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Routine: PSOASAP

Package: Outpatient Pharmacy

Routine: PSOASAP


PSOASAP ;BIRM/MFR - American Society for Automation in Pharmacy (ASAP) Field Values ;09/30/15

Source Information

Source file <PSOASAP.m>

Call Graph

Call Graph

Call Graph Total: 6

Package Total Call Graph
Outpatient Pharmacy 2 ($$DSP01,$$DSP02,$$DSP03,$$DSP04,$$DSP05,$$DSP06,$$DSP07,$$DSP08,$$DSP09,$$DSP10,$$DSP11,$$DSP12,$$DSP13,$$DSP14,$$DSP15,$$DSP16,$$DSP17,$$NUMERIC,$$PAT03,$$PAT04,$$PAT12,$$PAT13,$$PAT15,$$PAT16,$$PAT17,$$PAT18,$$PAT19,$$PAT20,$$PAT22,$$PHA01,$$PHA03,$$PHA10,$$PRE01,$$PRE02,$$PRE03,$$PRE04,$$PRE05,$$PRE06,$$PRE07,$$PRE08,$$PRE09,$$PRE10,$$RPH03,$$RPH06,$$RPH07,$$RPH08,$$RX08,$$RX14,$$TH02,$$TH03,$$TH05,$$TH06,$$TH07,$$TH08,$$TH09,$$TH10,$$TH12,$$TH13,$$TT01)^PSOASAP0  ($$RXDAYSUP,$$RXQTY)^PSOBPSUT  
Registration 1 $$SITE^VASITE  
VA FileMan 1 $$GET1^DIQ  

Caller Graph


Legend of Colors

Package Component Superscript legend

action A extended action Ea event driver Ed subscriber Su protocol O limited protocol LP run routine RR broker B edit E server Se print P screenman SM inquire I

