XQUIT LEFT (757)    HELP FRAME (9.2)

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HEADER Leaving The User Dangling. NOT!
     The reaction of the Menu System has now been standardized: we return
the user to the menu from whence he or she came.  For instance, if the
user is sitting at their Primary Menu -- or any other menu, for that
matter -- and they step or jump into an Entry Action that defines the
variable XQUIT by setting it equal to something, then the user is returned
to their Primary Menu or whatever menu they were seeing when they touched
the keys last.  The Menu System executes the  appropriate [headers] and
[exit actions], just as if the user was jumping back to the original menu.
Other things happen (see [control] and [message]) but basically it is a
simple jump or step back to the original menu by popping the user stack.
     It was very confusing to the user to be left dangling in the middle
of a jump when the variable XQUIT was defined by the Application in the
Entry Action Field: ^DIC(19,Option IEN,20).  If the user was not jumping
but stepping through the menu trees then the Menu System stopping made
more sense to them, but if a rubber-band jump ("^^Option name") was in
progress then the result was different from either simple jumping or
DATE ENTERED 1998-04-21 11:51:00