XM-I-N-XMIT TASK (1169)    HELP FRAME (9.2)

Name Value

After the task has started, if anything goes wrong, MailMan will re-schedule
the task to begin again in one minute.  If the problem was that the IP address
didn't work, then MailMan consults the DNS (if activated) to see if there's any
other IP address to try.  If there is, then that IP address will be used when
the task starts up in a minute.  If not, the same IP address will be used. 

If the task has failed a certain number of times (as specified in the script),
MailMan sends a bulletin to the Postmaster to notify site managers of the
problem.  Included in the bulletin is a transcript of the latest attempt.  Then
MailMan selects the next script to try, and re-schedules the task to begin
A task to transmit messages to another site is scheduled ASAP after a message
again in one hour.  If there's no other script, the same script is used.
has been addressed and "sent" to that site, if the [FLAGS] field of that site's
Domain file entry contains an "S".  Tasks can also be queued by the options
'Transmit a Single Queue', 'Transmit All Queues', or 'Poll Remote'. 

MailMan uses fields in the [DOMAIN] file to select a script and set up the
task, and schedules the task to start immediately. 

DATE ENTERED 2002-05-08 09:48:00