Caller Graph

Caller Graph Total: 1

Package Total Caller Graph
Outpatient Pharmacy 1 PSOASAP0  

Entry Points

Name Comments DBIA/ICR reference
TH01() ;ASAP Version (3.0, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, etc.)
TH02() ;ASAP 3.0 : Business Partner Implemetation Version (Not Used)
; ASAP 4.0+: Transaction Control Number
TH03() ;ASAP 3.0 : Transaction Control Number
; ASAP 4.0+: Transaction Type (Always "01" - Send/Request Transaction)
TH04() ;ASAP 3.0 : Transaction Type (Not Used)
; ASAP 4.0+: Response ID (Not Used)
TH05() ;ASAP 3.0 : Message Type (Not Used)
; ASAP 4.0+: Creation Date (Format: YYYYMMDD)
TH06() ;ASAP 3.0 : Response ID (Not Used)
; ASAP 4.0+: Creation Time. Format: HHMMSS or HHMM
TH07() ;ASAP 3.0 : Project ID (Not Used)
; ASAP 4.0+: File Type. Returns: "T" - Test or "P" - Production
TH08() ;ASAP 3.0 : Creation Date (Format: YYYYMMDD)
; ASAP 4.0 : Composite Element Separator (:)
; ASAP 4.1+: Routing Number (Real-time transactions only)(Not Used)
TH09() ;ASAP 3.0 : Creation Time. Format: HHMMSS or HHMM
; ASAP 4.0+: Segment Terminator Character
TH10() ;ASAP 3.0 : File Type
; ASAP 4.0+: N/A
TH11() ;ASAP 3.0 : Message (Not Used)
; ASAP 4.0+: N/A
TH12() ;ASAP 3.0 : Composite Element Separator
; ASAP 4.0+: N/A
TH13() ;ASAP 3.0 : Data Segment Terminator Character
; ASAP 4.0+: N/A
IS01() ; Unique Information Source ID
IS02() ; Information Source Entity Name
IS03() ;ASAP 3.0 : Address Information 1 (Not Used)
; ASAP 4.0+: Message (Not Used)
; ZERO RPT 4.0+: Date Range of Report
IS04() ;ASAP 3.0 : Address Information 2 (Not Used)
; ASAP 4.0+: N/A
IS05() ;ASAP 3.0 : City Address (Not Used)
; ASAP 4.0+: N/A
IS06() ;ASAP 3.0 : State Address (Not Used)
; ASAP 4.0+: N/A
IS07() ;ASAP 3.0 : Zip code Address (Not Used)
; ASAP 4.0+: N/A
IS08() ;ASAP 3.0 : Phone Number (Not Used)
; ASAP 4.0+: N/A
IS09() ;ASAP 3.0 : Contact Name (Not Used)
; ASAP 4.0+: N/A
IS10() ;ASAP 3.0 : Message (Not Used)
; ASAP 4.0+: N/A
IS11() ;ASAP 3.0 : Data Entry Terminal ID (Not Used)
; ASAP 4.0+: N/A
IR01() ; Unique Information Receiver ID
IR02() ; Information Receiver Entity Name
IR03() ;Address Information 1 (Not Used)
IR04() ;Address Information 2 (Not Used)
IR05() ;City Address (Not Used)
IR06() ;State Address (Not Used)
IR07() ;Zip code Address (Not Used)
IR08() ;Phone Number (Not Used)
IR09() ;Contact Name (Not Used)
IR10() ;Message (Not Used)
PHA01() ; National Provider Identifier (NPI)
PHA02() ;NCPDP/NABP Provider ID
PHA03() ;Pharmacy DEA Number
PHA04() ;Pharmacy Name
PHA05() ;Pharmacy Address Information - Line 1
PHA06() ; Pharmacy Address Information - Line 2 (Not Used)
PHA07() ;Pharmacy City Address
PHA08() ;Pharmacy State Address
PHA09() ;Pharmacy ZIP Code
PHA10() ;Phone Number
PHA11() ;Pharmacy Contact name (Not Used)
PHA12() ;Pharmacy Chain Site ID (Not Used)
PHA13() ;Message (Not Used)
PAT01() ; ASAP 3.0 : Not Used
; ASAP 4.0+: ID Qualifier of Patient Identifier (Always "US" - United States)
PAT02() ;ID Qualifier (Always "07" - Social Security Number)
PAT03() ;ASAP 3.0 : Unique System ID - Patient (Not Used)
; ASAP 4.0+: ID of Patient (SSN)
PAT04() ;ASAP 3.0 : SSN
; ASAP 4.0+: ID Qualifier of Additional Patient Identifier (Not Used)
PAT05() ;Additional Patient ID Qualifier (Not Used)
PAT06() ;Additional ID (Not Used)
PAT07() ;Patient Last Name
PAT08() ;Patient First Name
PAT09() ;Patient Middle Name or Initial
PAT10() ;Name Prefix
PAT11() ;Name Suffix
PAT12() ;Patient Address Information - Line 1
PAT13() ;Patient Address Information - Line 2
PAT14() ;Patient City Address
PAT15() ;Patient State Address
PAT16() ;Patient ZIP Code
PAT17() ;Patient Phone Number
PAT18() ;ASAP 3.0 : Email Address (Not Used)
; ASAP 4.0+: Patient DOB
PAT19() ;ASAP 3.0 : Patient DOB
; ASAP 4.0+: Patient Gender Code
PAT20() ;ASAP 3.0 : Patient Gender Code
; ASAP 4.0+: Species Code (Always return "01" for 'Human')
PAT21() ;Patient Location Code (Always return "10" for 'Outpatient')
PAT22() ;ASAP 3.0 : Primary Prescription Coverage Type (Not Used)
; ASAP 4.0+:Country of Non-U.S. Resident
PAT23() ;ASAP 3.0: Secondary Prescription Coverage Type (Not Used)
PAT24() ;ASAP 3.0: Language Code (Not Used)
PAT25() ;ASAP 3.0: Work Phone Number (Not Used)
PAT26() ;ASAP 3.0: Alternate Phone Number (Not Used)
