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Global: ^LEX(757.01

Package: Lexicon Utility

Global: ^LEX(757.01


FileMan FileNo FileMan Filename Package
757.01 EXPRESSIONS Lexicon Utility


Directly Accessed By Routines, Total: 121

Package Total Routines
Lexicon Utility 109 LEX10CS    LEX10CS2    LEX10CX    LEX10CX2    LEX10CX3    LEX10CX5    LEX10DBC    LEX10DBR
LEX10DBT    LEX10DU    LEX10DX    LEX10PL    LEX10TAX    LEX2055P    LEX2073A    LEX2073B
LEX2073C    LEX2073D    LEX2073E    LEX2073F    LEX2073G    LEX2073I    LEX2081A    LEX2103P
Automated Information Collection System 4 IBDF4    IBDFBK3    IBDFN7    IBDFQSL1    
PCE Patient Care Encounter 3 PXCADXP1    PXCAPL    PXCAPOV    
Problem List 3 GMPLBLDC    GMPLE9    GMPLUTL1    
Enterprise Health Management Platform 1 HMPEF1    

Accessed By FileMan Db Calls, Total: 40

Package Total Routines
Lexicon Utility 26 LEX10CX2    LEX10CX3    LEX10TAX    LEX2047A    LEX2047B    LEX2055P    LEX2073A    LEX2073B
LEX2073C    LEX2073D    LEX2073E    LEX2073F    LEX2073G    LEX2073H    LEX2073I    LEX2073J
Radiology Nuclear Medicine 5 RABIRAD    RAO7PC2    RAPRINT1    RART    RARTR1    
PCE Patient Care Encounter 4 PXBPCPT2    PXBPPOV    PXCECPT1    PXCEPOV1    
Problem List 2 GMPLENFM    GMPLX    
Consult Request Tracking 1 GMRCEDT4    
Order Entry Results Reporting 1 ORCDGMRC    
Registration 1 DGPTF5    

Pointed To By FileMan Files, Total: 17

Package Total FileMan Files
Lexicon Utility 5 MAJOR CONCEPT MAP(#757)[.011]    CODES(#757.02)[.01]    REPLACEMENT WORDS(#757.05)[#757.53(.01)]    SUBSETS(#757.21)[.01]    SHORTCUTS(#757.4)[.01]    
Automated Information Collection System 3 FORM DEFINITION(#357.95)[#357.951(2.02)]    SELECTION(#357.3)[2.02]    IMP/EXP SELECTION(#358.3)[2.02]    
Problem List 3 PROBLEM(#9000011)[1.01]    PROBLEM SELECTION CATEGORY(#125.11)[#125.111(.01)]    PROBLEM SELECTION CATEGORY CONTENTS(#125.12)[2]    
PCE Patient Care Encounter 2 V POV(#9000010.07)[.15]    PROVIDER NARRATIVE(#9999999.27)[75701]    
Kernel 1 NEW PERSON(#200)[#200.0351(1)]    
Order Entry Results Reporting 1 ORDER(#100)[#100.051(1)]    
Radiology Nuclear Medicine 1 DIAGNOSTIC CODES(#78.3)[6]    
Text Integration Utility 1 TIU PROBLEM LINK(#8925.9)[.04]    

Pointer To FileMan Files, Total: 7

Package Total FileMan Files
Lexicon Utility 7 MAJOR CONCEPT MAP(#757)[1]    EXPRESSION TYPE(#757.011)[2]    EXPRESSION FORM(#757.014)[4]    SNOMED CT HIERARCHY(#757.018)[#757.118(2)]    CODING SYSTEMS(#757.03)[#757.118(1)]    SOURCE CATEGORY(#757.13)[15]    SOURCE(#757.14)[16]    

Fields, Total: 12

Field # Name Loc Type Details
************************REQUIRED FIELD************************

