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Global: ^XPD(9.9

Package: Toolkit

Global: ^XPD(9.9


FileMan FileNo FileMan Filename Package


Directly Accessed By Routines, Total: 14

Package Total Routines
Salt Lake OIFO 2 A5PLIST    A5PREP    

Accessed By FileMan Db Calls, Total: 3

Package Total Routines

Pointer To FileMan Files, Total: 1

Package Total FileMan Files
Kernel 1 NEW PERSON(#200)[13]    

Fields, Total: 14

Field # Name Loc Type Details
************************REQUIRED FIELD************************

  • INPUT TRANSFORM:  K:$L(X)>20!($L(X)<3)!'(X'?1P.E) X
  • LAST EDITED:  JUL 21, 2005
  • HELP-PROMPT:  Answer must be 3-20 characters in length.
  • DESCRIPTION:  This is the name of the patch as it comes in the mail message.
    Examples: RMIM*1*1
    1)= S ^XPD(9.9,"B",$E(X,1,30),DA)=""
    2)= K ^XPD(9.9,"B",$E(X,1,30),DA)

  • LAST EDITED:  JUL 21, 2005
  • HELP-PROMPT:  The date the patch was received in-house.
    This is the date the patch was received in-house.
    1)= S ^XPD(9.9,"C",$E(X,1,30),DA)=""
    2)= K ^XPD(9.9,"C",$E(X,1,30),DA)
    Index by Date of Receipt.

  • LAST EDITED:  JUL 21, 2005
  • HELP-PROMPT:  Enter the priority of the patch. Type ? for help.
    The priority assigned to this patch. Typical is "mandatory".

  • INPUT TRANSFORM:  K:$L(X)>35!($L(X)<3) X
  • LAST EDITED:  JUL 21, 2005
  • HELP-PROMPT:  The parent package of the patch.
  • DESCRIPTION:  This is the package for which the patch was issued.
    This field must be free text because of the possibility of having a patch issued for a new package without the package having been installed yet.

  • INPUT TRANSFORM:  K:+X'=X!(X>999999999999)!(X<1)!(X?.E1"."1N.N) X
  • LAST EDITED:  JUL 21, 2005
  • HELP-PROMPT:  The sequence number of the patch.
    This is the sequence number assigned to the patch by the National Patch Module.

  • INPUT TRANSFORM:  K:$L(X)>10!($L(X)<1) X
  • LAST EDITED:  JUL 21, 2005
  • HELP-PROMPT:  The version assignment of the parent package.
    This is the version of the parent package for which a patch is sent. It is determined from the patch information in the message.

  • INPUT TRANSFORM:  K:$L(X)>50!($L(X)<3) X
  • LAST EDITED:  JUL 21, 2005
  • HELP-PROMPT:  Answer must be 3-50 characters in length.
    This is the subject of the patch.

  • INPUT TRANSFORM:  K:$L(X)>35!($L(X)<3) X
  • LAST EDITED:  JUL 21, 2005
  • HELP-PROMPT:  Answer must be 3-35 characters in length.
  • DESCRIPTION:  The installation information may or may not be in the INSTALL file for a patch. This may be because of:
    a. The package is new and may not yet be loaded
    but already has patches issued.
    b. The patch is a non-kids patch for executables, etc.

  • LAST EDITED:  JUL 21, 2005
  • HELP-PROMPT:  This is the date the patch must be installed by.
    This is the date by which the patch must be installed.
    1)= S ^XPD(9.9,"D",$E(X,1,30),DA)=""
    2)= K ^XPD(9.9,"D",$E(X,1,30),DA)
    Index by Compliance Date.

  • LAST EDITED:  JUN 14, 2007
  • DESCRIPTION:  This is a computed field, driven by a mumps routine XTPMKPCF. This is a special routine to calculate the date installed from the INSTALL file. It reads the index backwards to find the last installed version by taking the
    $O(^XPD(9.7,"B",[INSTALL NAME],9999999999),-1).
    This is done because there may be several test versions on file in INSTALL file which may affect the true installation date determination.

  • LAST EDITED:  AUG 02, 2005
    This is a computed field driven also by the routine AWBCKPCF at entry point WHO. It tells who installed the patch.
  • '1' FOR YES;

  • LAST EDITED:  JUL 21, 2005
  • HELP-PROMPT:  Enter 1 if a Non-KIDS patch.
  • DESCRIPTION:  This field determines what happens in various areas of the package. A patch can be KIDs or non-KIDs. The data on a patch record can be either NULL (KIDs patch) or 1 (Non-KIDs patch). The field can actually be only set
    to a 1 or the information deleted (NULL).

  • LAST EDITED:  DEC 11, 2023
  • HELP-PROMPT:  Enter date for NON-KIDS install.
  • DESCRIPTION:  Non-KIDs patches are those which do not have an accompanying KIDs install in the Packman message because:
    It may have an accompanying host file (too large for a mail message) or
    It may be a patch message referring to a .zip, .exe or other file which will not put an entry into the INSTALL file.
    Because of this, there is no install record to extract the install date and it must be entered (i.e., completed) by filling in this field.
    1)= S ^XPD(9.9,"E",$E(X,1,30),DA)=""
    2)= K ^XPD(9.9,"E",$E(X,1,30),DA)
    Index by Non-Kids Install Date.