PAT27() ;ASAP 3.0: Drivers License Number
PAT28() ;ASAP 3.0: Facility Code (Not Used)
PAT29() ;ASAP 3.0: Unit Identifier (Not Used)
PAT30() ;ASAP 3.0: Room Number (Not Used)
PAT31() ;ASAP 3.0: Bed (Not Used)
PAT32() ;ASAP 3.0: Medical Record Number (Not Used)
PAT33() ;ASAP 3.0: Admission Date (Not Used)
PAT34() ;ASAP 3.0: Admission Time (Not Used)
PAT35() ;ASAP 3.0: Discharge Date (Not Used)
PAT36() ;ASAP 3.0: Discharge Time (Not Used)
PAT37() ;ASAP 3.0: Primary Coverage Start Date (Not Used)
PAT38() ;ASAP 3.0: Not Used
PAT39() ;ASAP 3.0: Secondary Coverage Start Date (Not Used)
PAT40() ;ASAP 3.0: Secondary Coverage Stop Date (Not Used)
RX01() ;Reporting Status ("01" - Add / "02" - Change / "03" - Delete)
RX02() ;Program Participation Status (Not Used)
RX03() ;Prescription Number
RX04() ;Unique System ID() - RPh (Not Used)
RX05() ;Unique System ID() - Patient (Not Used)
RX06() ;Unique System ID() - Prescriber (Not Used)
RX07() ;Unique System ID() - Drug (Not Used)
RX08() ;Date Rx Written (Format: YYYYMMDD)
RX09() ;RX Start Date (Not Used)
RX10() ;RX End Date (Not Used)
RX11() ;Diagnosis Code Qualifier
RX12() ;Diagnosis Code
RX13() ;Product ID Qualifier (Always return "01" for 'NDC')
RX14() ;Product ID (NDC - National Drug Code)
RX15() ;Product Description (Not Used)
RX16() ;DAW Code (Not Used)
RX17() ;Quantity Dispensed
RX18() ;Days Supply
RX19() ;Basis of Days Supply Determination (Not Used)
RX20() ;Refills Authorized
RX21() ;Refills Authorized Through Date (Not Used)
RX22() ;DEA Schedule (Not Used)
RX23() ;Unit Dose Indicator (Not Used)
RX24() ;Compound Indicator (Not Used)
RX25() ;Origin Code (Not Used)
RX26() ;Brand Versus Generic Indicator (Not Used)
RX27() ;Original Fill Date (Not Used)
RX28() ;AlternateRX Identifier (Not Used)
RX29() ;Previous RX Number (Not Used)
DSP01() ;ASAP 3.0 : Reporting Status ("01" - Add / "02" - Change / "03" - Delete)
; ASAP 4.0 : Reporting Status ("" - New / "01" - Revise / "02" - Void)
; ASAP 4.1+: Reporting Status ("00" - New / "01" - Revise / "02" - Void)
DSP02() ;ASAP 3.0 : Program Participation Status (Not Used)
; ASAP 4.0+: Prescription Number (Not Used by ASAP 3.0)
DSP03() ;ASAP 3.0 : Prescription Number
; ASAP 4.0+: Date Rx Written (Format: YYYYMMDD)
DSP04() ;ASAP 3.0 : Refill Number
; ASAP 4.0+: Refills Authorized
DSP05() ;ASAP 3.0 : Unique System ID - RPh (Not Used)
; ASAP 4.0+: Date Filled (Release Date) (Format: YYYYMMDD)
DSP06() ;ASAP 3.0 : ;Unique System ID - Patient (Not Used)
; ASAP 4.0+: Refill Number (Partials are always "0")
DSP07() ;ASAP 3.0 : ;Unique System ID - Prescriber (Not Used)
; ASAP 4.0+: Product ID Qualifier (Always return "01" for 'NDC')
DSP08() ;Product ID (NDC - National Drug Code) (ASAP 3.0: Not Used)
DSP09() ;ASAP 3.0: Date Filled
; ASAP 4.0+: Quantity Dispensed
DSP10() ;Days Supply
DSP11() ;ASAP 3.0 : Product ID Qualifier (01:NDC)
; ASAP 4.0+: Drug Dosage Units Code
DSP12() ;ASAP 3.0: Product ID (NDC)
; ASAP 4.0+: Transmission Form of Rx Origin Code (Nature of Order)
DSP13() ;ASAP 3.0 : Product Description (Not Used)
; ASAP 4.0+: Partial Fill Indicator
DSP14() ;ASAP 3.0 : Quantity Dispensed
; ASAP 4.0+: Pharmacist National Provider Identifier (NPI)
DSP15() ;ASAP 3.0 : Days Supply
; ASAP 4.0+: Pharmacist State License Number (Not Used)
DSP16() ;ASAP 3.0 : Basis of Days Supply Determiniation (Always "3" for 'As directed by doctor')
; ASAP 4.0+: Classification Code for Payment Type (Always return "05" for 'Military Installations and VA')
DSP17() ;ASAP 3.0 : Refills Remaining (Not Used)
; ASAP 4.0 : N/A (up to DSP16 only)
; ASAP 4.1+: Date Sold
DSP18() ;ASAP 3.0: Refills Authorized Through Date (Not Used)
; ASAP 4.1: RxNorm Code (Not Used)
; ASAP 4.2: RxNorm Product Qualifier (Not Used)
DSP19() ;ASAP 3.0: Previous Fill Date (Not Used)
; ASAP 4.1: Electronic Prescription Reference Number (Not Used)
; ASAP 4.2: RxNorm Code (Not Used)
DSP20() ;ASAP 3.0: Previous Fill Quantity Dispensed (Not Used)
; ASAP 4.2: Electronic Prescription Reference Number (Not Used)
DSP21() ;ASAP 3.0: Level of Service Code (Not Used)
; ASAP 4.2: Electronic Prescription Order Number (Not Used)
DSP22() ;ASAP 3.0: Brand or Generic Indicator (Not Used)
DSP23() ;ASAP 3.0: Patient Advisory Leaflet (Not Used)
