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Global: ^NUPA(1927.41

Package: Patient Assessment Documentation

Global: ^NUPA(1927.41


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1927.41 NUPA COMPONENT ITEMS Patient Assessment Documentation


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Patient Assessment Documentation 7 NUPABCL2    ^NUPA(1927.401    ^NUPA(1927.402    ^NUPA(1927.403    COMPONENT    ^NUPA(1927.41    NUPAPI    

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Patient Assessment Documentation 1 NUPABCL2    

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Patient Assessment Documentation 5 NUPA CARE PLANS(#1927.4)[14247677172200203210210.5211211.5212212.5213213.5214215216216.1216.2219223223.1223.2223.3224224.1224.2225231240240.5242242.1242.2242.3242.4242.5242.6244245255256260261262266270273275303]
NUPA CARE PLAN IVS(#1927.402)[1411]

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************************REQUIRED FIELD************************

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  • LAST EDITED:  AUG 27, 2009
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  • CROSS-REFERENCE:  1927.41^B
    1)= S ^NUPA(1927.41,"B",$E(X,1,30),DA)=""
    2)= K ^NUPA(1927.41,"B",$E(X,1,30),DA)
1 COMPONENT 1;0 Multiple #1927.411 1927.411

  • LAST EDITED:  MAR 20, 2009
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Found Entries, Total: 695

