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Routine: OOPSDOL1

Package: Asists

Routine: OOPSDOL1



Source Information

Source file <OOPSDOL1.m>

Call Graph

Call Graph

Call Graph Total: 7

Package Total Call Graph
VA FileMan 2 DD^%DT  $$GET1^DIQ  

Caller Graph


Legend of Colors

Package Component Superscript legend

action A extended action Ea event driver Ed subscriber Su protocol O limited protocol LP run routine RR broker B edit E server Se print P screenman SM inquire I

Caller Graph

Caller Graph Total: 1

Package Total Caller Graph
Asists 1 OOPSDOLX  

Entry Points

Name Comments DBIA/ICR reference
EN ; Entry
OP02 ; Seg OP02
OP03 ; Seg OP03
OP04 ; Seg OP04
OP05 ; Seg OP05
OP06 ; Seg OP06
OP07 ; Seg OP07
OP08 ; Seg OP08
OP09 ; Seg OP09
OP10 ; Seg OP10
OP11 ; Seg OP11 - Reason for Convert (Word Processing)
OP12 ; Seg OP12 - Supervisor not agree explain (Word Processing)
OP13 ; Seg OP13 - Nature of Injury
OP14 ; Seg OP14 - Supervisor Exception
OP20 ; Seg OP20
OP21 ; Seg OP21 Defined for future use
OP22 ; Seg OP22 Defined for future use
OP23 ; Seg OP23 - Statement of Witness (Not yet used)
EXIT ; End of routine

External References

Name Field # of Occurrence
DD^%DT OP04+8, OP04+12
$$GET1^DIQ OP02+3, OP02+6, OP02+9, OP03+2, OP03+4, OP03+5, OP03+11, OP04+3, OP04+46, OP05+7
OP05+14, OP05+17, OP06+11, OP08+23, OP20+3
STORE^OOPSDOLX OP02+11, OP03+19, OP04+48, OP05+22, OP06+14, OP07+4, OP07+7, OP07+10, OP08+30, OP09+3
OP10+3, OP13+3, OP14+4, OP20+3, OP23+5, OP23+9, OP23+12
$$DC^OOPSUTL3 OP03+10, OP03+16, OP03+17, OP03+18, OP04+6, OP04+9, OP04+13, OP04+16, OP04+42, OP08+4
$$HM^OOPSUTL3 OP06+7, OP06+8
$$UP^OOPSUTL4 EN+2, EN+3, EN+4, EN+5, EN+6, EN+7, EN+8, EN+9, EN+10, EN+11
EN+12, EN+13, EN+14, EN+15, EN+16, EN+17, EN+21, EN+22

FileMan Files Accessed Via FileMan Db Call

FileNo Call Tags
^OOPS(2260 - [#2260] GET1^DIQ
^DIC(5 - [#5] GET1^DIQ

Global Variables Directly Accessed

Name Line Occurrences  (* Changed,  ! Killed)
^OOPS(2260 - [#2260] EN+2, EN+3, EN+4, EN+5, EN+6, EN+7, EN+8, EN+9, EN+10, EN+11
EN+12, EN+13, EN+14, EN+15, EN+16, EN+17, EN+19, EN+21, EN+22

