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Routine: LEX2073A

Package: Lexicon Utility

Routine: LEX2073A


LEX2073A ;ISL/KER - LEX*2.0*73 Post Install - Fixes ;01/03/2011

Source Information

Source file <LEX2073A.m>

Call Graph

Call Graph

Call Graph Total: 5

Package Total Call Graph
Lexicon Utility 2 EN^LEX2073B  QMH^LEXAR3  
VA FileMan 1 (,IX1,IX2)^DIK  

Caller Graph


Legend of Colors

Package Component Superscript legend

action A extended action Ea event driver Ed subscriber Su protocol O limited protocol LP run routine RR broker B edit E server Se print P screenman SM inquire I

Caller Graph

Caller Graph Total: 1

Package Total Caller Graph
Lexicon Utility 1 LEX2073P  

Entry Points

Name Comments DBIA/ICR reference
POST ; LEX*2.0*73 Post-Install
REM ; Remedy Tickets
T38 ; Title 38 Update
F1 ; Fix 1 AVA Cross-Reference
F2 ; Multiple active preferred terms 238.4
R1 ; Remedy 1 HD0000000351846 - Wrong DX in CPRS (PSPO #1575)
R2 ; Remedy 2 HD0000000395459 - Incorrect Description - 477.9
R3 ; Remedy 3 HD0000000408418 - Still's Disease AO - 714.2
R4 ; Remedy 4 HD0000000410604 - ICD Code 733.6 for Costochondritis
R5 ; Remedy 5 HD0000000412442 - Modifier G1-G6/V8-V9 with 90999
R6 ; Remedy 6 HD0000000418654 - AI Modifier for 99304/99305/99306
R7 ; Remedy 7 HD0000000423394 - Two Spellings for Arrhythmia
R8 ; Remedy 8 HD0000000423417 - Re-Code Cardiomyopathy, Ischemic 414.8
R9 ; Remedy 9 HD0000000424248 - Re-Code Seizure Disorder - 345.90
R10 ; Remedy 10 HD0000000432728 - GT/GQ Modifiers with G0270/97802/97803
R11 ; Remedy 11 HD0000000449242 - 50 Modifier with 60260
R12 ; Remedy 12 HD0000000449810 - LT/RT/50 Modifiers with 32422
LO(X) ; Lower Case
UP(X) ; Upper Case
MX(X) ; Mixed Case
BM(X) ; Blank/Text
M(X) ; Text
ED(X) ; External Date

External References

Name Field # of Occurrence
^DIK R3+3, R7+13, R10+2
IX1^DIK F2+5, R3+4, R4+2, R5+6, R5+11, R6+4, R7+18, R7+23, R8+3, R9+3
R10+3, R10+4, R10+5, R10+6, R11+2, R12+2, R12+3, R12+4
IX2^DIK F2+2, R4+2, R5+5, R5+10, R6+3, R7+14, R7+19, R8+2, R9+2, R12+2
R12+3, R12+4
EN^LEX2073B T38+1
QMH^LEXAR3 R1+1, R2+1

Interaction Calls

Name Line Occurrences
Function Call: WRITE
  • Prompt: !
  • Line Location: F1+1
Function Call: WRITE
  • Prompt: ?4,"."
  • Line Location: F1+4
Function Call: WRITE
  • Prompt: ?4,"."
  • Line Location: F1+6

FileMan Files Accessed Via FileMan Db Call

FileNo Call Tags
^LEX(757.01 - [#757.01] Classic Fileman Calls
^LEX(757.02 - [#757.02] Classic Fileman Calls

Global Variables Directly Accessed

Name Line Occurrences  (* Changed,  ! Killed)
^DIC(81.3 - [#81.3] R5+3, R5+4, R5+5*, R5+8, R5+9, R5+10*, R6+2, R6+4*, R10+2, R10+3*
R10+4*, R10+5*, R10+6*, R11+2*, R12+2*, R12+3*, R12+4*
^LEX(757.01 - [#757.01] R7+4, R7+5, R7+6, R7+10!, R7+11, R7+15*, R7+16!, R7+17!, R7+20*, R7+21*
^LEX(757.02 - [#757.02] F1+3, F1+4, F1+5, F1+6, F2+2*!, F2+3!, F2+4!, F2+5!, R3+3*, R3+4*
R4+2*, R8+2!, R8+3!*, R9+2!, R9+3!*

Label References

Name Line Occurrences
$$LO R7+3
$$MX R7+3
$$UP R7+3
BM REM+1, F1+1, F2+1
M REM+1, R1+2, R2+2, R3+2, R4+1, R5+1, R6+1, R7+1, R8+1, R9+1
R10+1, R11+1, R12+1
R1 REM+1
R10 REM+1
R11 REM+1
R12 REM+1
R2 REM+1
R3 REM+1
R4 REM+1
R5 REM+1
R6 REM+1
R7 REM+1
R8 REM+1
R9 REM+1
T38 POST+2