NAME: Ready to learn    NAME: States not interested in learning    NAME: States teaching not needed    NAME: Doing    NAME: Hearing/Listening    NAME: Reading    NAME: Seeing    NAME: Group Classes    
NAME: Individual Approach (1:1)    NAME: Prefers support person to be included    NAME: None    NAME: Limited    NAME: Extensive    NAME: Discharge to home without additional services    NAME: Involve family/support person in discharge planning    NAME: Patient is homeless **    
NAME: Patient requires transportation assistance **    NAME: Discharge to home with support services (physiological needs e.g. O2, IV therapy, pain therapy and wound care) **    NAME: Discharge to home with support services (functional needs e.g. assistance with home ADLs) **    NAME: Discharge to home with support services (social needs e.g. financial assistance, transportation, follow-up appointments, support groups) **    NAME: Discharge to home with support services (educational needs e.g. classes, materials) **    NAME: Discharge to home with support services (spiritual needs e.g. clergy contact) **    NAME: Discharge to extended care facility **    NAME: Patient identified as a wanderer/elopement risk **    
NAME: Patient identified as a fire risk **    NAME: Patient on isolation precautions    NAME: Plan for support for patient's care giver/s **    NAME: None Identified    NAME: Limited attention span    NAME: Hearing    NAME: Language    NAME: Pain    
NAME: Visual Impairment    NAME: Other    NAME: BCMA    NAME: Managing Your Pain    NAME: Notification of the Joint Commission    NAME: Patient Rights & Responsibilities    NAME: Patient Safety Concerns    NAME: Prevention of Falls    
NAME: Promotion of a Restraint Free Environment    NAME: Other 1    NAME: Other 2    NAME: Other 3    NAME: Computer based training    NAME: Friction reducing device    NAME: Full body sling    NAME: Gait belt    
NAME: Lateral transfer device    NAME: Power stand assist    NAME: Sliding board    NAME: No identified triggers    NAME: Bending    NAME: Changes in temperature    NAME: Changing position    NAME: Coughing    
NAME: Deep breathing    NAME: Exercise    NAME: Lifting    NAME: Lying down    NAME: Sitting    NAME: Sneezing    NAME: Standing    NAME: Stress    
NAME: Walking    NAME: Weather    NAME: No identified relief factors    NAME: Acupressure    NAME: Acupuncture    NAME: Assistive devices (cane, wheelchair)    NAME: Brace/Support    NAME: Chiropractic intervention    
NAME: Cold    NAME: Distraction techniques    NAME: Food    NAME: Heat    NAME: Massage    NAME: Medications (RX, OTC)    NAME: Meditation/prayer    NAME: Music    
NAME: Relaxation techniques    NAME: Special mattress    NAME: Sleep    NAME: TENS Unit application    NAME: No effect    NAME: Anxiety    NAME: Appetite    NAME: Concentration    
NAME: Depression    NAME: Energy level    NAME: Enjoyment of life    NAME: Household chores    NAME: Memory    NAME: Mobility    NAME: Mood    NAME: Personal care    
NAME: Physical activity    NAME: Relationship with others    NAME: Self esteem    NAME: Sexual functioning    NAME: Social activities    NAME: Temper    NAME: Work    NAME: Fenestrated    
NAME: Non-fenestrated    NAME: Old stoma/no appliance    NAME: Trace    NAME: 1+ Pitting    NAME: 2+ Pitting    NAME: 3+ Pitting    NAME: 4+ Pitting    NAME: N/A    
NAME: Warm    NAME: Cool    NAME: Capillary Refill Less than 3 Seconds    NAME: Capillary Refill Greater than 3 Seconds    NAME: Person, place, time, and situation    NAME: Person, place, and time    NAME: Person only    NAME: Not oriented at all    
NAME: 5+    NAME: 4+    NAME: 3+    NAME: 2+    NAME: 1+    Entry: 138    NAME: Equal    NAME: Right greater than left    
NAME: Left greater than right    NAME: Brisk reaction to light    NAME: Some reaction to light (sluggish)    NAME: No reaction to light    NAME: Clear    NAME: Abnormal - Slurred    NAME: Abnormal - Aphasic    NAME: Abnormal - Dysarthric    
NAME: Cooperative    NAME: Uncooperative    NAME: Controlled    NAME: Uncontrolled    NAME: Yes    NAME: No    NAME: Declines to answer    NAME: Patient declines to answer any questions about alcohol use    
NAME: Patient has not used alcohol in the past 12 months    NAME: Patient is currently using alcohol or has within the past 12 months    NAME: Patient declines to answer    NAME: When my space gets invaded    NAME: Excessive noise    NAME: An argument or altercation with family, partner, or friends    NAME: Significant losses (death or breakup)    NAME: Becoming homeless    
NAME: Not being listened to    NAME: Hurt feelings    NAME: Physical Abuse    NAME: Sexual Abuse    NAME: Loss of control due to alcohol or drugs    NAME: When I don't get what I want    NAME: When I feel I have no power    NAME: When my attempts at problem solving don't work    
NAME: Monetary issues    NAME: Being unjustly blamed    NAME: Being treated unfairly    NAME: When I hear voices    NAME: Nothing makes me upset    NAME: Threatening others    NAME: Hurting others    NAME: Threatening to harm myself    
