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Routine: PXRMG2S1

Package: Clinical Reminders

Routine: PXRMG2S1



Source Information

Source file <PXRMG2S1.m>

Caller Graph


Legend of Colors

Package Component Superscript legend

action A extended action Ea event driver Ed subscriber Su protocol O limited protocol LP run routine RR broker B edit E server Se print P screenman SM inquire I

Caller Graph

Caller Graph Total: 1

Package Total Caller Graph
Clinical Reminders 1 PXRMG2E2  

Entry Points

Name Comments DBIA/ICR reference
C1(REF) ;Check for Criteria 1 qualifications 3 ADL's
C2(REF) ;Check for Criteria 2 qualifications 1 "Cognitive Impairment"
C3(REF) ;Check for Criteria 3 qualifications 1 "Life Expectancy<6mo"
C4(REF) ;Check for Criteria 4 qualifications 2 OR MORE ADL's
PROG(REF) ;Determind Program (FUNCTION)

Label References

Name Line Occurrences
$$PROG C4+28

Local Variables


>> Not killed explicitly
* Changed
! Killed
~ Newed

Name Field # of Occurrence
AGEF C4+1~, C4+8*, C4+12, C4+16, C4+19, C4+22, C4+25, C4+54
AGEO C4+1~
APPTF C4+1~, C4+11*, C4+13*, C4+55
APPTO C4+2~, C4+12*, C4+13, C4+16, C4+19, C4+22, C4+25
ARY C1+1~, C1+3*, C1+4, C1+5, C1+6, C1+7, C1+8, C1+9, C1+10, C2+1~
, C2+3*, C2+4, C2+5, C2+6, C2+7, C2+8, C2+9, C2+10, C2+11, C3+1~
, C3+3*, C3+4, C4+1~, C4+4*, C4+5, C4+8, C4+12, C4+16, C4+19, C4+22
, C4+25, C4+30, C4+31, C4+32, C4+33, C4+34, C4+35, C4+36, C4+37, C4+38
, C4+39, C4+40, C4+41, C4+42, C4+43, C4+44, C4+45, C4+46, C4+47, C4+48
, PROG+1~, PROG+3*, PROG+4, PROG+6, PROG+8, PROG+10
>> C1101(0 C4+44
>> C1107(0 C4+45
>> C1108(0 C4+46
>> C1410(0 C4+41
>> C1412(0 C4+42
>> C1414(0 C4+43
>> C142(0 C4+37
>> C144(0 C4+38
>> C146(0 C4+39
>> C148(0 C4+40
>> C166(0 C4+48
>> C171(0 C4+47
C1CNT C1+1~, C1+2*, C1+4*, C1+5*, C1+6*, C1+7*, C1+8*, C1+9*, C1+10*, C1+11
>> C2110(0 C1+7, C4+33
>> C2114(0 C1+8, C4+34
>> C2118(0 C1+9, C4+35
>> C212(0 C1+4, C4+30
>> C2120(0 C1+10, C4+36
>> C216(0 C1+5, C4+31
>> C218(0 C1+6, C4+32
>> C221(0 C2+4
>> C224(0 C2+5
>> C226(0 C2+6
>> C2710(0 C2+11
>> C272(0 C2+7
>> C274(0 C2+8
>> C276(0 C2+9
>> C278(0 C2+10
>> C286(0 C3+4
C2CNT C2+1~, C2+2*, C2+4*, C2+5*, C2+6*, C2+7*, C2+8*, C2+9*, C2+10*, C2+11*
, C2+12
C3CNT C3+1~, C3+2*, C3+4*, C3+5
C4ACNT C4+1~, C4+3*, C4+30*, C4+31*, C4+32*, C4+33*, C4+34*, C4+35*, C4+36*, C4+58
C4BCNT C4+1~, C4+3*, C4+37*, C4+38*, C4+39*, C4+40*, C4+41*, C4+42*, C4+43*, C4+52
C4CCNT C4+1~, C4+3*, C4+44*, C4+45*, C4+46*, C4+53
C4FCNT C4+1~, C4+3*, C4+47*, C4+48*, C4+56
DATE C4+2~, C4+25*, C4+60
ELI C4+50~, C4+51*, C4+52*, C4+53*, C4+54*, C4+55*, C4+56*, C4+58
ELIGIBLE C1+1~, C1+2*, C1+11*, C1+12, C2+1~, C2+2*, C2+12*, C2+13, C3+1~, C3+2*
, C3+5*, C3+6, C4+1~, C4+3*, C4+58*, C4+60*, C4+61
HFDA C4+2~, C4+5*, C4+8, C4+12, C4+16, C4+19, C4+22, C4+25
>> MONTH C4+19*, C4+22, C4+25, C4+60
NAME C4+2~, C4+16*, C4+19, C4+22, C4+25, C4+60
>> P441(0 PROG+4
>> P4410(0 PROG+6
>> P4412(0 PROG+8
>> P449(0 PROG+4, PROG+6, PROG+8
>> P451(0 PROG+10
>> P452(0 PROG+10
PROG C4+2~, C4+28*, C4+60, PROG+1~, PROG+2*, PROG+5*, PROG+7*, PROG+9*, PROG+11*, PROG+12
REF C1~, C1+4, C1+5, C1+6, C1+7, C1+8, C1+9, C1+10, C2~, C2+4
, C2+5, C2+6, C2+7, C2+8, C2+9, C2+10, C2+11, C3~, C3+4, C4~
, C4+5, C4+8, C4+12, C4+16, C4+19, C4+22, C4+25, C4+28, C4+30, C4+31
, C4+32, C4+33, C4+34, C4+35, C4+36, C4+37, C4+38, C4+39, C4+40, C4+41
, C4+42, C4+43, C4+44, C4+45, C4+46, C4+47, C4+48, PROG~, PROG+4, PROG+6
, PROG+8, PROG+10
SSN C4+2~, C4+22*, C4+25, C4+60
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