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Routine: FHWOR71

Package: Dietetics

Routine: FHWOR71


FHWOR71 ; HISC/CAH - Diet Profile for CPRS ;1/30/97 08:54

Source Information

Source file <FHWOR71.m>

Call Graph

Call Graph

Call Graph Total: 6

Package Total Call Graph
VA FileMan 1 NOW^%DTC  

Caller Graph


Legend of Colors

Package Component Superscript legend

action A extended action Ea event driver Ed subscriber Su protocol O limited protocol LP run routine RR broker B edit E server Se print P screenman SM inquire I

Caller Graph

Caller Graph Total: 2

Package Total Caller Graph
Dietetics 1 FHWOR72  
Order Entry Results Reporting 1 ORCXPNDR  

Entry Points

Name Comments DBIA/ICR reference
P(DFN) ;Dietetics Profile for CPRS
; INPUT: DFN = Patient file #2 internal record number
; OUTPUT: -1^displayable error text (if invalid DFN or no profile)
; with version 5.5 selection of outpatients is allowed
; 1 if successful, and displayable data in
; ^TMP($J,"FHPROF",DFN,n) = line of text
; where n = sequential number
  • ICR #2292
    • Status: Active
    • Usage: Private
    F0 ; Display Diet
    SPACNG(FHI,FHX) ;Multiple spacing before next line of text in ^TMP global
    TEST ; FOR TESTING ONLY - DFN must be defined

    External References

    Name Field # of Occurrence
    NOW^%DTC F0+1
    DTP^FH F1+6, F1+10, F2+2
    ^FHWOR72 F3

    Interaction Calls

    Name Line Occurrences
    Function Call: WRITE
    • Prompt: !,^TMP($J,"FHPROF",DFN,I)
    • Line Location: TEST+1

    Global Variables Directly Accessed

    Name Line Occurrences  (* Changed,  ! Killed)
    ^DPT - [#2] F0+2
    ^DPT("CN" F0+4
    ^FH(115.2 - [#115.2] SP
    ^FH(118 - [#118] F2+3
    ^FH(118.1 - [#118.1] F2+1
    ^FH(118.2 - [#118.2] LP+2
    ^FH(119.4 - [#119.4] A0+1
    ^FHPT - [#115] F0+5, F0+6, A0F1+1, F1+8, F1+11, F2
    ^TMP($J P+12!, F0+7*, F0+8*, F0+9*, F0+10*, A0+1*, F1*, F1+2*, F1+5*, F1+6*
    F1+10*, F1+12*, F1+13*, F2+1*, F2+2*, F2+4*, LP+2*, W0*, W0+1*, W1*
    W1+2*, SPACNG+1*, TEST+1

    Label References

    Name Line Occurrences
    $$SPACNG F0+7, F0+8, F0+9, F0+10, F0+11, F0+13, A0+1, F1F1+2, F1+4
    F1+6, F1+10, F1+12, F1+13, F2+1, F2+4, LP+2, W0+2
    A0 F0+7
    F0 P+12
    F1 A0
    F2 F1+7
    F3 F2+1
    LP F1+11
    SP F0+6
    SP1 SP+2
    W0 F0+11, W0+2
    W1 W0W0+1

