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Routine: PSUV12

Package: Pharmacy Benefits Management

Routine: PSUV12


PSUV12 ;BIR/DAM - IV AMIS Summary Message II ;04 MAR 2004

Source Information

Source file <PSUV12.m>

Call Graph

Call Graph

Call Graph Total: 1

Package Total Call Graph
Pharmacy Benefits Management 1 GETDIV^PSUV3  

Caller Graph


Legend of Colors

Package Component Superscript legend

action A extended action Ea event driver Ed subscriber Su protocol O limited protocol LP run routine RR broker B edit E server Se print P screenman SM inquire I

Caller Graph

Caller Graph Total: 1

Package Total Caller Graph
Pharmacy Benefits Management 1 PSUV11  

Entry Points

Name Comments DBIA/ICR reference
EN ;Entry point for MailMan message

External References

Name Field # of Occurrence
GETDIV^PSUV3 EN+7, EN+27, EN+79, EN+130, EN+181, EN+233

Global Variables Directly Accessed

Name Line Occurrences  (* Changed,  ! Killed)
^DD("DD" EN+5, EN+6
^XTMP( EN+44, EN+96, EN+147, EN+198, EN+250

Local Variables


>> Not killed explicitly
* Changed
! Killed
~ Newed

Name Field # of Occurrence
>> AMIS( EN+40*, EN+42*, EN+58*, EN+60*, EN+64*, EN+67*, EN+70*, EN+74*, EN+92*, EN+94*
EN+110*, EN+112*, EN+115*, EN+118*, EN+121*, EN+125*, EN+143*, EN+145*, EN+161*, EN+163*
EN+166*, EN+169*, EN+172*, EN+176*, EN+194*, EN+196*, EN+212*, EN+214*, EN+218*, EN+221*
EN+224*, EN+228*, EN+246*, EN+248*, EN+264*, EN+266*
>> AMIS(1 EN+8*
>> AMIS(2 EN+10*
>> AMIS(3 EN+12*, EN+14*
>> AMIS(4 EN+16*
>> AMIS(5 EN+18*
>> AMIS(6 EN+20*
>> CH( EN+180, EN+184, EN+185, EN+186, EN+187, EN+188, EN+190, EN+192
>> CH("TOT" EN+198*, EN+202, EN+203, EN+204, EN+205, EN+206, EN+208, EN+210
>> LVP( EN+26, EN+30, EN+31, EN+32, EN+33, EN+34, EN+36, EN+38
>> LVP("TOT" EN+44*, EN+48, EN+49, EN+50, EN+51, EN+52, EN+54, EN+56
>> PB( EN+78, EN+82, EN+83, EN+84, EN+85, EN+86, EN+88, EN+90
>> PB("TOT" EN+96*, EN+100, EN+101, EN+102, EN+103, EN+104, EN+106, EN+108
>> PSUDIV EN+7*, EN+25*, EN+26*, EN+30, EN+31, EN+32, EN+33, EN+34, EN+36, EN+38
EN+77*, EN+78*, EN+82, EN+83, EN+84, EN+85, EN+86, EN+88, EN+90, EN+128*
EN+129*, EN+133, EN+134, EN+135, EN+136, EN+137, EN+139, EN+141, EN+179*, EN+180*
EN+184, EN+185, EN+186, EN+187, EN+188, EN+190, EN+192, EN+231*, EN+232*, EN+236
EN+237, EN+238, EN+239, EN+240, EN+242, EN+244
>> PSUDIVNM EN+8, EN+29, EN+81, EN+132, EN+183, EN+235
>> PSUDTE EN+6*, EN+8
>> PSUDTS EN+5*, EN+8