  • INPUT TRANSFORM:  I $D(X) K:$L(X)>4000!($L(X)<1) X
  • LAST EDITED:  NOV 03, 2016
  • HELP-PROMPT:  Displayable Text must be 1-4000 characters in length.
    This is the text which will be used to represent the expression (Major Concept, Synonym or Lexical Variant).
  • LAYGO TEST:  1,0)= I 0
    1)= D SSF^LEXNDX6
    2)= D KSF^LEXNDX6
    ^LEX(757.01,"ASL",STR,FREQ) - Where STR is a string found in the Clinical Lexicon and FREQ is the number of times (frequency) it occurrs. This is not an index.
  • RECORD INDEXES:  B (#1457)
************************REQUIRED FIELD************************

  • LAST EDITED:  SEP 02, 1994
  • DESCRIPTION:  Pointer to the Major Concept (file #757). If the expression is a major concept, this pointer will be the same as the Expression pointer in the Major Concept Map file (#757). If it is a synonym or a lexical variant it
    will point to it's parent major concept. If it is a lexical variant of a synonym, it will point to the parent major concept of the synonym.
    1)= S ^LEX(757.01,"AMC",$E(X,1,30),DA)=""
    2)= K ^LEX(757.01,"AMC",$E(X,1,30),DA)
    ^LEX(757.01,"AMC",MC,IEN) - where MC is the pointer to the Major Concept entry in the Major Concept Map file #757 and IEN is the Internal Entry Number in the Expression file #757.01 where this Major Concept pointer is
************************REQUIRED FIELD************************

  • LAST EDITED:  JUN 26, 1995
    This is a pointer to the Expression Type file (#757.011). Examples of expression types include Major Concepts, Synonyms, Lexical Variants, etc.
    1)= D S^LEXNDX1
    2)= D K^LEXNDX1
    ^LEX(757.01,"AWRD",WORD,MC,EXP) - where WORD is a clinical word parsed from the expression (Major Concepts, Synonym or Lexical Variant), MC is the Internal Entry Number in the Expression file #757.01 where the Major
    Concept of the expression is located, and EXP is the Internal Entry Number in the Expression file #757.01 where the expression containing the WORD is located. Only Major Concepts (M), Synonyms (S) and Lexical Variants (L)
    are indexed in the word index (AWRD). Deleted Major Concepts (DM), Deleted Synonyms (DS) and Deleted Lexical Variants (DL) are ignored.
************************REQUIRED FIELD************************
  • 'O' FOR OTHER;

  • LAST EDITED:  MAY 06, 1994
  • DESCRIPTION:  Scope - Demonstrates the relationship of the term to the Major Concept. Major Concepts, Synonyms to Major Concepts and Lexical Variants to a Major Concept are (D)irectly linked. Lexical Variants to a Synonym of a Major
    Concept are (I)ndirectly linked. Related concepts are either (B)roader in scope, (N)arrower in scope, or an (O)ther/undefined view of the Major Concept.
************************REQUIRED FIELD************************

  • LAST EDITED:  NOV 21, 1993
  • DESCRIPTION:  Pointer to the Expression Form (file 757.014) which describes the lexical style of an expression. Major Concepts adopt the general form of "MAJ" while all other expressions describe their forms as they relate to the Major
    Concept (i.e., plural, singular, acronym, etc.)

    Definition of an expression when available.
7 NEGATION 4;0 Multiple #757.17 757.17

  • DESCRIPTION:  This field contains words which are negated within the expression, i.e, without mention of "complication", except "thumb", and other than an "open wound". These type of negations will not be indexed in the word index,
    preventing erroneous search results.
8 SUPPLEMENTAL 5;0 Multiple #757.18 757.18

    Supplemental words (not found in the expression) which should be indexed to assist in look-up operations.
  • '0' FOR ACTIVE;

