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Routine: RMPRPS36

Package: Prosthetics

Routine: RMPRPS36


RMPRPS36 ;HIN CIO/RVD - HCPCS Update Utilities ; 3/25/04 12:29pm

Source Information

Source file <RMPRPS36.m>

Call Graph

Call Graph

Call Graph Total: 3

Package Total Call Graph
VA FileMan 2 FILE^DIE  IX1^DIK  
Prosthetics 1 ITEM^RMPRPS35  

Caller Graph


Legend of Colors

Package Component Superscript legend

action A extended action Ea event driver Ed subscriber Su protocol O limited protocol LP run routine RR broker B edit E server Se print P screenman SM inquire I

Caller Graph

Caller Graph Total: 2

Package Total Caller Graph
Prosthetics 2 RMPRPS34  RMPRPS35  

Entry Points

Name Comments DBIA/ICR reference
F6111 ; Update PIP files 661.11
F614 ; Update PIP files 661.4
F6141 ; Update PIP files 661.41
F616 ; Update PIP files 661.6
F6163 ; Update PIP files 661.63
F617 ; Update PIP files 661.7
F619 ; Update PIP files 661.9
PAT76 ; Set up array and replace HCPCS
PAT77 ;Convert old HCPCS and set consult service requestor in file 660.
ADDHCPC ;list of HCPCS added in #77
CONV ;convert old HCPCS in PIP to new HCPCS
HLST ;List of old^new HCPCS

External References

Name Field # of Occurrence
FILE^DIE F6111+10, F614+7, F6141+7, F616+7, F6163+9, F617+7, F619+9
IX1^DIK PAT77+15

Interaction Calls

Name Line Occurrences
Function Call: WRITE
  • Prompt: !!,"Replacing the following HCPCS...",!
  • Line Location: PAT76+3
Function Call: WRITE
  • Prompt: !,RMHOLD," with ",RMHNEW
  • Line Location: PAT76+15
Function Call: WRITE
  • Prompt: !!,"HCPCS replacement complete.",!
  • Line Location: PAT76+29
Function Call: WRITE
  • Prompt: !!,"Adding new PSAS HCPCS to file #661.1.....",!
  • Line Location: PAT77+4
Function Call: WRITE
  • Prompt: !!,"Done adding new PSAS HCPCS!!!",!
  • Line Location: PAT77+18
Function Call: WRITE
  • Prompt: !!,"Replacing old/INACTIVE HCPCS to new/ACTIVE HCPCS in PIP.....",!
  • Line Location: CONV+1
Function Call: WRITE
  • Prompt: !!,"HCPCS replacement complete!!!",!
  • Line Location: CONV35+23
Routine Call
  • DIE
  • Line Location:
    • F6111+10
    • F614+7
    • F6141+7
    • F616+7
    • F6163+9
    • F617+7
    • F619+9

FileMan Files Accessed Via FileMan Db Call

FileNo Call Tags
^RMPR(661.1 - [#661.1] Classic Fileman Calls

Global Variables Directly Accessed

Name Line Occurrences  (* Changed,  ! Killed)
^RMPR(660 - [#660] CONV35+6, CONV35+7
^RMPR(661.1 - [#661.1] PAT76+11, PAT76+12, PAT77+11*, PAT77+12*, PAT77+14*, PAT77+16*, PAT77+17*, CONV35+2, CONV35+3
^RMPR(661.11 - [#661.11] F6111+2, F6111+4, F6111+5
^RMPR(661.4 - [#661.4] F614+2, F614+3
^RMPR(661.41 - [#661.41] F6141+2, F6141+3
^RMPR(661.6 - [#661.6] F616+2, F616+3, CONV+3
^RMPR(661.63 - [#661.63] F6163+2, F6163+3
^RMPR(661.7 - [#661.7] F617+2, F617+3, CONV+3
^RMPR(661.9 - [#661.9] F619+2, F619+3, CONV+3

Label References

Name Line Occurrences
F6111 PAT76+17, CONV35+11
F614 PAT76+19, CONV35+13
F6141 PAT76+21, CONV35+15
F616 PAT76+23, CONV35+17
F617 PAT76+25, CONV35+19
F619 PAT76+27, CONV35+21

Local Variables


>> Not killed explicitly
* Changed
! Killed
~ Newed

Name Field # of Occurrence
>> DA PAT77+15*
>> DIK PAT77+5*
>> I PAT76+9*
>> IO("Q" PAT76+2, PAT76+14, PAT76+28, CONV35+23
>> R6I CONV35+6*, CONV35+7
>> RARR( PAT77+10*, PAT77+13
>> RDAT PAT77+9*, PAT77+11, PAT77+12
>> RIEN PAT77+7*, PAT77+10, PAT77+11, PAT77+12
>> RM63DAT F6163+3*, F6163+4
>> RM63HCP F6163+4*, F6163+5
>> RM9DAT F619+3*, F619+4
>> RM9HCP F619+4*, F619+5
>> RMDAT PAT77+6*, PAT77+7, PAT77+8, PAT77+9
>> RMFLG CONV35+5*, CONV35+6, CONV35+7*, CONV35+8
>> RMFLG61 CONV+2*, CONV+3*, CONV35+9
>> RMHDA PAT76+12*, PAT76+13
>> RMHNEW F6111+8, F6111+9, F614+6, F6141+6, F616+6, F6163+8, F617+6, F619+8, PAT76+13*, PAT76+15
CONV35+1*, CONV35+2, CONV35+3, CONV35+22
>> RMHNEWI CONV35+3*, CONV35+6
>> RMHOLD F6111+2, F614+2, F6141+2, F616+2, F6163+5, F617+2, F619+5, PAT76+13*, PAT76+15, CONV35+1*
CONV35+2, CONV35+22
RMI F6111+1!, F6111+2*, F6111+4, F6111+5, F6111+7, F614+1!, F614+2*, F614+3, F614+5, F6141+1!
F6141+2*, F6141+3, F6141+5, F616+1!, F616+2*, F616+3, F616+5, F6163+1!, F6163+2*, F6163+3
F6163+7, F617+1!, F617+2*, F617+3, F617+5, F619+1!, F619+2*, F619+3, F619+7, PAT77+6*
PAT77+13*, PAT77+14, PAT77+15
>> RMIJ PAT76+11*, PAT76+12
>> RMIT F6111+3*, F6111+5*, F6111+9
RMPRFDA F6111+6!, F614+4!, F6141+4!, F616+4!, F6163+6!, F617+4!, F619+6!
RMPRFDA( F6111+8*, F6111+9*, F614+6*, F6141+6*, F616+6*, F6163+8*, F617+6*, F619+8*
RMPRFME F6111+6!, F614+4!, F6141+4!, F616+4!, F6163+6!, F617+4!, F619+6!
>> RMPRIEN F6111+7*, F6111+8, F6111+9, F614+5*, F614+6, F6141+5*, F6141+6, F616+5*, F616+6, F6163+7*
F6163+8, F617+5*, F617+6, F619+7*, F619+8
>> RNOD PAT77+8*, PAT77+11, PAT77+12
U F6111+5, F6163+4, F619+4, PAT76+1*, PAT76+13, PAT77+3*, PAT77+16, PAT77+17, CONV35+1, CONV35+7

Marked Items

Name Field # of Occurrence
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