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HEADER Setting up the Option File for a Server
something in the Out of Order Message field (#2) the server request
will be ignored, as with any option.  The Prohibited Times field
(#3.9) may, if the server specific time control fields are left
blank, effect the time a server option is queued.  The Type
field (#4) in the Option File must be set to "S" for Server for
a server to be activated.  Priority (#3.8) will determine the priority
at which a server option (and its routine) will run.
   Every server request that runs will first execute the Action
field (#20), as with any option.  If after executing this field the
variable XQUIT exists the server software will issue a bulletin
   There are several fields in the Option File that the server
and go no further.  If there is a routine name in the Routine
field (#25) the software will run this routine.  The software 
will, finally, execute the MUMPS code (if any) in the Exit
Action field (#15).  [Errors] are trapped and handled by Menuman.
software uses in common with other option types to the control
the way servers behave when a server request arrives from the
mail system.  There are also other, important fields used
exclusively for servers which are covered in other, related
help frames.
   The name of an option (.01 field) must be exactly referenced
in the mail message in order to activate a server.  If there is
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