Name Value
HEADER Auditing Server Options
the return address of the Sender, the Subject of the message,
and the Action taken by the menu system on this request.
   The message that is sent to an option to request a server
may very well have information stored in it that the server
routine will unload from that message.  The Action taken by
the menu system may simply be "Routine XXX completed normally",
or it might be an [error message] of some kind.
   A server option will also be audited in like fashion if
the server's name-space is being audited by the regular option
auditing software, or if an audit has been specifically requested
    Server options are auditted in the same way that other option
for that option thorugh the regular auditing menus.  Even if
'Server Audit' (Field #223) is marked "N" (no audit) the server
will still be audited if it is targeted by the regular audit
software through the Security Officer's menu.
types are, with a few added features.  Field #223 'Server Audit'
will insure that each request appears in the Audit Log for Options
if it is set to "Y".  In addition to the regular information that
is stored about any audited option (Option, User, Device, Job,
Date/Time of Exit from Option, and CPU) audited servers also
leave a trail to the requester by recording the Message Number
of the requesting message in the Message File ^XMB(3.9),
DATE ENTERED 1989-07-11 15:05:00