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Sub-Field: 2006.683

Package: Imaging

MAGJ USER DATA(#2006.68)-->2006.683

Sub-Field: 2006.683


Parent File Name Number Package
MAGJ USER DATA(#2006.68) VR-HP 2006.683 Imaging


Field # Name Loc Type Details

  • INPUT TRANSFORM:  K:$L(X)>80!($L(X)<3) X
  • LAST EDITED:  MAR 07, 2006
  • HELP-PROMPT:  Answer must be 3-80 characters in length.
    Tag, or label, that identifies the HP or Template.
  • TECHNICAL DESCR:  The details of the data stored are defined by the client software, and are aggregated under separate tags for each Hanging protocol or template. Each tag's data is independently accessible by the client, which can query
    1) Tags stored; or,
    2) Data for named tags, or
    3) Tags and associated KEYS (described below)
  • CROSS-REFERENCE:  2006.683^B
    1)= S ^MAG(2006.68,DA(1),"VR-HP","B",$E(X,1,30),DA)=""
    2)= K ^MAG(2006.68,DA(1),"VR-HP","B",$E(X,1,30),DA)
1 DATA 1;0 WORD-PROCESSING #2006.6831

    The actual hanging protocol and template data is stored here.
2 KEYS 2;0 WORD-PROCESSING #2006.6832

  • DESCRIPTION:  Keys data are strings that are structured by the client for containing search values for the internal operation of the hanging protocols, whenever and/or if applicable. The Vistarad RPCs can provide access to the Keys
    data separately from the full HP definition data.
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