  • LAST EDITED:  NOV 09, 2016
    This field indicates that a term formerly in use by the Lexicon has been deactivated and should not be used in lookups or displays.
    1)= S:X=1 ^LEX(757.01,"ADC",X,DA)=""
    2)= K ^LEX(757.01,"ADC",X,DA)
    ^LEX(757.01,"ADC",1,IEN) - This is an index of all deactivated terms in the Expression file where IEN is the Internal Entry Number in the Expression file (757.01) where the deactivated term is located.
    1)= S:X=1 ^LEX(757.01,"ADTERM",$$UP^XLFSTR($E($P($G(^LEX(757.01,DA,0)),U,1),1,63)),DA)=""
    2)= K ^LEX(757.01,"ADTERM",$$UP^XLFSTR($E($P($G(^LEX(757.01,DA,0)),U,1),1,63)),DA)
    ^LEX(757.01,"ADTERM",DT,IEN) - Where DT is a deactivated term and IEN is the internal entry number in the Expressions file #757.01 where the deactivated term is located.
  • RECORD INDEXES:  B (#1457)

  • LAST EDITED:  OCT 10, 1997
    This field indicates the "source" provided category for a term. It can be used to group terms or to locate descendant or ancestral term within the source vocabulary.
16 SOURCE 1;12 POINTER TO SOURCE FILE (#757.14) SOURCE(#757.14)

  • LAST EDITED:  OCT 10, 1997
    This indicates the source volcabulary (and source file) for the volcabulary. This field is used primarily in filtering (screen) the search and for Lexicon Maintenance.
18 DESIGNATION CODE 7;0 Multiple #757.118 757.118

  • DESCRIPTION:  The purpose of this multiple is to store designation IDs in the Lexicon. Designation is a word that terminologists use to encompass concept name, preferred term, expression, code text, synonyms, etc. In some systems such
    as SNOMED CT as well as the concept having a code (the SNOMED CT code), the individual designations (terms) belong to the concept each have their own codes (designation identifiers).

