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Routine: XLFDT3

Package: Kernel

Routine: XLFDT3


XLFDT3 ;SEA/RDS - Library Function Schedule ;02/09/2000 09:21

Source Information

Source file <XLFDT3.m>

Call Graph

Call Graph

Call Graph Total: 2

Package Total Call Graph
Kernel 1 YMD^XLFDT  
VA FileMan 1 ^%DT  

Caller Graph


Legend of Colors

Package Component Superscript legend

action A extended action Ea event driver Ed subscriber Su protocol O limited protocol LP run routine RR broker B edit E server Se print P screenman SM inquire I

Caller Graph

Caller Graph Total: 3

Package Total Caller Graph
Enrollment Application System 1 EASMTUTL  
Kernel 1 XLFDT2  
Text Integration Utility 1 TIURVBC  

Entry Points

Name Comments DBIA/ICR reference
MONTH2 ;DECODE--Complex Month Increment Specification
BUILD ;MONTH2--Building Array Of Run Incidents For Month
TIME(%X) ;BUILD--Build Time Node For Incidents That Include Times
LEAP(%) ;Check if a Leap year
  • ICR #4558
    • Status: Active
    • Usage: Supported
    FLD() ;Force to last day of month.

    External References

    Name Field # of Occurrence
    ^%DT TIME+3

    Label References

    Name Line Occurrences
    $$FLD MONTH2+13
    $$LEAP MONTH2+2, MONTH2+9, MONTH2+10

    Local Variables


    >> Not killed explicitly
    * Changed
    ! Killed
    ~ Newed

    Name Field # of Occurrence
    % MONTH2+1~, MONTH2+3*, MONTH2+14*, LEAP~, LEAP+1*, LEAP+2
    >> %1 MONTH2+7*
    %A MONTH2+1~, MONTH2+6!, MONTH2+12!, BUILD+3*, BUILD+5*, BUILD+7*, BUILD+9*
    %A( MONTH2+7, BUILD+3*, BUILD+5*, BUILD+7*, BUILD+9*
    %A("" MONTH2+13
    %B MONTH2+1~, BUILD+1*, BUILD+3, BUILD+5, BUILD+7, BUILD+9, FLD+2*
    %C MONTH2+1~, MONTH2+9*, MONTH2+10*, MONTH2+11
    %D MONTH2+1~, MONTH2+5, MONTH2+7, MONTH2+9, TIME+1~
    %DT TIME+1~, TIME+3*
    %H MONTH2+1~, MONTH2+2*
    %L MONTH2+1~, MONTH2+2*, MONTH2+3
    %M MONTH2+1~, MONTH2+5, MONTH2+9*, MONTH2+10*, MONTH2+11, TIME+1~
    %O MONTH2+1~, MONTH2+13*, MONTH2+14
    %T MONTH2+1~, TIME+1~
    %X TIME~, TIME+2, TIME+3
    %Y MONTH2+1~, MONTH2+2, MONTH2+9*, MONTH2+10*, TIME+1~
    >> LTM MONTH2+2, MONTH2+3, MONTH2+5, MONTH2+7, MONTH2+11*, MONTH2+14
    >> LTMA MONTH2+3*, MONTH2+5, MONTH2+9*, MONTH2+10*, MONTH2+11
    >> SCH MONTH2+9
    >> SCHL MONTH2+6, MONTH2+12, BUILD+1, FLD+2
    X TIME+1~, TIME+3*
    XL MONTH2+1~, MONTH2+9*, MONTH2+10*
    XLCT MONTH2+1~, MONTH2+3*, MONTH2+7, TIME+2, TIME+4
    XLF MONTH2+1~, MONTH2+5*, MONTH2+11*
    XLFS MONTH2+1~, MONTH2+5*, MONTH2+11*, BUILD+5
    XLL MONTH2+1~, MONTH2+5*, MONTH2+9, MONTH2+11*, BUILD+3, BUILD+5, BUILD+7, BUILD+9, FLD+2, FLD+3
    XLLW MONTH2+1~, MONTH2+5*, MONTH2+11*, BUILD+9
    XLO MONTH2+1~, MONTH2+7*
    XLT MONTH2+1~, MONTH2+7*, BUILD+1*, BUILD+3*, BUILD+5*, BUILD+7*, BUILD+9*, FLD+1*, FLD+2*, FLD+3
    XLW MONTH2+1~, BUILD+9*
    XLX MONTH2+1~, MONTH2+6*, MONTH2+12*, BUILD+1, FLD+2*
    Y MONTH2+7*, MONTH2+14*, TIME+1~, TIME+4
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