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HEADER Inactivate Multiple Event Code Screens
This option allows you to identify active Event Code (EC) Screens that 
To the left of each line in the list box will be a check box.  Clicking 
on an unchecked box will indicate the record is to be inactivated.  
Clicking on a checked box will result in the check box being unchecked, 
and no longer a candidate for inactivation.
Whenever one or more check boxes is checked, the 'Apply' button will be 
enabled.  Clicking the 'Apply' button will result in the display of a 
confirmation screen.  If the user wants the selected records to be 
use a selected EC product code.  The EC product code can be a CPT code, a 
inactivated, then the 'OK' button should be clicked; all records that 
were checked will now be inactivated.  If the user does not want to 
inactivate the checked records, the 'Cancel' button should be clicked; 
the user will then be free to check records, uncheck records or cancel 
out of the selection screen.
Once records have been inactivated, a list of inactivated records will 
display on the screen.  In addition to the 'Print' button being enabled, 
the 'Apply' button will now be disabled.  To print a hard copy of the EC 
Screens that were just inactivated, click the 'Print' button and follow 
national EC procedure code or a local EC procedure code.
the printing instructions.
All active EC Screens that use the selected product code will be 
displayed in the list box below the selected EC product code, sorted by 
unique DSS Unit, Location and Category.  The DSS Unit will be displayed 
for the first EC Screen that contains the unique value; the Category will 
only be displayed if a Category was selected when the EC Screen was 
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