Found Entries, Total: 243525

Entry: 7226332    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: British Milk Sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: British Milk Sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Brillenschaf sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Brillenschaf sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Brecknock Hill Cheviot sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Brecknock Hill Cheviot sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Cholistani sheep    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Cholistani sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Bibrik sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Bibrik sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Columbia sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Columbia sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Black Welsh Mountain sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Black Welsh Mountain Sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Blackhead Persian sheep    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Blackhead Persian sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Bleu du Maine sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Bleu du Maine sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Bluefaced Leicester sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Bluefaced Leicester sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Bond sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Bond sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Border Leicester sheep    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Border Leicester sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Boreray sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Boreray sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Bovska sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Bovska sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Braunes Bergschaf sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Braunes Bergschaf sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Brazilian Somali sheep    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Brazilian Somali sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Beulah Speckled-Face sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Beulah Speckled-Face sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Dartmoor sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Dartmoor sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Fabrianese sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Fabrianese sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Exmoor Horn sheep    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Exmoor Horn sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Elliottdale sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Elliottdale sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Drysdale sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Drysdale sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Dorset Down sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Dorset Down sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: German Blackheaded Mutton sheep    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: German Blackheaded Mutton sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Kooka sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Kooka sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Friesian Milk Sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Friesian Milk Sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Gansu Alpine Fine-wool sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Gansu Alpine Fine-wool sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: German Whiteheaded Mutton sheep    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: German Whiteheaded Mutton sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Graue Gehoernte Heidschnucke sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Graue Gehoernte Heidschnucke sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Han sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Han sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Gromark sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Gromark sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Gulf Coast Native sheep    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Gulf Coast Native sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Dorper sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Dorper sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Devon Closewool sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Devon Closewool sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Deutsches Blaukoepfiges Fleischschaf sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Deutsches Blaukoepfiges Fleischschaf sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Derbyshire Gritstone sheep    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Derbyshire Gritstone sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Coburger Fuchsschaf sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Coburger Fuchsschaf sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Danish Landrace sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Danish Landrace sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Gute sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Gute sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hampshire sheep    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hampshire sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Gentile di Puglia sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Gentile di Puglia sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: German Mountain sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: German Mountain sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Luzein sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Luzein sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Katahdin sheep    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Katahdin sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Leineschaf sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Leineschaf sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Lincoln Longwool sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Lincoln Longwool sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Llanwenog sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Llanwenog sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Lleyn sheep    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Lleyn sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Damara sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Damara sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Damani sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Damani sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Dalesbred sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Dalesbred sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Dala sheep    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Dala sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Criollo sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Criollo sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Cormo sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Cormo sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Lati sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Lati sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Lonk sheep    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Lonk sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Langhe sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Langhe sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Manx Loaghtan sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Manx Loaghtan sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Masai sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Masai sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Merinolandschaf sheep    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Merinolandschaf sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Lohi sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Lohi sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Ile-de-France sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Ile-de-France sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hasht Nagri sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hasht Nagri sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hazaragie sheep    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hazaragie sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Coopworth sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Coopworth sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Comisana sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Comisana sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Comeback sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Comeback sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Sicilian Barbary sheep    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Sicilian Barbary sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Africana sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Africana sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Welsh Mountain Badger Faced sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Welsh Mountain Badger Faced sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hebridean sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hebridean sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Heidschnucke sheep    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Heidschnucke sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Herdwick sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Herdwick sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hill Radnor sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hill Radnor sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Icelandic sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Icelandic sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Harnai sheep    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Harnai sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Istrian Pramenka sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Istrian Pramenka sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Jacob sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Jacob sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Jezerskosolcavska sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Jezerskosolcavska sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Kachhi sheep    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Kachhi sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Wensleydale sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Wensleydale sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: West African Dwarf sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: West African Dwarf sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: White Suffolk sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: White Suffolk sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Whiteface Dartmoor sheep    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Whiteface Dartmoor sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Whiteface Woodland sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Whiteface Woodland sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Xinjiang Finewool sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Xinjiang Finewool sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Kajli sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Kajli sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hog Island Sheep    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hog Island Sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Biellese sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Biellese sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Chios sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Chios sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Santa Cruz sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Santa Cruz sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Charollais sheep    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Charollais sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Castlemilk Moorit sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Castlemilk Moorit sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Campanian Barbary sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Campanian Barbary sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: California Variegated Mutant sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: California Variegated Mutant sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: California Red sheep    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: California Red sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Sopravissana sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Sopravissana sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Somali sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Somali sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Welsh Hill Speckled Face sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Welsh Hill Speckled Face sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Skudde sheep    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Skudde sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Waziri sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Waziri sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Shetland sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Shetland sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Cambridge sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Cambridge sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Solognote sheep    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Solognote sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Colombian Criollo horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Colombian Criollo horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Comtois horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Comtois horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Corsican horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Corsican horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Costa Rican Saddle Horse horse    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Costa Rican Saddle Horse horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Costeno horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Costeno horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Cuban Paso horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Cuban Paso horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Cayuga duck    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Cayuga breed duck (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Runner duck    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Runner breed duck (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Call duck    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Call breed duck (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Orpington duck    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Orpington breed duck (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Crested duck    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Crested breed duck (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Pommeranian duck    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Pommeranian breed duck (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Rough Fell sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Rough Fell sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Blue Swedish duck    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Blue Swedish breed duck (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Golden 300 hybrid duck    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Golden 300 hybrid breed duck (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Danish Warmblood horse    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Danish Warmblood horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Ancona duck    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Ancona breed duck (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Australian Spotted duck    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Australian Spotted breed duck (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Swaledale sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Swaledale sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Polypay sheep    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Polypay sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Aylesbury duck    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Aylesbury breed duck (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Black East Indies duck    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Black East Indies breed duck (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Coast duck    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Coast breed duck (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Kromsnaveleend duck    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Kromsnaveleend breed duck (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Magpie duck    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Magpie breed duck (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Silver appleyard duck    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Silver appleyard breed duck (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Pagliarola sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Pagliarola sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Pomeranian Coarsewool sheep    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Pomeranian Coarsewool sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Sheep, Breed Undetermined sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Sheep, Breed Undetermined sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Orkney sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Orkney sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Old Norwegian sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Old Norwegian sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Old Format Sheep    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Old Format Sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Norwegian Fur sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Norwegian Fur sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Norfolk Horn sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Norfolk Horn sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Navajo-Churro sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Navajo-Churro sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Swedish yellow duck    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Swedish yellow breed duck (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Diepholz goose    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Diepholz goose breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: African goose    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: African goose breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Egyptian goose    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Egyptian goose breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Embden goose    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Embden goose breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Chinese white goose    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Chinese white goose breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Chinese brown goose    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Chinese brown goose breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Toulouse goose    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Toulouse goose breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: American buff goose    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: American buff goose breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Pomeranian goose    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Pomeranian goose breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Roman goose    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Roman goose breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Scania goose    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Scania goose breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Racka sheep    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Racka sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Rasa Aragonesa sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Rasa Aragonesa sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Red Engadine sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Red Engadine sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Rhoenschaf sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Rhoenschaf sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Sebastopol goose    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Sebastopol goose breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Swedish Island goose    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Swedish Island goose breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Bronze turkey    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Bronze turkey breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Auburn turkey    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Auburn turkey breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Bourbon Red turkey    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Bourbon Red turkey breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Buff turkey    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Buff turkey breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hucul horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hucul horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: AraAppaloosa horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: AraAppaloosa horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Argentine Criollo horse    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Argentine Criollo horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Argentine Polo Pony horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Argentine Polo Pony horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Australian Pony horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Australian Pony horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Auxois horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Auxois horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Avelignese horse    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Avelignese horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Azerbaijan horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Azerbaijan horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Azores horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Azores horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Bali horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Bali horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Balikun horse    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Balikun horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Waziri horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Waziri horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Banker Horse horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Banker Horse horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Bardigiano horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Bardigiano horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Batak horse    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Batak horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Bavarian Warmblood horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Bavarian Warmblood horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Belgian Ardennais horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Belgian Ardennais horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Belgian Halfblood horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Belgian Halfblood horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Belgian Warmblood horse    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Belgian Warmblood horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Bhutia horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Bhutia horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Black Sea Horse horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Black Sea Horse horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Bosnian horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Bosnian horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Boulonnais horse    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Boulonnais horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Brandenburg horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Brandenburg horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Brazilian Sport Horse horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Brazilian Sport Horse horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: British Appaloosa horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: British Appaloosa horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: British Riding Pony horse    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: British Riding Pony horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: British Spotted Pony horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: British Spotted Pony horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Buohai horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Buohai horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Buryat horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Buryat horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Calabrian horse    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Calabrian horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Camargue horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Camargue horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Canadian Cutting Horse horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Canadian Cutting Horse horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Canadian Rustic Pony horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Canadian Rustic Pony horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Canadian Sport Horse horse    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Canadian Sport Horse horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Canik horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Canik horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Cape Horse horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Cape Horse horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Cerbat horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Cerbat horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Chakouyi horse    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Chakouyi horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Chara Horse horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Chara Horse horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Chickasaw horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Chickasaw horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Chilote horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Chilote horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Chinese Kazakh horse    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Chinese Kazakh horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Chinese Mongolian horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Chinese Mongolian horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Chumbivilcas horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Chumbivilcas horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Chumysh horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Chumysh horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Cirit horse    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Cirit horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Irish Draft horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Irish Draft horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Irish Hunter horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Irish Hunter horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Cuban Trotter horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Cuban Trotter horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Italian Heavy Draft horse    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Italian Heavy Draft horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Jabe horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Jabe horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Java horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Java horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Venden sheep    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Venden sheep breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Czech Warmblood horse    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Czech Warmblood horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Jinhong horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Jinhong horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Jinzhou horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Jinzhou horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Saxony duck    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Saxony breed duck (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Danubian horse    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Danubian horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Karachai horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Karachai horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Karakacan horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Karakacan horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Kathiawari horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Kathiawari horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Ke-Er-Qin horse    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Ke-Er-Qin horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Kirgiz horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Kirgiz horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Kuznet horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Kuznet horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Landais horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Landais horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Lewitzer horse    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Lewitzer horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Lichuan horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Lichuan horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Lijiang horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Lijiang horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Llanero horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Llanero horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Lombok horse    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Lombok horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Lundy Pony horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Lundy Pony horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Malakan horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Malakan horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Malopolski horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Malopolski horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Datong horse    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Datong horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Mangalarga Paulista horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Mangalarga Paulista horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Dulmen Pony horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Dulmen Pony horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Maremmana horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Maremmana horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Marwari horse    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Marwari horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Megezh horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Megezh horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Megrel horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Megrel horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Merens horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Merens horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Messara horse    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Messara horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Sumba horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Sumba horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Sumbawa horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Sumbawa horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Swedish Ardennes horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Swedish Ardennes horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Dutch Tuigpaard horse    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Dutch Tuigpaard horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: East and Southeast Anadolu horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: East and Southeast Anadolu horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Thai Pony horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Thai Pony horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Thessalonian horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Thessalonian horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Tibetan horse    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Tibetan horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Tieling horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Tieling horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Timor horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Timor horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Trakya horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Trakya horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Trote en Gallope horse    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Trote en Gallope horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Turkoman horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Turkoman horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Tushin horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Tushin horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Tuva horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Tuva horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Uzunyayla horse    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Uzunyayla horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Voronezh Coach Horse horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Voronezh Coach Horse horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Elegant Warmblood horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Elegant Warmblood horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Welsh Cob horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Welsh Cob horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Welsh Mountain Pony horse    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Welsh Mountain Pony horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: English Hack horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: English Hack horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Wurttemberg horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Wurttemberg horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Xilingol horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Xilingol horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Yanqi horse    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Yanqi horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Yemeni Horses horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Yemeni Horses horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Yili horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Yili horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Yiwu horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Yiwu horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Yunnan horse    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Yunnan horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: German Riding Pony horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: German Riding Pony horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Guanzhong horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Guanzhong horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Guizhou horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Guizhou horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Guoxia horse    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Guoxia horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Erlunchun horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Erlunchun horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Half Saddlebred horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Half Saddlebred horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Flores horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Flores horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Freiberg horse    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Freiberg horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hessen horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hessen horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hinis horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hinis horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hirzai horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hirzai horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hungarian Coldblood horse    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hungarian Coldblood horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hungarian Dun horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hungarian Dun horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hungarian Sport Horse horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hungarian Sport Horse horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: International Striped Horse horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: International Striped Horse horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Irish Cob horse    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Irish Cob horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Mezen horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Mezen horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Mezohegyes Sport Horse horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Mezohegyes Sport Horse horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: French Cob horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: French Cob horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: French Saddle pony horse    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: French Saddle pony horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Murakoz horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Murakoz horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Finnhorse Draft horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Finnhorse Draft horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Mecklenburg horse    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Mecklenburg horse breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Baheij chicken    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Baheij chicken breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Aseel chicken    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Aseel chicken breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Bandara chicken    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Bandara chicken breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Catalana chicken    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Catalana chicken breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Australian Gamefowl chicken    