XQSRV-MAIL (136)    HELP FRAME (9.2)

Name Value
HEADER Local and Network Server Mail
be sent for this request.  The possible codes in this field include:
"N" for no, don't send any reply; "R" for reply in all cases; and 
"E" for reply only in the case of an error.
   If a reply is to be sent the software composes a mail message and
calls MailMan to send it to the person who originated the server 
request.  This may be a local message, or a network mail message.4
   The programmer who writes a program to be run by a server-type
option may include information in the bulletins or reply messages
by loading that information into the local array XQSTXT.  This
array will automatically be appended to the end of the reply message
   Servers are heavily dependant upon the Mail System.  The server
and/or bulletin after the program has been run.
option is awakened by a mail message (called a "server request"),
and once awakened it uses the mail to notify the local site of the
request and it's disposition using [bulletins].  The server can also
send a message in reply if requested to do so by the Site Manager.
   When a server request is recieved the server software captures
the name and return address of the sender.  It then checks a set of
codes in the REPLY field of the Option File to see if a reply is to
DATE ENTERED 1990-05-23 13:42:00