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Routine: RAIPST4

Package: Radiology Nuclear Medicine

Routine: RAIPST4


RAIPST4 ;HIRMFO/GJC - Post-init number four ;12/18/97 09:08

Source Information

Source file <RAIPST4.m>

Call Graph

Call Graph

Call Graph Total: 3

Package Total Call Graph
Kernel 1 MES^XPDUTL  

Entry Points

Name Comments DBIA/ICR reference
VERSION ;;5.0;Radiology/Nuclear Medicine;;Mar 16, 1998
EN1 ; Add Exam Statuses with an Imaging Type of 'Mammography'.
; Exam Statuses created: Cancelled; Waiting For Exam; Called
; For Exam; Examined; Transcribed and Complete.
ERMSG72(X) ; Display error message when an Exam Status is not filed.
XIST(X,Y) ; Check if an Exam Status for a particular imaging type exists
; in file 72.
; Input: X-Exam Status, Y-imaging type (pointer)
EN2 ; For the HL7 Application Parameter (file 771) 'Radiology',
; change the 'ORU' HL7 Message processing routine from RAHLO
; to the new bridge routine RAHLBKVR.
ADD(X) ; Add the HL7 Message to the 'RADIOLOGY' entry on the HL7 Application
; Parameter file.
; Input: 'X'-the HL7 Message we are trying to add
; Sets: RA77106('X')=the ien of the newly added HL7 Message
FIND(X) ; Find the ien of the various HL7 Messages used by our HL7 Application
; Input: 'X'-the HL7 Message we are trying to find.
; Output: ien of the HL7 Message entry (if exists), else 0

External References

Name Field # of Occurrence
$$FIND1^DIC EN2+4, EN2+21, EN2+50, EN2+56, FIND+3
FILE^DIE EN2+40, EN2+48, EN2+54, EN2+60
UPDATE^DIE EN1+18, EN1+28, EN1+38, EN1+48, EN1+58, EN1+69, EN2+20, ADD+5
MES^XPDUTL EN1+7, EN1+13, ERMSG72+3, EN2+11, EN2+29

FileMan Files Accessed Via FileMan Db Call

FileNo Call Tags
^HL(771 - [#771] FIND1^DIC
771.06 FIND1^DIC

Global Variables Directly Accessed

Name Line Occurrences  (* Changed,  ! Killed)
^HL(771 - [#771] EN2+23*, EN2+24*, EN2+33, EN2+34
^RA(72 - [#72] EN1+15, EN1+22, EN1+62, XIST+4, XIST+5
^RA(79.2 - [#79.2] EN1+4

Label References

Name Line Occurrences
$$FIND EN2+35, EN2+43, ADD+5
$$XIST EN1+32, EN1+42, EN1+52
ADD EN2+36, EN2+44, EN2+51, EN2+57
ERMSG72 EN1+19, EN1+29, EN1+39, EN1+49, EN1+59, EN1+70

Naked Globals

Name Field # of Occurrence
^("EC" EN2+33*
^("FS" EN2+34*

Local Variables


>> Not killed explicitly
* Changed
! Killed
~ Newed

Name Field # of Occurrence
% EN2+3~
D EN2+3~
D0 EN2+3~
DA EN2+3~
DI EN2+3~
DIC EN2+3~
DIE EN2+3~
DQ EN2+3~
DR EN2+3~
I XIST+3~*, XIST+4*, XIST+5
RA771 EN2+3~, EN2+4*, EN2+5, EN2+12~, EN2+21*, EN2+22, EN2+23, EN2+24, EN2+33, EN2+34
EN2+39, EN2+47, EN2+50, EN2+53, EN2+56, EN2+59, ADD+4, FIND+3
RA77106 EN2+3~
RA77106( ADD+5*
RA77106("ACK" EN2+35*, EN2+36, EN2+37, EN2+39
RA77106("ORF" EN2+43*, EN2+44, EN2+45, EN2+47
RA77106("ORU" EN2+50*, EN2+51, EN2+52, EN2+53
RA77106("QRY" EN2+56*, EN2+57, EN2+58, EN2+59
RAERR EN1+3~, EN1+23!, EN1+33!, EN1+43!, EN1+53!, EN1+63!
RAERR("DIERR" EN1+19, EN1+29, EN1+39, EN1+49, EN1+59, EN1+70
RAFDA EN1+3~, EN1+23!, EN1+33!, EN1+43!, EN1+53!, EN1+63!, EN2+12~, EN2+38~, EN2+46~, EN2+53~
EN2+59~, ADD+4~
RAFDA( EN2+14*, EN2+15*, EN2+16*, EN2+17*, EN2+18*, EN2+19*, EN2+39*, EN2+47*, EN2+53*, EN2+59*
, ADD+4*
RAFDA(72 EN1+16*, EN1+17*, EN1+24*, EN1+25*, EN1+26*, EN1+27*, EN1+34*, EN1+35*, EN1+36*, EN1+37*
EN1+44*, EN1+45*, EN1+46*, EN1+47*, EN1+54*, EN1+55*, EN1+56*, EN1+57*, EN1+64*, EN1+65*
EN1+66*, EN1+67*, EN1+68*
RAFDA(771 EN2+12*, EN2+13*
>> RAI EN1+27*, EN1+36*, EN1+37*, EN1+45*, EN1+46*, EN1+47*, EN1+55*, EN1+56*, EN1+57*, EN1+66*
EN1+67*, EN1+68*
RAITY EN1+3~, EN1+4*, EN1+5, EN1+17, EN1+26, EN1+32, EN1+35, EN1+42, EN1+44, EN1+52
EN1+54, EN1+65
RATXT EN1+3~, EN1+7, EN1+13!, EN2+3~, EN2+11, EN2+27!, EN2+29
RATXT(1 EN1+3*, EN1+6*, EN1+9*, EN2+6*, EN2+27*
RATXT(2 EN1+6*, EN1+10*, EN2+7*, EN2+28*
RATXT(3 EN1+6*, EN1+11*, EN2+8*, EN2+29*
RATXT(4 EN1+12*, EN2+9*
RATXT(5 EN2+10*
RATXT(6 EN2+11*
X ERMSG72~, ERMSG72+2, XIST~, XIST+4, EN2+3~, ADD~, ADD+4, ADD+5, FIND~, FIND+3
Y ERMSG72+1~, ERMSG72+3, XIST~, XIST+5
Y(1 ERMSG72+2*
Y(2 ERMSG72+2*
Y(3 ERMSG72+2*
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