Call Graph
VA FileMan 2 ^DIE  ^DIR  
National Drug File 1 ($$DFSU,$$OVRIDE,OVRIDE)^PSNAPIS  

Caller Graph


Legend of Colors

Package Component Superscript legend

action A extended action Ea event driver Ed subscriber Su protocol O limited protocol LP run routine RR broker B edit E server Se print P screenman SM inquire I

Caller Graph

Caller Graph Total: 1

Package Total Caller Graph
Pharmacy Data Management 1 PSS LOCAL DOSAGES EDIT ALL  

Entry Points

Name Comments DBIA/ICR reference
EN ;
UL ;unlock drug
TEST() ;See if drug need Dose Unit and Numeric Dose defined

External References

Name Field # of Occurrence
^DIE EN+55
^DIR EN+23, EN+57, EN+75, EN+77

Interaction Calls

Name Line Occurrences
Function Call: WRITE
  • Prompt: !!,"This option will find all Local Possible Dosages that are eligible for Dosage"
  • Line Location: EN+1
Function Call: WRITE
  • Prompt: !,"Checks that do not have either the Numeric Dosage or Dose Unit entered for the"
  • Line Location: EN+2
Function Call: WRITE
  • Prompt: !,"Local Possible Dosage. This mapping is necessary to perform Dosage checks."
  • Line Location: EN+3
Function Call: WRITE
  • Prompt: !!,"Searching for local Possible Dosages..."
  • Line Location: EN+4
Function Call: WRITE
  • Prompt: "."
  • Line Location: EN+14
Function Call: WRITE
  • Prompt: !!,"Another person is editing "_$P(PSSGVZR,"^"),!
  • Line Location: EN+22
Function Call: WRITE
  • Prompt: $G(PSSGVSXX)_" "_$G(PSSGVUNX)
  • Line Location: EN+32
Function Call: WRITE
  • Prompt: " "_$G(PSSGVUNX)
  • Line Location: EN+34
Function Call: WRITE
  • Prompt: " Unit: "_$G(PSSGVUNX)
  • Line Location: EN+48
Function Call: WRITE
  • Prompt: !!,"Checking for any remaining unmapped Local Possible Dosages..."
  • Line Location: EN+66
Function Call: WRITE
  • Prompt: "."
  • Line Location: EN+69
Function Call: WRITE
  • Prompt: !!,"All Local Possible Dosages are mapped!",!
  • Line Location: EN+75
Function Call: WRITE
  • Prompt: !!,"There are still Local Possible Dosages not yet mapped,",!,"see the 'Local Possible Dosages Report' option for more details.",!
  • Line Location: EN+76
Routine Call
  • DIE
  • Line Location:
    • EN+55
Routine Call
  • DIR
  • Line Location:
    • EN+23
    • EN+57
    • EN+75
    • EN+77

Global Variables Directly Accessed

Name Line Occurrences  (* Changed,  ! Killed)
^PS(50.606 - [#50.606] TEST+10, TEST+11, TEST+12
^PS(50.607 - [#50.607] EN+21
^PS(50.7 - [#50.7] TEST+9
^PS(51.24 - [#51.24] EN+53, EN+63
^PSDRUG - [#50] EN+13, EN+17, EN+20, EN+22, EN+43, EN+58, EN+68, EN+72, UL+1, TEST+2
, TEST+6, TEST+9
^PSDRUG("B" EN+10, EN+67