    Naked Globals

    Name Field # of Occurrence
    ^( F0+6, F1+11, F2+2, W1+2
    ^(1 F1+1

    Local Variables


    >> Not killed explicitly
    * Changed
    ! Killed
    ~ Newed

    Name Field # of Occurrence
    % P+10~, F0+1
    %H P+10~
    %I P+10~
    %T P+10~
    %ZIS P+10~
    A1 P+10~
    ADM P+10~, F0+4*, F0+5, A0F1+1, F1+8, F1+11, F2
    AGE P+10~
    ALG P+10~
    ALL P+10~
    BAG P+10~
    BID P+11~
    C P+10~
    CAL P+10~, F1+9*, F1+12
    COM P+10~, F1+1*, F1+2, F1+9*, F1+13
    CON P+10~
    CT P+10~
    D3 P+10~
    DA P+10~
    DAS P+10~, SP*, SP1SP1+1
    DFN P~, P+8, P+9, P+12, F0+2, F0+4, F0+7, F0+8, F0+9, F0+10
    A0+1, F1F1+2, F1+5, F1+6, F1+10, F1+12, F1+13, F2+1, F2+2
    F2+4, LP+2, W0W0+1, W1W1+2, SPACNG+1, TEST+1
    DOB P+10~
    DT F0+1*
    DTP P+10~, F1+6*, F1+9*, F1+10, F2+2*
    >> FHDFN P+9, F0+5, F0+6, A0F1+1, F1+8, F1+11, F2
    FHDU P+10~
    FHI P+10~, SPACNG~, SPACNG+1
    FHLD P+10~
    FHOR P+10~
    FHORD P+10~, F1+1
    FHPV P+10~
    FHQ P+10~, P+12*, P+13, F0+4*, F0+5*
    FHWF P+10~
    FHX P+10~, P+12*, F0+7*, F0+8*, F0+9*, F0+10*, F0+11*, F0+13*, A0+1*, F1*
    F1+2*, F1+4*, F1+5, F1+6*, F1+10*, F1+12*, F1+13*, F2+1*, F2+2, F2+4*
    LP+2*, W0W0+1, W0+2*, W1W1+2, SPACNG~, SPACNG+1*, SPACNG+2*, SPACNG+3
    FHY P+10~, W0*, W0+1*, W1*
    >> FHZ115 P+9*
    I P+10~, SPACNG+1~*, TEST+1*
    IOP P+10~
    K P+10~, F0+6*, F2+3*, SP1+1
    K1 P+10~, F2+3*, F2+4*
    K2 P+10~, F2+3*
    KK P+10~, SP*, SP+1, SP1SP1+1, W1+1*, W1+2
    L P+10~, F0+13!, F2+1*, F2+3*
    L1 P+10~, SP*, SP+1*, SP1SP1+1
    LST P+10~
    M F0+6*, F0+13!, SP+2, SP+3, SP+4
    M1 F0+10*, F0+11, F0+12, F0+13!, SP*, SP+2*, SP+3*, SP+4*, SP1SP1+1
    M2 F0+10*, F0+11, F0+12*, F0+13!
    MEAL P+10~
    MM F0+10*, F0+13!
    N P+10~, F0+6!, F0+13!
    N( F0+10, F0+11, F2+3*, F2+4, SP1*, SP1+1*
    N("" F0+7
    NO P+10~, F2*, F2+1
    NOW P+10~, F0+1*
    P1 F0+6*, F0+11*, F0+13!, SP1SP1+1*
    P2 F0+11*, F0+13!
    PID P+11~
    POP P+11~
    Q P+11~, F2+3*, SP+1*
    QT P+11~, F0+1*
    QTY P+11~
    QUA P+11~, LP*, LP+1*, LP+2
    >> QUAFI LP+1*
    >> QUASE LP+1*
    RM P+11~
    SEX P+11~
    ST1 P+11~, F0+9!*, F1+12!*
    ST2 P+11~, W0!*, W0+1!*
    STR P+11~, LP*, LP+2
    TF P+11~, F1+7*, F1+8, F1+11
    TF2 P+11~, F1+11*
    TIM P+11~
    TQU P+11~, F1+9*, F1+12
    TUN P+11~, LP*, LP+2
    TYP P+11~, F1+3*, F1+5
    U F2+3
    WARD P+11~, F0+2*, F0+4
    X P+11~, F0+6*, A0*, A0+1, F1+3, SPSP+1, W0*, W0+1*, W1*
    W1+1, W1+2*
    X(0 A0*, F1+6, F1+7, F2
    X1 P+11~, F0+11*, W0*, W0+2
    X2 P+11~, F0+11*, W0+1*, W0+2
    XY P+11~, F1+11*, LP
    Y P+11~, F1F1+1, F1+8*, F1+9, F2*, F2+1, F2+2, F2+3
    YN P+11~
    Z P+11~, F2+3*, SP*
    Z1 P+11~, SP+3*, SP+4*
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