  • LAST EDITED:  JUL 21, 2005
  • HELP-PROMPT:  This is the name of the person who completed the non-KIDs patch.
    This is a pointer to file 200 to record who completed the non-KIDs patch.

Found Entries, Total: 6273

PATCH NAME: MAG*3*75    PATCH NAME: PX*1*190    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*779    PATCH NAME: IB*2*397    PATCH NAME: MHV*1*2    PATCH NAME: YS*5.01*92    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*279    PATCH NAME: GMRC*3*61    
PATCH NAME: PSN*4*174    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*175    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*307    PATCH NAME: FH*5.5*14    PATCH NAME: IVM*2*130    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*783    PATCH NAME: RMPR*3*148    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*763    
PATCH NAME: SD*5.3*458    PATCH NAME: PRCA*4.5*252    PATCH NAME: PRCA*4.5*253    PATCH NAME: PSS*1*134    PATCH NAME: XU*8*480    PATCH NAME: IB*2*391    PATCH NAME: ICD*18*33    PATCH NAME: IB*2*401    
PATCH NAME: HL*1.6*140    PATCH NAME: FB*3.5*103    PATCH NAME: RA*5*56    PATCH NAME: IVM*2*126    PATCH NAME: SR*3*169    PATCH NAME: RG*1*52    PATCH NAME: XU*8*498    PATCH NAME: XWB*1.1*47    
PATCH NAME: PSN*4*177    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*178    PATCH NAME: PSD*3*64    PATCH NAME: PRC*5.1*119    PATCH NAME: SD*5.3*491    PATCH NAME: LA*5.2*66    PATCH NAME: XU*8*481    PATCH NAME: OOPS*2*14    
PATCH NAME: PX*1*185    PATCH NAME: ECX*3*114    PATCH NAME: ICD*18*35    PATCH NAME: LEX*2*59    PATCH NAME: ICPT*6*42    PATCH NAME: XU*8*508    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*160    PATCH NAME: OR*3*281    
PATCH NAME: PSS*1*94    PATCH NAME: WV*1*23    PATCH NAME: TIU*1*219    PATCH NAME: GMPL*2*35    PATCH NAME: GMRA*4*38    PATCH NAME: GMTS*2.7*80    PATCH NAME: LR*5.2*365    PATCH NAME: PSJ*5*134    
PATCH NAME: PSO*7*225    PATCH NAME: PSS*1*123    PATCH NAME: GMTS*2.7*84    PATCH NAME: OR*3*299    PATCH NAME: OR*3*243    PATCH NAME: XM*999*171    PATCH NAME: ECX*3*102    PATCH NAME: PSB*3*43    
PATCH NAME: PRCA*4.5*257    PATCH NAME: DI*22*159    PATCH NAME: RA*5*65    PATCH NAME: RA*5*91    PATCH NAME: PSJ*5*204    PATCH NAME: TIU*1*228    PATCH NAME: LR*5.2*384    PATCH NAME: XU*8*399    
PATCH NAME: PSA*3*68    PATCH NAME: DVBA*2.7*133    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*179    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*180    PATCH NAME: MAG*3*102    PATCH NAME: GMRV*5*22    PATCH NAME: DVB*4*60    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*304    
PATCH NAME: ONC*2.11*48    PATCH NAME: SD*5.3*537    PATCH NAME: OR*3*300    PATCH NAME: PSX*2*66    PATCH NAME: OOPS*2*15    PATCH NAME: PSJ*5*203    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*287    PATCH NAME: BPS*1*6    
PATCH NAME: IB*2*383    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*297    PATCH NAME: FH*5.5*15    PATCH NAME: GMTS*2.7*82    PATCH NAME: EC*2*95    PATCH NAME: VSS*4*3    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*315    PATCH NAME: XU*8*510    
PATCH NAME: EC*2*97    PATCH NAME: MAG*3*95    PATCH NAME: WEBV*1*15    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*785    PATCH NAME: ICD*18*36    PATCH NAME: MC*2.3*42    PATCH NAME: MD*1*17    PATCH NAME: GMRC*3*67    
PATCH NAME: XU*8*491    PATCH NAME: XU*8*401    PATCH NAME: PRC*5.1*116    PATCH NAME: MHV*1*5    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*182    PATCH NAME: MHV*1*6    PATCH NAME: PSD*3*67    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*183    
PATCH NAME: DVBA*2.7*132    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*784    PATCH NAME: SD*5.3*530    PATCH NAME: SD*5.3*540    PATCH NAME: PSS*1*138    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*769    PATCH NAME: MD*1*18    PATCH NAME: HL*1.6*138    
PATCH NAME: SD*5.3*505    PATCH NAME: IB*2*406    PATCH NAME: TIU*1*242    PATCH NAME: PSJ*5*209    PATCH NAME: ICD*18*38    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*176    PATCH NAME: ICPT*6*44    PATCH NAME: LEX*2*61    
PATCH NAME: PRC*5.1*117    PATCH NAME: TIU*1*227    PATCH NAME: PSS*1*133    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*299    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*157    PATCH NAME: GMRA*4*41    PATCH NAME: PXRM*2*11    PATCH NAME: XT*7.3*116    
PATCH NAME: XT*7.3*110    PATCH NAME: IB*2*409    PATCH NAME: GMRC*3*58    PATCH NAME: SR*3*168    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*791    PATCH NAME: LR*5.2*381    PATCH NAME: ROR*1.5*3    PATCH NAME: SD*5.3*533    
PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*789    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*184    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*185    PATCH NAME: PRPF*4*1    PATCH NAME: PSJ*5*197    PATCH NAME: IVM*2*132    PATCH NAME: RMPR*3*145    PATCH NAME: GMPL*2*37    
PATCH NAME: DVBA*2.7*123    PATCH NAME: DGBT*1*16    PATCH NAME: RMPR*3*144    PATCH NAME: RMPR*3*146    PATCH NAME: WEBV*1*13    PATCH NAME: SR*3*167    PATCH NAME: XU*8*499    PATCH NAME: LR*5.2*386    
PATCH NAME: LR*5.2*372    PATCH NAME: FH*5.5*16    PATCH NAME: PRC*5.1*125    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*317    PATCH NAME: FH*5.5*18    PATCH NAME: OR*3*304    PATCH NAME: ECX*3*112    PATCH NAME: LR*5.2*385    
PATCH NAME: PSJ*5*210    PATCH NAME: DVBA*2.7*137    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*296    PATCH NAME: ICD*18*37    PATCH NAME: DVBA*2.7*124    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*186    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*187    PATCH NAME: XU*8*512    
PATCH NAME: PRS*4*117    PATCH NAME: IB*2*405    PATCH NAME: PRC*5.1*115    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*303    PATCH NAME: PSS*1*139    PATCH NAME: PRC*5.1*118    PATCH NAME: SD*5.3*528    PATCH NAME: IB*2*408    
PATCH NAME: OR*3*303    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*794    PATCH NAME: XU*8*497    PATCH NAME: PRS*4*100    PATCH NAME: PRS*4*122    PATCH NAME: NUR*4*42    PATCH NAME: IB*2*402    PATCH NAME: IB*2*372    
PATCH NAME: IB*2*403    PATCH NAME: XU*8*507    PATCH NAME: DGBT*1*17    PATCH NAME: OOPS*2*17    PATCH NAME: RMPR*3*152    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*798    PATCH NAME: EAS*1*89    PATCH NAME: IB*2*410    
PATCH NAME: PSN*4*188    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*189    PATCH NAME: PSB*3*25    PATCH NAME: XU*8*479    PATCH NAME: OOPS*2*18    PATCH NAME: IVM*2*134    PATCH NAME: XT*7.3*111    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*192    
PATCH NAME: PSN*4*190    PATCH NAME: SD*5.3*534    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*191    PATCH NAME: HDI*1*13    PATCH NAME: HDI*1*8    PATCH NAME: PSB*3*40    PATCH NAME: GMPL*2*38    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*169    
PATCH NAME: OR*3*301    PATCH NAME: PSS*1*129    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*194    PATCH NAME: OR*3*292    PATCH NAME: MAG*3*72    PATCH NAME: LR*5.2*388    PATCH NAME: WII*1*1    PATCH NAME: ICPT*6*45    
PATCH NAME: OR*3*285    PATCH NAME: LEX*2*63    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*196    PATCH NAME: IB*2*412    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*195    PATCH NAME: IVM*2*133    PATCH NAME: EAS*1*87    PATCH NAME: PRS*4*123    
PATCH NAME: MAG*3*103    PATCH NAME: SD*5.3*532    PATCH NAME: OR*3*289    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*796    PATCH NAME: DVBA*2.7*134    PATCH NAME: DVBA*2.7*131    PATCH NAME: ICD*18*34    PATCH NAME: XT*7.3*109    
PATCH NAME: PSN*4*197    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*319    PATCH NAME: PSJ*5*198    PATCH NAME: PPP*1*43    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*300    PATCH NAME: DVBA*2.7*135    PATCH NAME: SD*5.3*548    PATCH NAME: RA*5*98    
PATCH NAME: TIU*1*233    PATCH NAME: MD*1*19    PATCH NAME: PSJ*5*220    PATCH NAME: ECX*3*116    PATCH NAME: PXRM*2*15    PATCH NAME: TIU*1*246    PATCH NAME: RMPR*3*147    PATCH NAME: PSB*3*28    
PATCH NAME: XM*999*172    PATCH NAME: RMPR*3*149    PATCH NAME: XU*8*511    PATCH NAME: XU*8*509    PATCH NAME: PSJ*5*196    PATCH NAME: DENT*1.2*56    PATCH NAME: PSU*4*14    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*323    
PATCH NAME: PSN*4*198    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*199    PATCH NAME: DENT*1.2*55    PATCH NAME: ECX*3*113    PATCH NAME: FB*3.5*109    PATCH NAME: IVM*2*115    PATCH NAME: EAS*1*70    PATCH NAME: SD*5.3*441    
PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*688    PATCH NAME: PX*1*168    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*664    PATCH NAME: RA*5*70    PATCH NAME: LR*5.2*352    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*806    PATCH NAME: EC*2*98    PATCH NAME: SD*5.3*551    
PATCH NAME: XWB*1.1*49    PATCH NAME: PSJ*5*213    PATCH NAME: USR*1*29    PATCH NAME: XT*7.3*114    PATCH NAME: ONC*2.11*49    PATCH NAME: WEBV*1*16    PATCH NAME: OR*3*282    PATCH NAME: FH*5.5*17    