Local Variables


>> Not killed explicitly
* Changed
! Killed
~ Newed

Name Field # of Occurrence
BK36 OP08+1~*, OP08+5*, OP08+8*, OP08+9*, OP08+10
CAT OP04+2~, OP04+3*, OP04+23, OP04+25, OP05+20
>> CATY OP08+28*, OP08+29
D123 EN+1~, OP03+4*, OP03+6
D124 EN+1~, OP03+5*, OP03+7
D126 EN+1~, OP03+5*, OP03+9
D62 EN+1~, OP03+4*, OP03+8
DATA OP06+1*, OP06+5, OP06+9, OP06+15!, OP23+11
>> FL174 OP08+27*, OP08+28
FN EN+1~, OP03+11*, OP03+13*, OP03+14, OP05+10*, OP05+11*, OP05+13, OP08+17*, OP08+18*, OP08+20
GRD OP04+2~, OP04+4*, OP04+24
KK EN+1~, OP03+13*, OP05+11*, OP08+18*
NAME EN+1~, OP03+11*, OP03+12, OP05+10*, OP05+12, OP08+17*, OP08+19
NM OP04+35*, OP04+36, OP04+39!
OCC EN+1~, OP06+11*, OP06+12*, OP06+13
OFF OP02+2~, OP02+3*, OP02+4
>> OOPDA EN+2, EN+3, EN+4, EN+5, EN+6, EN+7, EN+8, EN+9, EN+10, EN+11
EN+12, EN+13, EN+14, EN+15, EN+16, EN+17, EN+19, EN+21, EN+22, OP02+3
OP02+6, OP02+9, OP03+2, OP03+4, OP03+5, OP03+11, OP04+3, OP04+46, OP05+7, OP05+14
OP05+17, OP06+11, OP20+3
>> OOPSAR("2162A" OP04+4
>> OOPSAR("2162B" OP20+2
>> OOPSAR("CA" EN+2*, OP03+3
>> OOPSAR("CA1A" EN+4*, OP04+18, OP04+27, OP04+29, OP04+31, OP04+42, OP04+43, OP04+47, OP06+13
>> OOPSAR("CA1B" EN+5*, OP07+2, OP07+3, OP07+5, OP07+6, OP07+9
>> OOPSAR("CA1C" EN+6*, OP13+1, OP13+3
>> OOPSAR("CA1D" EN+7*
>> OOPSAR("CA1ES" EN+8*, OP03+16, OP04+6
>> OOPSAR("CA1F" EN+9*, OP02+7, OP02+8, OP02+9, OP04+7, OP04+8, OP04+9, OP04+10, OP06+1, OP06+7
>> OOPSAR("CA1G" EN+10*, OP04+11, OP04+12, OP04+13, OP04+14, OP04+15, OP04+16, OP04+17, OP05+5, OP08+2
OP08+3, OP08+4, OP09+1, OP09+3, OP10+1, OP10+3
>> OOPSAR("CA1H" EN+11*, OP05+5, OP05+6, OP05+7
>> OOPSAR("CA1I" EN+12*, OP03+17, OP04+20, OP05+8, OP05+10, OP05+15, OP05+16, OP05+17, OP08+7, OP08+8
OP08+9, OP08+11, OP11+1
>> OOPSAR("CA1J" EN+13*, OP12+1
>> OOPSAR("CA1K" EN+14*, OP08+5, OP11+1
>> OOPSAR("CA1L" EN+15*, OP03+10, OP03+15, OP05+3, OP05+21, OP08+13, OP08+27, OP14+1, OP14+4
>> OOPSAR("CA1M" EN+16*, OP02+5, OP02+6, OP02+7
>> OOPSAR("CA1N" EN+17*, OP04+44, OP04+45
>> OOPSAR("CA1W" EN+21*, EN+22*, OP04+35, OP04+37, OP08+15, OP08+17, OP08+21, OP08+22, OP08+23, OP08+24
OP08+25, OP08+26, OP23+1, OP23+2, OP23+4, OP23+6, OP23+8
>> OOPSAR(0 EN+3*, OP03+18, OP04+3, OP04+21
>> OPFLD OP11+2*, OP12+2*
OPX OP02+1!, OP02+4*, OP02+5*, OP02+6*, OP02+7*, OP02+8*, OP02+9*, OP02+10*, OP03+1!, OP03+2*
