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Sub-Field: 396.32

Package: Automated Medical Information Exchange

2507 REQUEST(#396.3)-->396.32

Sub-Field: 396.32


Parent File Name Number Package
2507 REQUEST(#396.3) CLAIM TYPE 396.32 Automated Medical Information Exchange


Field # Name Loc Type Details
.01 CLAIM TYPE 0;1 POINTER TO 2507 CLAIM TYPE FILE (#396.27) 2507 CLAIM TYPE(#396.27)

  • LAST EDITED:  NOV 21, 2014
  • HELP-PROMPT:  Select the claim type from the list of active claim types
  • CROSS-REFERENCE:  396.32^B
    1)= S ^DVB(396.3,DA(1),9,"B",$E(X,1,30),DA)=""
    2)= K ^DVB(396.3,DA(1),9,"B",$E(X,1,30),DA)
    1)= S ^DVB(396.3,"F",$E(X,1,30),DA(1),DA)=""
    2)= K ^DVB(396.3,"F",$E(X,1,30),DA(1),DA)
    This a whole file cross reference. It records the claim type ien from global 396.27; then the 2507 request ien from 396.3; and finally the increment number of claim types assigned to a request.
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