PATCH NAME: PSN*4*200    PATCH NAME: ICD*18*41    PATCH NAME: LEX*2*65    PATCH NAME: ICPT*6*47    PATCH NAME: PSA*3*70    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*807    PATCH NAME: XU*8*517    PATCH NAME: XU*8*451    
PATCH NAME: USR*1*31    PATCH NAME: LEX*2*60    PATCH NAME: EAS*1*95    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*301    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*201    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*202    PATCH NAME: XU*8*489    PATCH NAME: ECX*3*115    
PATCH NAME: IB*2*414    PATCH NAME: XU*8*506    PATCH NAME: GMRV*5*25    PATCH NAME: LEX*2*62    PATCH NAME: RMPR*3*143    PATCH NAME: RA*5*78    PATCH NAME: XT*7.3*108    PATCH NAME: SD*5.3*545    
PATCH NAME: PSN*4*203    PATCH NAME: SD*5.3*541    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*204    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*205    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*808    PATCH NAME: IVM*2*140    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*793    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*788    
PATCH NAME: ECX*3*121    PATCH NAME: PSS*1*137    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*305    PATCH NAME: XU*8*446    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*786    PATCH NAME: LR*5.2*335    PATCH NAME: IVM*2*131    PATCH NAME: LR*5.2*325    
PATCH NAME: LR*5.2*367    PATCH NAME: LR*5.2*387    PATCH NAME: VBEC*1*1    PATCH NAME: OR*3*212    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*803    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*206    PATCH NAME: DVB*4*61    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*792    
PATCH NAME: DI*22*157    PATCH NAME: SD*5.3*555    PATCH NAME: LR*5.2*309    PATCH NAME: XU*8*469    PATCH NAME: XU*8*466    PATCH NAME: QAO*3*8    PATCH NAME: PRC*5.1*122    PATCH NAME: RA*5*96    
PATCH NAME: LR*5.2*394    PATCH NAME: GMRC*3*62    PATCH NAME: FB*3.5*110    PATCH NAME: PSJ*5*208    PATCH NAME: EC*2*99    PATCH NAME: PSB*3*45    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*809    PATCH NAME: OR*3*298    
PATCH NAME: GMRA*4*42    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*536    PATCH NAME: FB*3.5*107    PATCH NAME: GMTS*2.7*91    PATCH NAME: FH*5.5*19    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*207    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*208    PATCH NAME: ICD*18*39    
PATCH NAME: HL*1.6*142    PATCH NAME: YS*5.01*102    PATCH NAME: SD*5.3*535    PATCH NAME: MD*1*11    PATCH NAME: IVM*2*129    PATCH NAME: RA*5*95    PATCH NAME: OR*3*283    PATCH NAME: DVBA*2.7*141    
PATCH NAME: DVBA*2.7*145    PATCH NAME: DVBA*2.7*139    PATCH NAME: PSA*3*69    PATCH NAME: HL*1.6*139    PATCH NAME: LEX*2*66    PATCH NAME: ICPT*6*48    PATCH NAME: RA*5*93    PATCH NAME: PSJ*5*221    
PATCH NAME: GMRC*3*63    PATCH NAME: PSU*4*15    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*712    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*209    PATCH NAME: PSS*1*131    PATCH NAME: PSX*2*65    PATCH NAME: BPS*1*7    PATCH NAME: IB*2*384    
PATCH NAME: PSO*7*289    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*311    PATCH NAME: IB*2*399    PATCH NAME: PSU*4*5    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*671    PATCH NAME: PSJ*5*161    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*170    PATCH NAME: PSS*1*99    
PATCH NAME: PX*1*193    PATCH NAME: XU*8*475    PATCH NAME: XU*8*518    PATCH NAME: PRC*5.1*124    PATCH NAME: DVBA*2.7*136    PATCH NAME: DVB*4*63    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*210    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*211    
PATCH NAME: ROR*1.5*8    PATCH NAME: YS*5.01*100    PATCH NAME: IB*2*415    PATCH NAME: VBEC*1*2    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*266    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*750    PATCH NAME: DVBA*2.7*138    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*306    
PATCH NAME: PSO*7*320    PATCH NAME: PRC*5.1*126    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*212    PATCH NAME: SD*5.3*538    PATCH NAME: IB*2*400    PATCH NAME: PRCA*4.5*258    PATCH NAME: VBEC*1*4    PATCH NAME: EC*2*76    
PATCH NAME: EC*2*102    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*140    PATCH NAME: PRS*4*107    PATCH NAME: IB*2*419    PATCH NAME: ICD*18*42    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*213    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*214    PATCH NAME: YS*5.01*98    
PATCH NAME: OR*3*296    PATCH NAME: GMRC*3*65    PATCH NAME: GMRC*3*69    PATCH NAME: GMRC*3*44    PATCH NAME: PRC*5.1*130    PATCH NAME: IB*2*417    PATCH NAME: LEX*2*55    PATCH NAME: RA*5*97    
