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Routine: SROAUTL1


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 ;;3.0;Surgery;**38,47,81,125,153,160,166,174,176,182,184**;24 Jun 93;Build 35
 S SRZ=0 F  S SRZ=$O(SRY(130,SRTN,SRZ)) Q:'SRZ  I SRY(130,SRTN,SRZ,"I")="" D TR S X=$T(@SRP),SRFLD=$P(X,";;",2),SRX(SRZ)=$P(SRFLD,"^",2)
 I $D(SRX(667)) I $P($G(^SRF(SRTN,200.1)),"^",8),($P($G(^SRF(SRTN,200.1)),"^",8)'=3) K SRX(667)
GET S X=$T(@J)
FDA ;;641^Hypertension^Hypertension^
BAC ;;213^Esophageal Varices (Y/N)^Esophogeal Varices^
FDJ ;;640^PCI^PCI^
DHE ;;485^Prior Heart Surgery^Prior Heart Surgery
BFE ;;265^Peripheral Arterial Disease^Peripheral Arterial Disease^
CCJ ;;330^Rest Pain/Gangrene (Y/N)^Rest Pain/Gangrene^
BJE ;;205^Prior MI^Prior MI^
BFG ;;267^Angina Severity^Angina Severity^
FDC ;;643^Angina Timeframe^Angina Timeframe^
BCF ;;236^Patient's Height^Height^
BCG ;;237^Patient's Weight^Weight^
EAI ;;519^Diabetes Mellitus: Chronic, Long-term Management^Diabetes Mellitus: Chronic, Long-term Management^
EBJ ;;520^Diabetes Mellitus: Management Prior to Surgery^Diabetes Mellitus: Management Prior to Surgery^
EAG ;;517^Tobacco Use^Tobacco Use^
EAH ;;518^Tobacco Use Timeframe^Tobacco Use Timeframe^
BDF ;;246^ETOH Greater than 2 Drinks/Day (Y/N)^ETOH > 2 Drinks/Day^
FAH ;;618^Positive Drug Screening^Positive Drug Screening^
CBE ;;325^Dyspnea^Dyspnea^
BCH ;;238^DNR Status (Y/N)^DNR Status^
DIB ;;492^Functional Health Status^Functional Status^
FGJ ;;670^Current Residence^Current Residence^
FGA ;;671^Ambulation Device^Ambulation Device^
BJD ;;204^Ventilator Dependent Greater than 48 Hrs (Y/N)^Ventilator Dependent^
BJC ;;203^History of COPD (Y/N)^History of Severe COPD^
CBF ;;326^Current Pneumonia (Y/N)^Current Pneumonia^
BAB ;;212^Ascites (Y/N)^Ascites^
DBC ;;423^Preop Congestive Heart Failure^Preop Congestive Heart Failure^
CBH ;;328^Acute Renal Failure (Y/N)^Acute Renal Failure^
BAA ;;211^Currently on Dialysis (Y/N)^Currently on Dialysis^
CCB ;;332^Impaired Sensorium (Y/N)^Impaired Sensorium^
CCC ;;333^Coma (Y/N)^Coma^
DJJ ;;400^Hemiplegia (Y/N)^Hemiplegia^
EBA ;;521^Prior Surgical Repair/Carotid Artery Obstruction^Prior Surgical Repair/Carotid Artery Obstruction^
EBB ;;522^History of CVD Events^History of CVD Events^
DJA ;;401^Tumor Involving CNS (Y/N)^Tumor Involving CNS^
CCH ;;338^Disseminated Cancer (Y/N)^Disseminated Cancer^
BAH ;;218^Open Wound or Skin Infection (Y/N)^Open Wound or Infection^
CCI ;;339^Steroid Use for Chronic Condition (Y/N)^Steroid Use for Chronic Cond.^
BAE ;;215^Weight Loss > 10% of Usual Body Weight (Y/N)^Weight Loss > 10%^
BAF ;;216^Bleeding (Coagulation) Disorder^Bleeding (Coagulation) Disorde^
FDB ;;642^Bleeding Risk Due To Medication^Bleeding Risk Due To Medication^
BAG ;;217^Transfusion Greater than 4 RBC Units this Admission (Y/N)^Transfusion > 4 RBC Units^
CCHPA  ;;338.1^Chemotherapy Within Last 30 Days (Y/N)^Chemotherapy W/I 30 Days^
CCHPC ;;338.3^Chemo for Malig in Last 90 Days^Chemo for Malig in Last 90 Days^
CCHPB ;;338.2^Radiotherapy Within Last 90 Days (Y/N)^Radiotherapy W/I 90 Days^
BAHPA ;;218.1^Preoperative Sepsis (Y/N)^Preoperative Sepsis^
BFI ;;269^Pregnancy Status^Pregnancy Status^
FGC ;;673^History of Cancer^History of Cancer^
FGD ;;674^History of Radiation Therapy^History of Radiation Theraapy^
FGG ;;677^Num of Prior Surg in Same Operative field^Num of Prior Surg in Same Operative field^
DAC ;;413^Transfer Status^Transfer Status^
PJAA ;;.011^Hospital Admission Status
BDG ;;247^Length of Postoperative Hospital Stay
CDB ;;342^Date/Time of Death^Date/Time of Death
DAG ;;417^Patient's Race
DAH ;;418^Hospital Admission Date
DAI ;;419^Hospital Discharge Date
DBJ ;;420^Admitted/Transferred to Surgical Service
DBA ;;421^Discharged/Transferred to Chronic Care
DEB ;;452^Observation Admission Date/Time
DEC ;;453^Observation Discharge Date/Time
DED ;;454^Observation Treating Specialty
BCGPA ;;237.1^Preoperative Sleep Apnea
FFG ;;667^Sleep Apnea-Compliance
FFB ;;662^Impaired Cognitive Function in Past 3 Months
FHE ;;685^DC/REL Destination