Name Value
HEADER Using Bulletins with Servers
information that the program associated with the server
has placed in the array [XQSTXT] while it was running.
   There is also a field called MAIL GROUP for each
server-type option.  If there is a mail group entered in
this field then the server software will send the bulletin
to the members of this group IN ADDITION TO the members
of the mail group associated with the bulletin in the 
Bulletin File.
   The server software makes sure that there is a current
user (at least one) in the mail group(s) associated with
   Associated with ever server is at least one bulletin.  If
the server option.  If there is not, a warning message is
sent to the Postmaster of that domain, the server 
request is aborted and the request is automatically audited.
nothing is entered in the BULLETIN field for a particular
server-type option then the default bulletin XQSERVER is 
assummed.  The bulletin is used to notify a site that a 
server request has been recieved from the mail system, 
what action was taken on that request (depending upon the
[action code] specified for that server), errors that might
have occurred during execution of that server, and any
DATE ENTERED 1990-05-23 11:34:00