PATCH NAME: OOPS*2*20    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*215    PATCH NAME: EC*2*101    PATCH NAME: LR*5.2*392    PATCH NAME: XU*8*527    PATCH NAME: XU*8*520    PATCH NAME: SD*5.3*557    PATCH NAME: ECX*3*122    
PATCH NAME: EN*7*89    PATCH NAME: IB*2*422    PATCH NAME: DVBA*2.7*140    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*813    PATCH NAME: SD*5.3*536    PATCH NAME: OR*3*302    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*759    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*790    
PATCH NAME: RMPR*3*83    PATCH NAME: RMPR*3*125    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*322    PATCH NAME: XM*8*41    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*216    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*217    PATCH NAME: VBEC*1*5    PATCH NAME: ICD*18*43    
PATCH NAME: LR*5.2*315    PATCH NAME: ROR*1.5*9    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*810    PATCH NAME: OR*3*268    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*100    PATCH NAME: PSJ*5*193    PATCH NAME: HBH*1*24    PATCH NAME: RA*5*94    
PATCH NAME: XU*8*494    PATCH NAME: XU*8*519    PATCH NAME: LR*5.2*398    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*218    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*804    PATCH NAME: PSJ*5*207    PATCH NAME: SR*3*170    PATCH NAME: XU*8*525    
PATCH NAME: OHRS*1.2*1    PATCH NAME: DENT*1.2*57    PATCH NAME: PSS*1*140    PATCH NAME: LEX*2*67    PATCH NAME: ICD*18*44    PATCH NAME: ICPT*6*49    PATCH NAME: IB*2*407    PATCH NAME: EAS*1*81    
PATCH NAME: ECX*3*119    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*219    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*220    PATCH NAME: VBEC*1*6    PATCH NAME: DVBA*2.7*147    PATCH NAME: PRCA*4.5*219    PATCH NAME: PRS*4*115    PATCH NAME: PSJ*5*215    
PATCH NAME: EC*2*105    PATCH NAME: MAG*3*54    PATCH NAME: ES*1*46    PATCH NAME: IB*2*376    PATCH NAME: LR*5.2*395    PATCH NAME: IB*2*421    PATCH NAME: ONC*2.11*50    PATCH NAME: TIU*1*237    
PATCH NAME: ICD*18*45    PATCH NAME: PSJ*5*184    PATCH NAME: PSJ*5*190    PATCH NAME: PSB*3*33    PATCH NAME: GMRV*5*23    PATCH NAME: IB*2*423    PATCH NAME: DVBA*2.7*146    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*221    
PATCH NAME: PRCA*4.5*259    PATCH NAME: ECX*3*120    PATCH NAME: TIU*1*249    PATCH NAME: PXRM*2*12    PATCH NAME: GMTS*2.7*89    PATCH NAME: OR*3*295    PATCH NAME: VBEC*1*7    PATCH NAME: OHRS*1.2*2    
PATCH NAME: OHRS*1.2*3    PATCH NAME: IB*2*393    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*181    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*326    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*222    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*223    PATCH NAME: RG*1*55    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*816    
PATCH NAME: XT*7.3*113    PATCH NAME: RG*1*54    PATCH NAME: MPIF*1*52    PATCH NAME: PSS*1*141    PATCH NAME: PSB*3*47    PATCH NAME: WEBV*1*17    PATCH NAME: DVBA*2.7*144    PATCH NAME: DVBA*2.7*142    
PATCH NAME: PSO*7*308    PATCH NAME: PRC*5.1*136    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*224    PATCH NAME: PRC*5.1*123    PATCH NAME: RMPR*3*151    PATCH NAME: VBEC*1*8    PATCH NAME: IVM*2*135    PATCH NAME: IB*2*413    
PATCH NAME: PRC*5.1*121    PATCH NAME: SD*5.3*549    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*225    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*226    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*818    PATCH NAME: IB*2*425    PATCH NAME: EAS*1*98    PATCH NAME: IB*2*373    
PATCH NAME: LR*5.2*397    PATCH NAME: DI*22*160    PATCH NAME: PPP*1*44    PATCH NAME: PX*1*195    PATCH NAME: LR*5.2*396    PATCH NAME: PSB*3*46    PATCH NAME: OR*3*319    PATCH NAME: PRS*4*121    
PATCH NAME: LEX*2*68    PATCH NAME: ICPT*6*50    PATCH NAME: ICD*18*47    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*227    PATCH NAME: XU*8*514    PATCH NAME: EC*2*100    PATCH NAME: HL*1.6*143    PATCH NAME: HL*1.6*146    
PATCH NAME: VBEC*1*9    PATCH NAME: VBEC*1*11    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*321    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*228    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*229    PATCH NAME: XU*8*540    PATCH NAME: WEBV*1*19    PATCH NAME: IB*2*428    
PATCH NAME: SD*5.3*565    PATCH NAME: IB*2*426    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*327    PATCH NAME: PSA*3*72    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*819    PATCH NAME: PSJ*5*222    PATCH NAME: DENT*1.2*58    PATCH NAME: IVM*2*136    
