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Routine: HLTPCK1A

Package: Health Level Seven

Routine: HLTPCK1A


HLTPCK1A ;SAW/AISC - Message Header Validation Routine for HL7 (Con't) ;03/24/2004 15:12

Source Information

Source file <HLTPCK1A.m>

Call Graph

Call Graph

Call Graph Total: 6

Package Total Call Graph
Health Level Seven 3 $$PARAM^HLCS2  $$UPPER^HLFNC  EVENT^HLUTIL1  

Caller Graph


Legend of Colors

Package Component Superscript legend

action A extended action Ea event driver Ed subscriber Su protocol O limited protocol LP run routine RR broker B edit E server Se print P screenman SM inquire I

Caller Graph

Caller Graph Total: 1

Package Total Caller Graph
Health Level Seven 1 HLTPCK1  

Entry Points

Name Comments DBIA/ICR reference
SP ;Get local site parameters
MT ;Validate message type
AT ;Determine if message is an acknowledgement type
AAT ;Validate accept ack type and application ack type
RA ;Validate receiving application
SA ;Validate sending application
VN ;Validate version number
ET ; Check for Event Type if version 2.2 or above
; if response use message id/original message to resolve event type
MS ;Check for Message Structure Code
MSA ;Get receiving application data from Protocol file
LLP ;Get logical link pointer
FAC ;Get sending/rec facility, validate if necessary
RF ;Validate Receiving Facility
SF ;Validate Sending Facility
PID ;Validate processing ID
SEC ;Validate security field - access code and electronic signature

External References

Name Field # of Occurrence

Global Variables Directly Accessed

Name Line Occurrences  (* Changed,  ! Killed)
^DIC(4.2 - [#4.2] SF+14, SF+15
^HL(771 - [#771] RA+7, RA+11, RA+15, SA+7, SA+11, FAC+6, FAC+7
^HL(771.2 - [#771.2] MT+3
^HL(771.5 - [#771.5] VN+3
^HL(772 - [#772] MSA+7, MSA+8, MSA+13, MSA+29, MSA+32, MSA+34
^HL(779.001 - [#779.001] ET+15
^HL(779.005 - [#779.005] MS+3
^HLCS(870 - [#870] SF+18
^HLMA - [#773] MSA+34
^HLMA("C" MSA+34
^ORD(101 - [#101] MSA+39, MSA+41, FAC+9, PID+3
^VA(200 - [#200] SEC+7, SEC+9, SEC+11

Local Variables


>> Not killed explicitly
* Changed
! Killed
~ Newed

Name Field # of Occurrence
>> ARY SEC+17
>> ARY("ACK" MSA+12*
>> ARY("DTM" MSA+32
>> ARY("DUZ" SEC+6*, SEC+7*, SEC+8, SEC+9*, SEC+11
>> ARY("EID" MSA+14*, MSA+15, MSA+29, MSA+30*, MSA+32*, MSA+34*, MSA+36, MSA+39, PID+3
>> ARY("EIDS" MSA+9*, MSA+10, MSA+16, MSA+38*, MSA+39*, MSA+41, MSA+43, MSA+44, FAC+9
>> ARY("ESIG" SEC+16*
>> ARY("ETN" ET+13, ET+15
>> ARY("ETP" ET+14*, ET+15*
>> ARY("LL" MSA+18*, LLP+1*, SF+19*
>> ARY("MID" MSA+29, MSA+34
>> ARY("MTIEN" MSA+11*
>> ARY("MTIENS" MSA+6*, MSA+7*, MSA+8
>> ARY("MTN" MT+1, MT+3, AT+1
>> ARY("MTN_ETN" MS+1, MS+3
>> ARY("MTP" MT+2*, MT+3*, MT+4, MSA+20
>> ARY("MTP_ETP" MS+2*, MS+3*, MS+4
>> ARY("PID" PID+1, PID+7, PID+8
>> ARY("RAF" FAC+3*, RF+2, RF+7, RF+10
>> ARY("RAN" RA+1*, RA+2, RA+7, RA+8, RA+9, RA+11
>> ARY("RAP" RA+3*, RA+7*, RA+8, RA+11*, RA+14, RA+15, MSA+42, FAC+7
>> ARY("SAF" FAC+4*, SF+3, SF+7, SF+13
>> ARY("SAN" SA+1*, SA+2, SA+7, SA+8, SA+9, SA+11
>> ARY("SAP" SA+3*, SA+7*, SA+8, SA+11*, SA+14, MSA+5, MSA+7, MSA+32, FAC+6
>> ARY("VEP" VN+4*
>> ARY("VER" VN+1, VN+3, ET+13
>> ECH FAC+2, SEC+2, SEC+10
>> ERR HLTPCK1A+4*, MT+1*, MT+4*, AT+1*, AAT+1*, AAT+2*, RA+2*, RA+14*, RA+16*, RA+17*
SA+2*, SA+14*, VN+1*, VN+5*, ET+13*, ET+15*, MS+4*, MSA+5*, MSA+10*, MSA+15*
MSA+36*, MSA+43*, RF+2*, RF+8*, RF+11*, SF+3*, SF+8*, SF+16*, PID+1*, PID+7*
PID+8*, SEC+5*, SEC+8*, SEC+9*, SEC+12*, SEC+15*
>> FS RA+1, SA+1, MSA+7, FAC+3, FAC+4, SEC+2, SEC+10
>> HDR RA+1, SA+1, FAC+3, FAC+4, SEC+2, SEC+10
>> HL771RF FAC+7*, RF+3, RF+7
>> HL771SF FAC+6*, SF+4, SF+7
HL772 MSA+29~*, MSA+30
>> HLCS FAC+2*, RF+10, SF+13
>> HLDOM SP+1*, RF+10
>> HLDOMP SF+14*, SF+15*, SF+16, SF+17, SF+18
HLDOMPF SF+1~, SF+13*, SF+14, SF+15
HLDOMPS SF+1~, SF+13*, SF+14, SF+15
HLDOMX SF+1~, SF+15*
>> HLINSTN SP+1*, RF+10
>> HLN MSA+16, MSA+44
>> HLN(770 MSA+18, LLP+1
>> HLN(773 SEC+1
HLNK SF+18~*, SF+19
>> HLPARAM SP+1*, SF+17, PID+2
>> HLPID PID+2*, PID+8
>> HLREC SEC+17*
>> HLRFREQ FAC+10*, RF+1
>> HLSFREQ FAC+10*, SF+2
>> MSA AT+1, ET+13, ET+15, MSA+2, MSA+7, SEC+5, SEC+9
U SP+1, MSA+7, MSA+32, MSA+34, MSA+42, FAC+6, FAC+7, FAC+10, SF+15, SF+17
PID+2, PID+3
>> X RA+9*, SA+9*, VN+2*, VN+3*, VN+4, VN+5, MSA+8*, MSA+9, MSA+11, MSA+12
MSA+13*, MSA+14, MSA+40*, MSA+41*, MSA+42, FAC+9*, FAC+10, PID+3*, PID+7, SEC+2*
SEC+3*, SEC+5, SEC+7, SEC+10*, SEC+13*, SEC+15
>> X1 MSA+39, MSA+40*, MSA+42*, SEC+11*, SEC+12, SEC+15, SEC+16
>> X2 RA+15*, RA+16, RA+17
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