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Routine: PRSATIM


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PRSATIM ;HISC/REL - Time Input Conversion ;01/21/05
 ;;4.0;PAID;**69,70,71,93,100,126**;Sep 21, 1995;Build 59
 ;;Per VHA Directive 2004-038, this routine should not be modified.
 S X=$TR(X,"adimnop","ADIMNOP")
 S X=$S(X="M":"MID",X="N":"NOON",1:X)
 I X?1"12".A S X=$S(X="12M":"MID",X="12N":"NOON",1:X)
 I X?1.A S X=$S(X["MID":2400,X["NOON":1200,1:"")
 S:$E(X,$L(X))="M" X=$E(X,1,$L(X)-1) S X1=$E(X,$L(X)) I X1?1U,"AP"'[X1 G ERR
 S X1=$P(X,":",2) I X1'="",X1'?2N1.2U G ERR
 I $L(X)>7 G ERR
 I X'?4N,$S($L(+X)<3:+X,1:+X\100)>12 G ERR
 S X=$P(X,":",1)_$P(X,":",2),X1=X
 G:X?4N A I X'?1.4N1.2U G ERR
 S:X<13 X=X*100 I X1["A" G:X>1259 ERR S X=$S(X=1200:2400,X>1159:X-1200,1:X)
 E  I X<1200,X1["P"!(X<600) S X=X+1200 I X<1300 G ERR
A I X>2400!('X&(X'="0000"))!(X#100>59) G ERR
 S X1=+X I 'X1!(X1=1200)!(X1=2400) S X=$S(X1=1200:"NOON",1:"MID") G DNE
 S X1=$S(X1>1259:X1-1200,1:X1),X1=$E("000",0,4-$L(X1))_X1_$S(X=2400:"A",X>1159:"P",1:"A")
 I "00^15^30^45"'[$E(X1,3,4) G ERR
 S X=$E(X1,1,2)_":"_$E(X1,3,5)
CNV ; Convert Start/Stop to minutes
 ; X=start_"^"_stop  Output: Y=start(min)_"^"_stop(min)
 S CNX=X,X=$P(CNX,"^",1),Y=0 D MIL S Y=Y\100*60+(Y#100),$P(CNX,"^",1)=Y
 S X=$P(CNX,"^",2),Y=1 D MIL S Y=Y\100*60+(Y#100)
 S Y=$P(CNX,"^",1)_"^"_Y K CNX Q
MIL ; Convert from AM/PM to 2400
 ; X=time Y: 0=Mid=0,1=Mid=2400 Output: Y=time in 2400
 I X="MID"!(X="NOON") S Y=$S(X="NOON":1200,Y:2400,1:0) Q
 S Y=$P(X,":",1)_$P(X,":",2),Y=+Y Q:X["A"
 S:Y<1200 Y=Y+1200 Q
HLP ; Time Help
 D EN^DDIOL("     Time may be entered as 8A or 8a, 8:00A, 8:15A, 8:15AM or military")
 D EN^DDIOL("     time: 0800, 1300; or MID or 12M for midnight; NOON or 12N for noon.")
 D EN^DDIOL("     Time must be in quarter hours; e.g., 8A or 8:15A or 8:30A or 8:45A."),EN^DDIOL(" ")