PATCH NAME: PSN*4*231    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*339    PATCH NAME: MAG*3*101    PATCH NAME: MAG*3*93    PATCH NAME: VBEC*1*12    PATCH NAME: PSX*2*68    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*324    PATCH NAME: PX*1*189    
PATCH NAME: PRC*5.1*132    PATCH NAME: XU*8*474    PATCH NAME: XU*8*531    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*193    PATCH NAME: PSJ*5*214    PATCH NAME: GMRC*3*70    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*337    PATCH NAME: IB*2*427    
PATCH NAME: RA*5*99    PATCH NAME: DI*22*162    PATCH NAME: TIU*1*232    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*232    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*233    PATCH NAME: IVM*2*139    PATCH NAME: EAS*1*93    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*805    
PATCH NAME: OHRS*1.2*4    PATCH NAME: IVM*2*144    PATCH NAME: PSS*1*147    PATCH NAME: XT*7.3*121    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*234    PATCH NAME: SD*5.3*543    PATCH NAME: OHRS*1.2*5    PATCH NAME: VBEC*1*13    
PATCH NAME: RMPR*3*154    PATCH NAME: SD*5.3*547    PATCH NAME: OR*3*307    PATCH NAME: SD*5.3*546    PATCH NAME: RA*5*100    PATCH NAME: RT*2*46    PATCH NAME: GMTS*2.7*93    PATCH NAME: OR*3*309    
PATCH NAME: PSN*4*235    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*236    PATCH NAME: XOBV*1.5*2    PATCH NAME: XWB*1.1*54    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*800    PATCH NAME: RMPR*3*150    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*335    PATCH NAME: XT*7.3*124    
PATCH NAME: PSO*7*338    PATCH NAME: FH*5.5*22    PATCH NAME: FH*5.5*23    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*237    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*820    PATCH NAME: RMPR*3*153    PATCH NAME: VBEC*1*14    PATCH NAME: PRS*4*119    
PATCH NAME: XU*8*536    PATCH NAME: IB*2*424    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*238    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*239    PATCH NAME: FB*3.5*111    PATCH NAME: PRC*5.1*135    PATCH NAME: PRCA*4.5*233    PATCH NAME: GMRV*5*24    
PATCH NAME: LEX*2*69    PATCH NAME: ICPT*6*51    PATCH NAME: SD*5.3*509    PATCH NAME: XWB*1.1*53    PATCH NAME: XU*8*523    PATCH NAME: XU*8*524    PATCH NAME: ECX*3*125    PATCH NAME: ROR*1.5*10    
PATCH NAME: DVBA*2.7*143    PATCH NAME: SD*5.3*544    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*312    PATCH NAME: MAG*3*111    PATCH NAME: SR*3*171    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*240    PATCH NAME: EAS*1*88    PATCH NAME: VBEC*1*15    
PATCH NAME: IVM*2*142    PATCH NAME: PSU*4*16    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*298    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*108    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*345    PATCH NAME: EN*7*90    PATCH NAME: ICD*18*46    PATCH NAME: DVBA*2.7*151    
PATCH NAME: PSN*4*241    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*242    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*347    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*336    PATCH NAME: USR*1*33    PATCH NAME: PXRM*2*17    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*341    PATCH NAME: TIU*1*244    
PATCH NAME: XU*8*541    PATCH NAME: XM*999*173    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*243    PATCH NAME: XM*999*174    PATCH NAME: PRCA*4.5*268    PATCH NAME: IB*2*429    PATCH NAME: VBEC*1*16    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*334    
PATCH NAME: PSN*4*244    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*245    PATCH NAME: PSD*3*69    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*780    PATCH NAME: RA*5*104    PATCH NAME: MD*1*21    PATCH NAME: PSJ*5*113    PATCH NAME: PSS*1*143    
PATCH NAME: FB*3.5*112    PATCH NAME: PSX*2*69    PATCH NAME: MAG*3*83    PATCH NAME: DI*22*163    PATCH NAME: DSIF*3.2*1    PATCH NAME: DVBA*2.7*150    PATCH NAME: PSJ*5*239    PATCH NAME: LR*5.2*399    
PATCH NAME: YS*5.01*97    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*246    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*344    PATCH NAME: XU*8*538    PATCH NAME: IB*2*430    PATCH NAME: LA*5.2*68    PATCH NAME: LEX*2*70    PATCH NAME: ICPT*6*52    
PATCH NAME: MPIF*1*51    PATCH NAME: RG*1*51    PATCH NAME: VBEC*1*17    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*348    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*276    PATCH NAME: SPN*2*26    PATCH NAME: ECX*3*126    PATCH NAME: XU*8*542    