OP03+3*, OP03+6*, OP03+7*, OP03+8*, OP03+9*, OP03+10*, OP03+12*, OP03+14*, OP03+15*, OP03+16*
OP03+17*, OP03+18*, OP04+1!, OP04+6*, OP04+9*, OP04+10*, OP04+13*, OP04+14*, OP04+16*, OP04+17*
OP04+20*, OP04+21*, OP04+23*, OP04+24*, OP04+25*, OP04+26*, OP04+27*, OP04+28*, OP04+29*, OP04+30*
OP04+31*, OP04+32*, OP04+33*, OP04+36*, OP04+38*, OP04+40*, OP04+41*, OP04+42*, OP04+43*, OP04+44*
OP04+45*, OP04+46*, OP04+47*, OP05+4!, OP05+5*, OP05+6*, OP05+7*, OP05+9*, OP05+12*, OP05+13*
OP05+14*, OP05+15*, OP05+16*, OP05+17*, OP05+20*, OP05+21*, OP06+2!, OP06+3*, OP06+6*, OP06+7*
OP06+8*, OP06+9*, OP06+13*, OP07+1!, OP07+3*, OP07+6*, OP07+8!, OP07+9*, OP08+1!, OP08+2*
OP08+3*, OP08+4*, OP08+10*, OP08+11*, OP08+12*, OP08+13*, OP08+14*, OP08+16*, OP08+19*, OP08+20*
OP08+21*, OP08+22*, OP08+23*, OP08+24*, OP08+25*, OP08+26*, OP08+29*, OP09+2!, OP09+3*, OP10+2!
OP10+3*, OP13+2!, OP13+3*, OP14+2!, OP14+3*, OP14+4*, OP20+1!, OP20+3*, OP23+3!, OP23+4*
OP23+7!, OP23+8*, OP23+10!, OP23+11*
PAYP OP04+2~, OP04+3*, OP04+23, OP04+25, OP05+3
PPER OP05+2~, OP05+3*, OP05+21
>> RPOL OP04+18*, OP04+19
>> SEG OP11+2*, OP12+2*
STP OP04+2~, OP04+4*, OP04+5*, OP04+26
U OP02+5, OP02+6, OP02+7, OP02+8, OP02+9, OP02+10, OP03+3, OP03+6, OP03+7, OP03+8
OP03+9, OP03+10, OP03+12, OP03+14, OP03+15, OP03+16, OP03+17, OP03+18, OP04+3, OP04+4
OP04+6, OP04+7, OP04+8, OP04+9, OP04+10, OP04+11, OP04+12, OP04+13, OP04+14, OP04+15
OP04+16, OP04+17, OP04+18, OP04+20, OP04+21, OP04+23, OP04+24, OP04+25, OP04+26, OP04+27
OP04+28, OP04+29, OP04+30, OP04+31, OP04+32, OP04+33, OP04+35, OP04+36, OP04+37, OP04+38
OP04+41, OP04+42, OP04+43, OP04+44, OP04+45, OP04+46, OP04+47, OP05+3, OP05+5, OP05+6
OP05+7, OP05+8, OP05+9, OP05+10, OP05+12, OP05+13, OP05+14, OP05+15, OP05+16, OP05+17
OP05+20, OP05+21, OP06+1, OP06+6, OP06+7, OP06+8, OP06+13, OP07+2, OP07+3, OP07+5
OP07+6, OP07+9, OP08+2, OP08+3, OP08+4, OP08+5, OP08+8, OP08+9, OP08+10, OP08+11
OP08+12, OP08+13, OP08+14, OP08+16, OP08+17, OP08+19, OP08+20, OP08+21, OP08+22, OP08+23
OP08+24, OP08+25, OP08+26, OP08+27, OP08+29, OP09+1, OP09+3, OP10+1, OP10+3, OP11+1
OP13+1, OP13+3, OP14+1, OP14+4, OP20+2, OP20+3
>> VAL OP04+19*, OP04+20
WITN EN+1~, EN+19*, EN+20, EN+21, EN+22, OP04+34, OP04+40, EXIT+1!
WS OP04+37*, OP04+38, OP04+39!
>> X OP06+4*, OP06+5, OP06+9
>> Y OP04+8*, OP04+9, OP04+12*, OP04+13
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