DSP24() ;ASAP 3.0: Warning/Auxiliary Labels (Not Used)
DSP25() ;ASAP 3.0: Warning/Auxiliary Labels (Not Used)
DSP26() ;ASAP 3.0: Warning/Auxiliary Labels (Not Used)
DSP27() ;ASAP 3.0: Warning/Auxiliary Labels (Not Used)
DSP28() ;ASAP 3.0: Warning/Auxiliary Labels (Not Used)
DSP29() ;ASAP 3.0: Bar Code on Vial Label (Not Used)
DSP30() ;ASAP 3.0: Group Identifier (Not Used)
DSP31() ;ASAP 3.0: Group Rx Count (Not Used)
DSP32() ;ASAP 3.0: Partial Fill Indicator (Not Used)
DSP33() ;ASAP 3.0: Priority (Not Used)
PRE01() ;ASAP 3.0 : Not Used
; ASAP 4.0+: Prescriber National Provider Identifier (NPI)
PRE02() ; Prescriber DEA Number
PRE03() ;ASAP 3.0 : Prescriber NPI
; ASAP 4.0+: Prescriber DEA Number Suffix
PRE04() ;ASAP 3.0 : Prescriber DEA Number
; ASAP 4.0+: Prescriber State License Number (Not Used)
PRE05() ;ASAP 3.0 : Prescriber DEA Number Suffix
; ASAP 4.0+: Prescriber Last Name
PRE06() ;ASAP 3.0 : Prescriber State Lince Number (Not Used)
; ASAP 4.0+: Prescriber First Name
PRE07() ;ASAP 3.0 : Prescriber Alternate ID (Not Used)
; ASAP 4.0+: Prescriber Middle Name
PRE08() ;ASAP 3.0 : Prescriber's Last Name
; ASAP 4.0 & 4.1: N/A (Up to PRE07 only)
; ASAP 4.2: Prescriber's Phone Number
PRE09() ;ASAP 3.0: Prescriber' First Name
PRE10() ;ASAP 3.0: Prescriber' Middle Name
PRE11() ;ASAP 3.0: Name Prefix (Not Used)
PRE12() ;ASAP 3.0: Name Suffix (Not Used)
PRE13() ;ASAP 3.0: Address Information - 1 (Not Used)
PRE14() ;ASAP 3.0: Address Information - 2 (Not Used)
PRE15() ;ASAP 3.0: City Address (Not Used)
PRE16() ;ASAP 3.0: State Address (Not Used)
PRE17() ;ASAP 3.0: Zip Code Address (Not Used)
PRE18() ;ASAP 3.0: Phone Number (Not Used)
PRE19() ;ASAP 3.0: Prescriber Specialty (Not Used)
PRE20() ;ASAP 3.0: Prescriber Fax Number (Not Used)
CDI01() ;Compound Drug Ingredient Sequence Number (Not Used)
CDI02() ;Product ID Qualifier (Not Used)
CDI03() ;Product ID (Not Used)
CDI04() ;Component Ingredient Product Description (Not Used)
CDI05() ;Component Ingredient Quantity (Not Used)
CDI06() ;ASAP 3.0: Component Ingredient Cost (Not Used)
CDI07() ;ASAP 3.0: Component Ingredient Basis of Cost Determination (Not Used)
CDI08() ;ASAP 3.0: Compound Drug Dosage Units Code (Not Used)
CSR01() ;State Issuing Rx Serial Number (Not Used)
CSR02() ;State Issued Rx Serial Number (Not Used)
CSR03() ;ID Qualifier (Not Used)
CSR04() ;ID of Person Picking Up Rx (Not Used)
CSR05() ;Relationship of Person Picking Up Rx (Not Used)
CSR06() ;Last Name of Person Picking Up Rx (Not Used)
CSR07() ;First Name of Person Picking Up Rx (Not Used)
AIR01() ;State Issuing Rx Serial Number (Not Used)
AIR02() ;State Issued Rx Serial Number (Not Used)
AIR03() ;Issuing Jurisdiction (Not Used)
AIR04() ;ID Qualifier of Person Dropping Off or Picking Up Rx (Not Used)
AIR05() ;ID of Person Dropping Off or Picking Up Rx (Not Used)
AIR06() ;Relationship of Person Dropping Off or Picking Up Rx (Not Used)
AIR07() ;Last Name of Person Dropping Off or Picking Up Rx (Not Used)
AIR08() ;First Name of Person Dropping Off or Picking Up Rx (Not Used)
AIR09() ;Last Name or Initials of Pharmacist (Not Used)
AIR10() ;First Name of Pharmacist (Not Used)
AIR11() ;ASAP 4.2: Dropping Off/Picking Up Identifier Qualifier
RPH01() ;Reporting Status (Not Used)
RPH02() ;Unique System ID (Not Used)
RPH03() ;National Provider Identification (NPI)
RPH04() ;Pharmacist State License Number (Not Used)
RPH05() ;Pharmacist Alternate ID (Not Used)
RPH06() ;Pharmacist Last Name
RPH07() ;Pharmacist First Name
RPH08() ;Pharmacist Middle Name
RPH09() ;Name Prefix (Not Used)
RPH10() ;Name Suffix (Not Used)
RPH11() ;Pharmacist Title (Not Used)
PLN01() ;Reporting Status (Not Used)
PLN02() ;Plan Coverage Status to Patient (Not Used)
PLN03() ;Unique System ID - Plan (Not Used)
PLN04() ;Classification Code for Plan Type (Not Used)
PLN05() ;Plan Name (Not Used)
PLN06() ;Processor BIN (Not Used)
PLN07() ;Processor Control Number (Not Used)
PLN08() ;Plan ID (Not Used)
PLN09() ;Group Number (Not Used)
PLN10() ;Cardholder ID (Not Used)
PLN11() ;Person Code (Not Used)
PLN12() ;Relationship Code (Not Used)
TP01() ;Detail Segment Count
TT01() ;Transaction Control Number
; ASAP 3.0 : Same as TH03
; ASAP 4.0+: Same as TH02
TT02() ;Segment Count