PATCH NAME: HL*1.6*145    PATCH NAME: OR*3*290    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*328    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*247    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*248    PATCH NAME: IB*2*420    PATCH NAME: RA*5*105    PATCH NAME: DSIV*2.2*1    
PATCH NAME: PSU*4*17    PATCH NAME: EC*2*106    PATCH NAME: DSIF*3.2*4    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*249    PATCH NAME: PRS*4*125    PATCH NAME: TIU*1*250    PATCH NAME: VBEC*1*18    PATCH NAME: RG*1*57    
PATCH NAME: MPIF*1*53    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*821    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*340    PATCH NAME: MAG*3*108    PATCH NAME: DI*22*164    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*250    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*251    PATCH NAME: FH*5.5*20    
PATCH NAME: DVB*4*64    PATCH NAME: MAG*3*90    PATCH NAME: XM*8*40    PATCH NAME: ANRV*5*3    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*661    PATCH NAME: EAS*1*86    PATCH NAME: VBEC*1*3    PATCH NAME: RA*5*90    
PATCH NAME: MAG*3*53    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*799    PATCH NAME: XU*8*534    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*252    PATCH NAME: DVBA*2.7*148    PATCH NAME: EC*2*107    PATCH NAME: MMRS*1*1    PATCH NAME: OOPS*2*21    
PATCH NAME: PSO*7*290    PATCH NAME: IB*2*411    PATCH NAME: BPS*1*8    PATCH NAME: DVBA*2.7*154    PATCH NAME: PRCA*4.5*272    PATCH NAME: MAG*3*94    PATCH NAME: SD*5.3*570    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*253    
PATCH NAME: PSN*4*254    PATCH NAME: VBEC*1*19    PATCH NAME: PSD*3*68    PATCH NAME: RMPR*3*159    PATCH NAME: PSJ*5*218    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*817    PATCH NAME: XT*7.3*123    PATCH NAME: MAG*3*114    
PATCH NAME: LEX*2*72    PATCH NAME: ICD*18*51    PATCH NAME: ICPT*6*53    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*261    PATCH NAME: XU*8*539    PATCH NAME: ONC*2.11*51    PATCH NAME: PRC*5.1*133    PATCH NAME: XU*8*528    
PATCH NAME: PRC*5.1*131    PATCH NAME: HL*1.6*148    PATCH NAME: PSJ*5*232    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*255    PATCH NAME: VBEC*1*20    PATCH NAME: IB*2*440    PATCH NAME: OR*3*316    PATCH NAME: OR*3*330    
PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*823    PATCH NAME: DSIR*7.2*1    PATCH NAME: LR*5.2*402    PATCH NAME: IB*2*416    PATCH NAME: DSIV*2.2*2    PATCH NAME: EAS*1*100    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*256    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*257    
PATCH NAME: ACKQ*3*17    PATCH NAME: ECX*3*124    PATCH NAME: GMRC*3*68    PATCH NAME: IVM*2*143    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*828    PATCH NAME: DENT*1.2*60    PATCH NAME: ICD*18*48    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*258    
PATCH NAME: HL*1.6*147    PATCH NAME: ECX*3*129    PATCH NAME: ACKQ*3*16    PATCH NAME: IBD*3*62    PATCH NAME: SD*5.3*556    PATCH NAME: ECX*3*123    PATCH NAME: EC*2*104    PATCH NAME: PX*1*194    
PATCH NAME: VBEC*1*21    PATCH NAME: SR*3*174    PATCH NAME: OR*3*317    PATCH NAME: PSB*3*51    PATCH NAME: ECX*3*128    PATCH NAME: SR*3*165    PATCH NAME: ICD*18*50    PATCH NAME: PSJ*5*200    
PATCH NAME: IB*2*439    PATCH NAME: XU*8*545    PATCH NAME: XU*8*546    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*259    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*260    PATCH NAME: GMPL*2*41    PATCH NAME: IB*2*444    PATCH NAME: MD*1*20    
PATCH NAME: PSB*3*56    PATCH NAME: SD*5.3*561    PATCH NAME: MAG*3*66    PATCH NAME: PRC*5.1*140    PATCH NAME: HL*1.6*151    PATCH NAME: SD*5.3*559    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*265    PATCH NAME: PSB*3*50    
PATCH NAME: DSIF*3.2*6    PATCH NAME: DSIF*3.2*7    PATCH NAME: PSB*3*42    PATCH NAME: XU*8*567    PATCH NAME: FB*3.5*114    PATCH NAME: IB*2*437    PATCH NAME: IB*2*442    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*272    
PATCH NAME: PSN*4*273    PATCH NAME: ONC*2.11*52    PATCH NAME: SD*5.3*573    PATCH NAME: FB*3.5*115    PATCH NAME: IB*2*445    PATCH NAME: VALM*1*9    PATCH NAME: PRPF*4*2    PATCH NAME: ROR*1.5*13    
PATCH NAME: PSA*3*71    PATCH NAME: PSJ*5*179    PATCH NAME: OR*3*294    PATCH NAME: GMRA*4*44    PATCH NAME: IB*2*404    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*754    PATCH NAME: IVM*2*121    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*274    