Local Variables


>> Not killed explicitly
* Changed
! Killed
~ Newed

Name Field # of Occurrence
DA POST+1~, F1+1~, F1+4~*, F1+6~*, F2+1~, F2+2*, F2+5*, R3+1~, R3+3*, R3+4
R4+1~, R4+2*, R5+1~, R5+3~, R5+5*, R5+6*, R5+8~, R5+10*, R5+11*, R6+1~
R6+2~, R6+3*, R6+4*, R7+2~, R7+13*!, R7+14*, R7+18*, R7+19*, R7+23*, R8+1~
R8+2*, R8+3*, R9+1~, R9+2*, R9+3*, R10+1~, R10+2*, R10+3!*, R10+4!*, R10+5!*
R10+6!*, R11+1~, R11+2!*, R12+1~, R12+2*, R12+3*, R12+4*
DA(1 R5+5*, R5+6*, R5+10*, R5+11*, R6+3*, R6+4*, R7+13*, R10+2*, R10+3*, R10+4*
R10+5*, R10+6*, R11+2*, R12+2*, R12+3*, R12+4*
DIC F2+1~, R3+1~, R4+1~, R5+1~, R6+1~, R7+2~, R8+1~, R9+1~, R10+1~, R11+1~
DIK POST+1~, F1+1~, F2+1~, F2+2*, F2+5*, R3+1~, R3+3*, R3+4*, R4+1~, R4+2*
R5+1~, R5+3~, R5+5*, R5+6*, R5+8~, R5+10*, R5+11*, R6+1~, R6+2~, R6+3*
R6+4*, R7+2~, R7+13*!, R7+14*, R7+18*, R7+19*, R7+23*, R8+1~, R8+2*, R8+3*
R9+1~, R9+2*, R9+3*, R10+1~, R10+2*, R10+3*, R10+4*, R10+5*, R10+6*, R11+1~
R11+2*, R12+1~, R12+2*, R12+3*, R12+4*
LEXCT POST+1~, F1+1~, F1+3*, F1+4*, F1+5*, F1+6*
LEXEIEN R7+2~, R7+5*, R7+6, R7+10, R7+11, R7+12, R7+13, R7+14, R7+15, R7+18
R7+19, R7+20, R7+21, R7+22, R7+23
LEXEX POST+1~, F1+1~, F1+2*, F1+4, F1+6
LEXEXC R7+2~, R7+6~, R7+7*, R7+8, R7+9
LEXIEN POST+1~, F1+1~, F1+3*, F1+4, F1+5*, F1+6, R5+3~*, R5+4, R5+5, R5+6
R5+8~*, R5+9, R5+10, R5+11
LEXLO R7+2~, R7+3*, R7+7
LEXMIEN R6+2~*, R6+3, R6+4, R7+2~, R7+4*, R7+5
LEXMOD POST+1~, F2+1~, R4+1~, R5+1~, R5+2*, R5+3, R5+7*, R5+8, R6+1~, R7+1~
R8+1~, R9+1~, R10+1~, R11+1~, R12+1~
LEXMX R7+2~, R7+3*, R7+7
LEXNEW R7+2~, R7+6~*, R7+7, R7+9*, R7+10, R7+22
LEXNOD POST+1~, R5+3~, R5+4*, R5+5, R5+8~, R5+9*, R5+10
LEXOLD R7+2~, R7+6~*, R7+7, R7+8, R7+9
LEXREP R7+2~, R7+3*
LEXRIEN POST+1~, R5+3~*, R5+4, R5+5, R5+6, R5+8~*, R5+9*, R5+10, R5+11, R6+2~*
R6+3*, R6+4
LEXSAB POST+1~, F1+1~, F1+4~, F1+6~
LEXSIEN R7+2~, R7+6~, R7+10*, R7+11*, R7+13, R7+20, R7+21
LEXTXT POST+1~, F2+1~*, R1+1~*, R1+2*, R2+1~*, R2+2*, R3+1~, R3+2*, R4+1~*, R5+1~*
R6+1~*, R7+1~*, R8+1~*, R9+1~*, R10+1~*, R11+1~*, R12+1~*
LEXUP R7+2~, R7+3*, R7+4, R7+5, R7+7, R7+21
LEXWIT R7+2~, R7+3*, R7+9
X POST+1~, F1+1~, F1+4~*, F1+6~*, LO~, LO+1, UP~, UP+1, MX~, MX+1
, BM~, BM+1, M~, M+1, ED~, ED+1*, ED+2
Y POST+1~, ED+1~*

Marked Items

Name Field # of Occurrence
$T(QMH^LEXAR3 R1+1, R2+1
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