External References

Name Field # of Occurrence
$$GET1^DIQ IS02+1, IS03+5, IS03+6, IS03+7, IR02+1, PHA02+1, PHA04+1, PHA05+1, PHA07+1, PHA08+1
, PHA09+1, RX03+1, RX20+1
$$RX08^PSOASAP0 RX08+1
$$RX14^PSOASAP0 RX14+1
$$TH02^PSOASAP0 TH02+2
$$TH03^PSOASAP0 TH03+2
$$TH05^PSOASAP0 TH05+2
$$TH06^PSOASAP0 TH06+2
$$TH07^PSOASAP0 TH07+2
$$TH08^PSOASAP0 TH08+3
$$TH09^PSOASAP0 TH09+2
$$TH10^PSOASAP0 TH10+2
$$TH12^PSOASAP0 TH12+2
$$TH13^PSOASAP0 TH13+2
$$TT01^PSOASAP0 TT01+3
$$SITE^VASITE IS01+1, IS02+1, IR01+1
$$FMTHL7^XLFDT IS03+6, IS03+7

FileMan Files Accessed Via FileMan Db Call

FileNo Call Tags
^DIC(4 - [#4] GET1^DIQ
^DIC(5 - [#5] GET1^DIQ
^PSRX - [#52] GET1^DIQ
^PS(58.42 - [#58.42] GET1^DIQ
^PS(59 - [#59] GET1^DIQ

Local Variables


>> Not killed explicitly
* Changed
! Killed
~ Newed

Name Field # of Occurrence
>> BATCHIEN IS03+5, IS03+6, IS03+7
BEGDATE IS03+3~, IS03+4*, IS03+6*, IS03+8
ENDDATE IS03+3~, IS03+4*, IS03+7*, IS03+8
>> FILLNUM RX17+1, RX18+1
>> PSOASVER TH01+1, PAT01+2
RANGE IS03+3~, IS03+4*, IS03+5, IS03+8*
>> RECTYPE RX01+1, RX17+1, RX18+1
>> RXIEN RX03+1, RX17+1, RX18+1, RX20+1
>> SITEIEN PHA02+1, PHA04+1, PHA05+1, PHA07+1, PHA09+1
>> STATEIEN IR02+1, PHA08+1
>> VAPA(4 PAT14+1
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