PATCH NAME: PSJ*5*226    PATCH NAME: PSS*1*142    PATCH NAME: PSS*1*151    PATCH NAME: GMRA*4*45    PATCH NAME: OR*3*293    PATCH NAME: PXRM*2*16    PATCH NAME: OR*3*280    PATCH NAME: GMRC*3*66    
PATCH NAME: GMRC*3*64    PATCH NAME: GMTS*2.7*90    PATCH NAME: OR*3*337    PATCH NAME: PRS*4*130    PATCH NAME: VBEC*1*10    PATCH NAME: LR*5.2*401    PATCH NAME: RA*5*106    PATCH NAME: WEBV*1*20    
PATCH NAME: DSIF*3.2*18    PATCH NAME: VBEC*1*25    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*839    PATCH NAME: YS*5.01*96    PATCH NAME: MAG*3*115    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*773    PATCH NAME: PRC*5.1*147    PATCH NAME: IB*2*443    
PATCH NAME: PSN*4*275    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*276    PATCH NAME: XU*8*504    PATCH NAME: FB*3.5*116    PATCH NAME: DSIF*3.2*10    PATCH NAME: DVBA*2.7*161    PATCH NAME: SPN*2*25    PATCH NAME: NHIN*1*1    
PATCH NAME: XOBW*1*1    PATCH NAME: IB*2*450    PATCH NAME: PSS*1*153    PATCH NAME: RA*5*103    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*352    PATCH NAME: PRCA*4.5*273    PATCH NAME: PRC*5.1*151    PATCH NAME: ACKQ*3*18    
PATCH NAME: LEX*2*76    PATCH NAME: ICPT*6*55    PATCH NAME: PRCA*4.5*261    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*831    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*277    PATCH NAME: EC*2*108    PATCH NAME: RMPR*3*164    PATCH NAME: XOBW*1*2    
PATCH NAME: VBEC*1*26    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*366    PATCH NAME: XU*8*431    PATCH NAME: XU*8*553    PATCH NAME: PSS*1*136    PATCH NAME: PSS*1*117    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*251    PATCH NAME: PSJ*5*181    
PATCH NAME: PSO*7*375    PATCH NAME: OR*3*272    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*278    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*279    PATCH NAME: PSS*1*158    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*263    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*343    PATCH NAME: PRC*5.1*141    
PATCH NAME: RMPR*3*157    PATCH NAME: PSD*3*71    PATCH NAME: MAG*3*106    PATCH NAME: OHRS*1.3*1    PATCH NAME: PRCA*4.5*264    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*262    PATCH NAME: PSS*1*155    PATCH NAME: PRS*4*124    
PATCH NAME: PSO*7*316    PATCH NAME: GMTS*2.7*92    PATCH NAME: PRS*4*110    PATCH NAME: YS*5.01*104    PATCH NAME: DVBA*2.7*149    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*280    PATCH NAME: LR*5.2*407    PATCH NAME: LR*5.2*406    
PATCH NAME: DSIV*2.2*3    PATCH NAME: DSIF*3.2*11    PATCH NAME: XU*8*560    PATCH NAME: ICD*18*49    PATCH NAME: ROR*1.5*12    PATCH NAME: VBEC*1*28    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*365    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*281    
PATCH NAME: PSN*4*282    PATCH NAME: DSIF*3.2*19    PATCH NAME: PSO*7*355    PATCH NAME: XT*7.3*129    PATCH NAME: DVBA*2.7*163    PATCH NAME: PRCA*4.5*270    PATCH NAME: IB*2*433    PATCH NAME: TIU*1*241    
PATCH NAME: ICD*18*53    PATCH NAME: TIU*1*248    PATCH NAME: MAG*3*39    PATCH NAME: PRC*5.1*152    PATCH NAME: FB*3.5*117    PATCH NAME: DSIF*3.2*17    PATCH NAME: DENT*1.2*61    PATCH NAME: EC*2*109    
PATCH NAME: PSN*4*283    PATCH NAME: DVBA*2.7*164    PATCH NAME: MD*1*16    PATCH NAME: DVB*4*66    PATCH NAME: XT*7.3*128    PATCH NAME: PSJ*5*261    PATCH NAME: FB*3.5*118    PATCH NAME: VBEC*1*31    
PATCH NAME: TIU*1*239    PATCH NAME: DG*5.3*830    PATCH NAME: DVB*4*65    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*284    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*285    PATCH NAME: FB*3.5*119    PATCH NAME: PXRM*2*20    PATCH NAME: PRC*5.1*142    
PATCH NAME: OR*3*339    PATCH NAME: GMRV*5*26    PATCH NAME: LEX*2*73    PATCH NAME: HL*1.6*153    PATCH NAME: PSJ*5*243    PATCH NAME: DVBA*2.7*166    PATCH NAME: PSJ*5*216    PATCH NAME: ECX*3*133    
PATCH NAME: PRC*5.1*154    PATCH NAME: ROR*1.5*14    PATCH NAME: GMTS*2.7*95    PATCH NAME: DVBA*2.7*165    PATCH NAME: DVBA*2.7*171    PATCH NAME: LEX*2*77    PATCH NAME: ICPT*6*56    PATCH NAME: XU*8*554    
PATCH NAME: DVBA*2.7*167    PATCH NAME: VBEC*1*29    PATCH NAME: DVBA*2.7*160    PATCH NAME: VBEC*1*30    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*286    PATCH NAME: VBEC*1*32    PATCH NAME: XM*999*175    PATCH NAME: IVM*2*148    
PATCH NAME: PRC*5.1*153    PATCH NAME: DVBA*2.7*172    PATCH NAME: LR*5.2*408    PATCH NAME: PSU*4*18    PATCH NAME: DSIR*8*2    PATCH NAME: XT*7.3*130    PATCH NAME: VBEC*1*33    PATCH NAME: PSN*4*287    
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