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Routine: HLTPCK1A

Package: Health Level Seven

Routine: HLTPCK1A


HLTPCK1A ;SAW/AISC - Message Header Validation Routine for HL7 (Con't) ;03/24/2004 15:12

Source Information

Source file <HLTPCK1A.m>

Entry Points

Name Comments DBIA/ICR reference
SP ;Get local site parameters
MT ;Validate message type
AT ;Determine if message is an acknowledgement type
AAT ;Validate accept ack type and application ack type
RA ;Validate receiving application
SA ;Validate sending application
VN ;Validate version number
ET ; Check for Event Type if version 2.2 or above
; if response use message id/original message to resolve event type
MS ;Check for Message Structure Code
MSA ;Get receiving application data from Protocol file
LLP ;Get logical link pointer
FAC ;Get sending/rec facility, validate if necessary
RF ;Validate Receiving Facility
SF ;Validate Sending Facility
PID ;Validate processing ID
SEC ;Validate security field - access code and electronic signature
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