>> PSUIVSUB EN+44, EN+96, EN+147, EN+198, EN+250
>> PSULINE EN+28*, EN+29*, EN+30*, EN+31*, EN+32*, EN+33*, EN+34*, EN+35*, EN+36*, EN+37*
EN+38*, EN+40, EN+46*, EN+47*, EN+48*, EN+49*, EN+50*, EN+51*, EN+52*, EN+53*
EN+54*, EN+55*, EN+56*, EN+58, EN+80*, EN+81*, EN+82*, EN+83*, EN+84*, EN+85*
EN+86*, EN+87*, EN+88*, EN+89*, EN+90*, EN+92, EN+98*, EN+99*, EN+100*, EN+101*
EN+102*, EN+103*, EN+104*, EN+105*, EN+106*, EN+107*, EN+108*, EN+110, EN+131*, EN+132*
EN+133*, EN+134*, EN+135*, EN+136*, EN+137*, EN+138*, EN+139*, EN+140*, EN+141*, EN+143
EN+149*, EN+150*, EN+151*, EN+152*, EN+153*, EN+154*, EN+155*, EN+156*, EN+157*, EN+158*
EN+159*, EN+161, EN+182*, EN+183*, EN+184*, EN+185*, EN+186*, EN+187*, EN+188*, EN+189*
EN+190*, EN+191*, EN+192*, EN+194, EN+200*, EN+201*, EN+202*, EN+203*, EN+204*, EN+205*
EN+206*, EN+207*, EN+208*, EN+209*, EN+210*, EN+212, EN+234*, EN+235*, EN+236*, EN+237*
EN+238*, EN+239*, EN+240*, EN+241*, EN+242*, EN+243*, EN+244*, EN+246, EN+252*, EN+253*
EN+254*, EN+255*, EN+256*, EN+257*, EN+258*, EN+259*, EN+260*, EN+261*, EN+262*, EN+264
>> PSULN EN+22*, EN+40*, EN+42*, EN+58*, EN+60*, EN+61*, EN+64, EN+65*, EN+67, EN+69*
EN+70, EN+72*, EN+74*, EN+92*, EN+94*, EN+110*, EN+112*, EN+113*, EN+115, EN+116*
EN+118, EN+120*, EN+121, EN+123*, EN+125*, EN+143*, EN+145*, EN+161*, EN+163*, EN+164*
EN+166, EN+167*, EN+169, EN+171*, EN+172, EN+174*, EN+176*, EN+194*, EN+196*, EN+212*
EN+214*, EN+215*, EN+218, EN+219*, EN+221, EN+223*, EN+224, EN+226*, EN+228*, EN+246*
EN+248*, EN+264*, EN+266*, EN+267*
>> SYR( EN+232, EN+236, EN+237, EN+238, EN+239, EN+240, EN+242, EN+244
>> SYR("TOT" EN+250*, EN+254, EN+255, EN+256, EN+257, EN+258, EN+260, EN+262
>> TPN( EN+129, EN+133, EN+134, EN+135, EN+136, EN+137, EN+139, EN+141
>> TPN("TOT" EN+147*, EN+151, EN+152, EN+153, EN+154, EN+155, EN+157, EN+159
U EN+30, EN+31, EN+32, EN+33, EN+34, EN+36, EN+38, EN+48, EN+49, EN+50
EN+51, EN+52, EN+54, EN+56, EN+82, EN+83, EN+84, EN+85, EN+86, EN+88
EN+90, EN+100, EN+101, EN+102, EN+103, EN+104, EN+106, EN+108, EN+133, EN+134
EN+135, EN+136, EN+137, EN+139, EN+141, EN+151, EN+152, EN+153, EN+154, EN+155
EN+157, EN+159, EN+184, EN+185, EN+186, EN+187, EN+188, EN+190, EN+192, EN+202
EN+203, EN+204, EN+205, EN+206, EN+208, EN+210, EN+236, EN+237, EN+238, EN+239
EN+240, EN+242, EN+244, EN+254, EN+255, EN+256, EN+257, EN+258, EN+260, EN+262
>> Y EN+5*, EN+6*
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