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Australian Gamefowl chicken breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Ayam Cemani chicken    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Ayam Cemani chicken breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Swedish Spotted Hen chicken    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Swedish Spotted Hen chicken breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Belgian Booted Bantam chicken    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Belgian Booted Bantam chicken breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Brabanter chicken    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Brabanter chicken breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Braekel chicken    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Braekel chicken breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Standard Cochin chicken breed    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Cochin, Standard chicken breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Old English Bantam Game chicken    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Old English Bantam Game chicken breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Gotland chicken    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Gotland chicken breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Groninger Meeuwen chicken    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Groninger Meeuwen chicken breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Haiti Creole pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Haiti Creole pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Manor Hybrid pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Manor Hybrid pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hamline pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hamline pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Manor Ranger pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Manor Ranger pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Manor Meishan pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Manor Meishan pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Cotswold Gold pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Cotswold Gold pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Cotswold Platinum pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Cotswold Platinum pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Cotswold 16 pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Cotswold 16 pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Cotswold 29 pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Cotswold 29 pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Cotswold 90 pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Cotswold 90 pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hampen pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hampen pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: SPM pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: SPM pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: High Conformation White pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: High Conformation White pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Line 32 pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Line 32 pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Line 21 pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Line 21 pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Meatline pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Meatline pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hampline pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hampline pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Euroline pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Euroline pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Norline pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Norline pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Premier pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Premier pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Tribred pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Tribred pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: American Essex pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: American Essex pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Sino-Gascony pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Sino-Gascony pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Guadeloupe Creole pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Guadeloupe Creole pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Managra pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Managra pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Canadian Landrace pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Canadian Landrace pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Canadian Yorkshire pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Canadian Yorkshire pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Minnesota #4 pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Minnesota #4 pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Pineywoods pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Pineywoods pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Catalina Island pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Catalina Island pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Ras-n-Lansa pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Ras-n-Lansa pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Pitman-Moore Miniature pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Pitman-Moore Miniature pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Vita Vet Lab Minipig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Vita Vet Lab Minipig pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hanford Miniature pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hanford Miniature pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Black Hampshire pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Black Hampshire pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Red Hamprace pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Red Hamprace pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: American Yorkshire pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: American Yorkshire pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: American Berkshire pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: American Berkshire pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Camborough Blue pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Camborough Blue pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Camborough 12 pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Camborough 12 pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Westrain pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Westrain pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Dalland 030 pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Dalland 030 pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Razor-Back pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Razor-Back pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Macau pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Macau pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Moura pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Moura pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Canastra pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Canastra pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Pirapetinga pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Pirapetinga pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Piau pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Piau pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Nilo-Canastra pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Nilo-Canastra pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Canastro pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Canastro pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Canastro, Junqueira pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Canastro, Junqueira pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Canastro, Capito Chico pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Canastro, Capito Chico pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Canastro, Zabumba pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Canastro, Zabumba pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Canastro, Cabano pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Canastro, Cabano pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Canastro, Vermelho pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Canastro, Vermelho pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Piau, Caruncho Piau pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Piau, Caruncho Piau pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Canastrinho pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Canastrinho pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Honduras Switch-Tail pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Honduras Switch-Tail pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Mastergilt pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Mastergilt pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Sovereign pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Sovereign pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Poltava pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Poltava pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Lipetsk pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Lipetsk pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Soviet Meat pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Soviet Meat pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Central Russian pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Central Russian pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Steppe Meat pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Steppe Meat pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Kharkov pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Kharkov pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Dnepropetrovsk pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Dnepropetrovsk pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Russian Large White pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Russian Large White pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Forest Mountain pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Forest Mountain pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Dnieper pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Dnieper pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Iberian pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Iberian pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Iberian, Extremadura Red pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Iberian, Extremadura Red pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Iberian, Jabugo Spotted pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Iberian, Jabugo Spotted pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Iberian, Black Iberian pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Iberian, Black Iberian pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Philippine Native, Ilocos pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Philippine Native, Ilocos pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Philippine Native, Jalajala pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Philippine Native, Jalajala pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Mangalizta pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Mangalizta pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Alentejana pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Alentejana pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Belgian Landrace, BN pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Belgian Landrace, BN pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: French Large White pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: French Large White pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hyper Large White pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hyper Large White pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Tia Meslan pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Tia Meslan pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Pen ar Lan 77 pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Pen ar Lan 77 pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Penshire pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Penshire pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Laconie pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Laconie pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Murcian pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Murcian pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Cavallino pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Cavallino pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Calabrian pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Calabrian pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Apulian pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Apulian pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Siena Belted pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Siena Belted pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Calascibetta pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Calascibetta pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Gssing Forest pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Gssing Forest Pig pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Swiss Edelschwein pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Swiss Edelschwein pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: North Caucasus pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: North Caucasus pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Don pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Don pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Rostov pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Rostov pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Russian Long-Eared White pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Russian Long-Eared White pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Russian Short-Eared White pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Russian Short-Eared White pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Prisheksninsk pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Prisheksninsk pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Breitov pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Breitov pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Livny pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Livny pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Tsivilsk pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Tsivilsk pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Urzhum pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Urzhum pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Minisib pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Minisib pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Sakhalin White pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Sakhalin White pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: North Siberian pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: North Siberian pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Siberian Black Pied pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Siberian Black Pied pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Kemerovo pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Kemerovo pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: KM-1 pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: KM-1 pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Aksa Black Pied pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Aksa Black Pied pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Semirechensk pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Semirechensk pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Min pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Min pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Sanjiang White pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Sanjiang White pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Basque Black Pied pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Basque Black Pied pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Corsican pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Corsican pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Crole pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Crole pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Gascony pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Gascony pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Limousin pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Limousin pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Harbin White pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Harbin White pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Heilongjiang Spotted pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Heilongjiang Spotted pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Liaoning Black pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Liaoning Black pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Huang-Huai-Hai Black, Shenxian pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Huang-Huai-Hai Black, Shenxian pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Huang-Huai-Hai Black pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Huang-Huai-Hai Black pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Bamei pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Bamei pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hanjiang Black pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hanjiang Black pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Ding pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Ding pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Huai pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Huai pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: New Huai pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: New Huai pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Mashen pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Mashen pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Yimeng Black pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Yimeng Black pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hetao Lop-Ear pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hetao Lop-Ear pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Korean Native pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Korean Native pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Korean Improved pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Korean Improved pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Penbuk pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Penbuk pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Beijing Black pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Beijing Black pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Chenghua pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Chenghua pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Taoyuan pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Taoyuan pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Taiwan Small Black pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Taiwan Small Black pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Taiwan Small Red pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Taiwan Small Red pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Guanling pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Guanling pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Huchuan Mountain pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Huchuan Mountain pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Rongchang pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Rongchang pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Wujin pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Wujin pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Dahe pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Dahe pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Yanan pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Yanan pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: South Yunnan Short-Eared pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: South Yunnan Short-Eared pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hainan, Lingao pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hainan, Lingao pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hainan, Tunchang pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hainan, Tunchang pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hainan, Wenchang pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Hainan, Wenchang pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Liang Guang Small Spotted pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Liang Guang Small Spotted pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: German Pasture pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: German Pasture pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Piau, Sorocaba pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Piau, Sorocaba pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Nilo pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Nilo pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Bahia pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Bahia pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Perna-Curta pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Perna-Curta pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Carunchinho pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Carunchinho pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Mandi pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Mandi pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Orehla de Colher pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Orehla de Colher pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Venezuelan Black pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Venezuelan Black pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Bolivian pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Bolivian pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Peln pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Peln pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Mexican Wattled pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Mexican Wattled pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Dalland 080 pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Dalland 080 pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Monarch pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Monarch pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Bisaro pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Bisaro pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Black Hairless pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Black Hairless pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Black Mangalitsa pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Black Mangalitsa pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Borghigiana pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Borghigiana pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Chianina pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Chianina pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Cosentina pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Cosentina pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Cuino pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Cuino pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Friuli Black pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Friuli Black pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Fumati pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Fumati pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Galician pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Galician pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: German Berkshire pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: German Berkshire pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Ghori pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Ghori pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Jianli pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Jianli pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Lucanian pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Lucanian pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Maremmana pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Maremmana pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Miami pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Miami pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Montmorillon pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Montmorillon pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Old Swedish Spotted pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Old Swedish Spotted pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Oliventina pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Oliventina pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Parmense pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Parmense pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Romagnola pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Romagnola pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Siberian pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Siberian pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Small White pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Small White pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Baltaret pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Baltaret pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Tunchang pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Tunchang pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Sterling pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Sterling pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Vich pig    
DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Vich pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Vietnamese pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Vietnamese pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Vitoria pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Vitoria pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Wai Chow pig    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Wai Chow pig breed (organism)    DISPLAYABLE TEXT: Yorkshire Blue and White pig    
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