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Routine: RAIPRE1

Package: Radiology Nuclear Medicine

Routine: RAIPRE1


RAIPRE1 ;HIRMFO/GJC- Pre-init routine ;4/19/97 12:05

Source Information

Source file <RAIPRE1.m>

Call Graph

Call Graph

Call Graph Total: 4

Package Total Call Graph
VA FileMan 2 ^DIK  EN^DIU2  
Kernel 1 BMES^XPDUTL  
Radiology Nuclear Medicine 1 ENKILL^RAXREF  

Entry Points

Name Comments DBIA/ICR reference
VERSION ;;5.0;Radiology/Nuclear Medicine;;Mar 16, 1998
EN1 ; Delete the Stop Codes multiple (field: 160 <|> sub-file: 71.06)
; and associated data from the Rad/Nuc Med Procedures file (71).
EN2 ; Delete the Principal Clinic field from the Imaging Locations file.
EN4 ; Delete the Common Procedure Group field from the Rad/Nuc Med
; Common Procedure data dictionary. Delete Common Procedure
; Group data from the Rad/Nuc Med Common Procedure file.
EN10 ; Delete the Input Devices multiple (field: 50 <|> sub-file: 79.11)
; and associated data from the Imaging Locations file (79.1).
EN11 ; Delete the Device Assignment Explanation word processing field (75)
; from the Imaging Type file (79.2). All associated data will be
; deleted

External References

Name Field # of Occurrence
^DIK EN2+13, EN4+15
EN^DIU2 EN1+8, EN10+8, EN11+9
BMES^XPDUTL EN1+7, EN2+7, EN4+9, EN10+7, EN11+8

Global Variables Directly Accessed

Name Line Occurrences  (* Changed,  ! Killed)
^DD(71.06 EN1+2
^DD(71.3 EN4+3
^DD(79.1 EN2+1
^DD(79.11 EN10+2
^DD(79.22 EN11+3
^RA(79.1 - [#79.1] EN2+8, EN2+9, EN2+11!, EN10+9!
^RAMIS( EN4+10, EN4+11, EN4+13*

Local Variables


>> Not killed explicitly
* Changed
! Killed
~ Newed

Name Field # of Occurrence
% EN2+2~, EN4+4~
DA EN2+2~, EN2+13*, EN4+4~, EN4+15*
DA(1 EN2+13*, EN4+15*
DIC EN1+3~, EN2+2~, EN4+4~, EN10+3~, EN11+4~
DIK EN2+2~, EN2+13*, EN4+4~, EN4+15*
DIU EN1+3~, EN1+8*, EN10+3~, EN10+8*, EN11+4~, EN11+9*
DIU(0 EN1+8*, EN10+8*, EN11+9*
RACPG EN4+4~, EN4+11*, EN4+12, EN4+13
RAD0 EN2+2~, EN2+3*, EN2+8*, EN2+9, EN2+10, EN2+11, EN4+4~, EN4+5*, EN4+10*, EN4+11
EN4+12, EN4+13
RADD EN2+2~, EN2+3*, EN2+10, EN2+13, EN4+4~, EN4+5*, EN4+10, EN4+11, EN4+12, EN4+13
RAFLD EN2+2~, EN2+3*, EN2+10, EN2+13, EN4+4~, EN4+5*, EN4+12, EN4+15
RAPC EN2+2~, EN2+9*, EN2+10
RATXT EN1+3~, EN1+7, EN2+2~, EN2+7, EN4+4~, EN4+9, EN10+3~, EN10+7, EN11+4~, EN11+8
RATXT(1 EN1+3*, EN2+3*, EN4+5*, EN10+3*, EN11+4*
RATXT(2 EN1+4*, EN2+4*, EN4+6*, EN10+4*, EN11+5*
RATXT(3 EN1+5*, EN2+5*, EN2+6*, EN4+7*, EN10+5*, EN11+6*
RATXT(4 EN1+6*, EN4+8*, EN10+6*, EN11+7*
X EN2+2~, EN4+4~
Y EN2+2~, EN4+4~
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