Label References

Name Line Occurrences
$$TEST EN+15, EN+70
UL EN+64

Local Variables


>> Not killed explicitly
* Changed
! Killed
~ Newed

Name Field # of Occurrence
DA EN+5~, EN+54!*, EN+55!
DA(1 EN+54*
DIDEL EN+7~, EN+54!
DIE EN+5~, EN+54!*, EN+55!
DIR EN+7~, EN+23!, EN+56!, EN+57!, EN+75!, EN+77!
DIR("?" EN+56*
DIR("A" EN+23*, EN+56*, EN+75*, EN+77*
DIR("B" EN+56*
DIR(0 EN+23*, EN+56*, EN+75*, EN+77*
DR EN+5~, EN+54!*, EN+55!
DTOUT EN+5~, EN+23, EN+54!, EN+55, EN+57
DUOUT EN+5~, EN+23, EN+57
PSSGVAF6 EN+7~, EN+12!, EN+59*, EN+60
PSSGVBF6 EN+7~, EN+12!, EN+59*, EN+60
PSSGVCNT EN+6~, EN+12!, EN+42*, EN+45, EN+50*
PSSGVDF EN+6~, EN+11!, EN+70!, TEST+8*, TEST+9*, TEST+10, TEST+11, TEST+12
PSSGVFLG EN+6~, EN+11!, EN+27*, EN+29*, EN+45
PSSGVGG1 EN+6~, EN+12!, EN+30*, EN+32, EN+34
PSSGVGG2 EN+6~, EN+12!, EN+30*, EN+32, EN+34
PSSGVGG3 EN+6~, EN+12!, EN+30*, EN+37, EN+39
PSSGVGG4 EN+6~, EN+12!, EN+30*, EN+37, EN+39
PSSGVGG5 EN+7~, EN+12!, EN+46*, EN+48
PSSGVGG6 EN+7~, EN+12!, EN+46*, EN+48
PSSGVIEN EN+5~, EN+8!, EN+10*, EN+13, EN+17, EN+20, EN+22, EN+43, EN+54, EN+58
EN+65!, EN+67*, EN+68, EN+72, UL+1, TEST+2, TEST+6, TEST+9
PSSGVLC1 EN+5~, EN+11!, EN+17*, EN+65!, EN+72*
PSSGVLC2 EN+5~, EN+11!, EN+17*, EN+18, EN+65!, EN+72*, EN+73
PSSGVLCX EN+7~, EN+12!, EN+58*, EN+59, EN+60, EN+61, EN+62, EN+63
PSSGVLOC EN+7~, EN+12!, EN+43*, EN+44, EN+51, EN+52, EN+53, EN+59, EN+60
PSSGVLP EN+6~, EN+12!, EN+43*, EN+54, EN+58
PSSGVLPX EN+5~, EN+11!, EN+17*, EN+65!, EN+72*
PSSGVND1 EN+5~, EN+11!, EN+13*, EN+24, EN+65!, EN+68*, TEST+1, TEST+5, TEST+8
PSSGVND3 EN+5~, EN+11!, EN+13*, EN+24, EN+65!, EN+68*, TEST+1, TEST+5, TEST+8
PSSGVNDF EN+6~, EN+11!, EN+21, EN+24, EN+70!, TEST+8*
PSSGVNMX EN+5~, EN+8!, EN+10*, EN+65!, EN+67*
PSSGVOK EN+6~, EN+11!, EN+15*, EN+16, EN+65!, EN+70*, EN+71
PSSGVOUT EN+5~, EN+8!, EN+9*, EN+10, EN+23*, EN+43, EN+55, EN+57*, EN+65!, EN+66*
EN+67, EN+74*, EN+75
PSSGVSTN EN+6~, EN+11!, EN+20*, EN+25*, EN+28, EN+30, EN+37, EN+38, EN+45, EN+46
PSSGVSXX EN+6~, EN+11!, EN+24*, EN+26*, EN+28, EN+30, EN+32, EN+33, EN+45, EN+46
PSSGVSZZ EN+6~, EN+11!, EN+24*
PSSGVTOT EN+5~, EN+8!, EN+9*, EN+14*, EN+65!, EN+66*, EN+69*
PSSGVUNT EN+6~, EN+11!, EN+20*, EN+21
PSSGVUNX EN+6~, EN+11!, EN+21*, EN+30, EN+32, EN+34, EN+35, EN+37, EN+39, EN+40
EN+45, EN+46, EN+48, EN+49
PSSGVZR EN+5~, EN+11!, EN+13*, EN+19, EN+22, EN+65!, EN+68*, TEST+7
X EN+5~
Y EN+5~, EN+23, EN+54!, EN+55, EN+57

Marked Items

Name Field # of Occurrence
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