NAME: Harming myself    NAME: Hitting or kicking objects    NAME: Screaming or cursing    NAME: Running away (eloping)    NAME: Drink or take drugs    NAME: Crying    NAME: Talking with others    NAME: Listen to music    
NAME: Talk with others    NAME: Exercise/Walk    NAME: Positioning body to feel calmer or more comfortable    NAME: Go to a quiet place    NAME: Distraction    NAME: Use relaxation techniques    NAME: Smoke    NAME: Pace    
NAME: Pray    NAME: Meditate    NAME: Take medications    NAME: Use other substances (drugs not prescribed)    NAME: Involvement in sexual activities    NAME: Watch TV    NAME: Eat    NAME: Use humor    
NAME: Read    NAME: Write in a journal    NAME: Angry    NAME: Anxious    NAME: Depressed    NAME: Dysthymic    NAME: Euthymic (normal)    NAME: Euphoric    
NAME: Irritable    NAME: Indifference    NAME: Labile    NAME: Rapid mood swings    NAME: Apathetic    NAME: Blunted    NAME: Bright    NAME: Congruent with mood    
NAME: Elated    NAME: Flat    NAME: Incongruent with mood    NAME: Sad    NAME: Aggressive    NAME: Agitated    NAME: Angry outbursts    NAME: Attention seeking/center of attention    
NAME: Calm    NAME: Combative    NAME: Cries easily    NAME: Decreased motivation/energy/initiative    NAME: Docile    NAME: Exaggerates minor symptoms into major problems    NAME: Hostile    NAME: Intimidates others    
NAME: Restless    NAME: Slamming doors    NAME: Staff splitting    NAME: Suspicious    NAME: Use of profanity    NAME: Yelling/shouting    NAME: Behavioral Health Advance Directive copy on chart    NAME: Declined Behavioral Health Advance Directives    
NAME: Requested & given information on Behavioral Health Advance Directive    NAME: Not Applicable    NAME: Amputation    NAME: Contractures/spasms    NAME: Fractures    NAME: Hip/knee/shoulder replacements    NAME: History of falls    NAME: Morbid obesity    
NAME: Paralysis/Paresis    NAME: Postural hypotension    NAME: Respiratory/cardiac compromise    NAME: Severe edema    NAME: Severe osteoporosis    NAME: Severe pain/discomfort    NAME: Splints/traction    NAME: Tubes (IV, Chest etc)    
NAME: Unstable spine    NAME: Urinary/fecal Stoma    NAME: Very fragile skin    NAME: Wounds affecting transfer/positioning    NAME: Standard    NAME: Head support    NAME: Medium (100 to 210 lbs, height 5 ft - 5 ft 11 in)    NAME: Large (210 to 550 lbs, height 6 ft and over)    
NAME: Atrial Fibrillation    NAME: Atrial Flutter    NAME: Junctional Rhythm    NAME: Sinus Arrhythmia    NAME: Genital    NAME: Unable to evaluate    NAME: Pregnant    NAME: Possibly pregnant    
NAME: No possibility of pregnancy    NAME: Lactating    NAME: Sinus Bradycardia    NAME: Sinus Rhythm    NAME: Sinus Rhythm with PACs    NAME: Sinus Rhythm with PJCs    NAME: Sinus Rhythm with PVCs    NAME: Sinus Tachycardia    
NAME: Supraventricular Tachycardia    NAME: SR with 1st degree Heart Block    NAME: 2nd degree Heart Block - Type I    NAME: 2nd degree Heart Block - Type II    NAME: 3rd degree Heart Block    NAME: Torsades de Pointes    NAME: Ventricular Tachycardia    NAME: Ventricular Fibrillation    
NAME: Wide Complex Tachycardia    NAME: Independent    NAME: Partial Assist    NAME: Dependent    NAME: Full    NAME: Partial    NAME: Unpredictable or varies    NAME: Sedation/Lethargy    
NAME: Impeded by current condition    NAME: Grade school    NAME: Junior high school    NAME: High school    NAME: College    NAME: Graduate school    NAME: Lifetime non-tobacco user    NAME: Former tobacco user, but now quit    
NAME: Current tobacco user    NAME: Well nourished    NAME: Obese    NAME: Emaciated    NAME: Colostomy bag    NAME: Gastrostomy tube    NAME: G/J tube    NAME: Ileostomy bag    
NAME: Jejunostomy tube    NAME: Nasogastric tube    NAME: PEG    NAME: Rectal tube    NAME: Salem sump    NAME: Small bore feeding tube    NAME: Good    NAME: Fair    
NAME: Poor    NAME: Increased    NAME: Decreased    NAME: Unable to determine    NAME: Daily    NAME: Several times a week    NAME: Weekly    NAME: Able to screen    
NAME: Unable - Patient on Ventilator    NAME: Unable - Patient unconscious    NAME: Unable - Other    NAME: Amputation(s)    NAME: Arthritis    NAME: Back pain    NAME: Cancer    NAME: Cerebral Palsy    
NAME: Deformity(ies)    NAME: Fibromyalgia    NAME: Hip pain    NAME: Muscle atrophy    NAME: Muscular Dystrophy    NAME: Neck pain    NAME: ROM - No apparent problem    NAME: Limited ROM - Right Upper Extremity    
NAME: Limited ROM - Left Upper Extremity    NAME: Limited ROM - Right Lower Extremity    NAME: Limited ROM - Left Lower Extremity    NAME: None reported    NAME: Patient    NAME: Caregiver    NAME: Acne    NAME: Athlete's foot    
NAME: Burns    NAME: Eczema    NAME: Herpes Simplex    NAME: Herpes Zoster (Shingles)    NAME: Injury/trauma    NAME: Pressure Ulcer    NAME: Psoriasis    NAME: Rosacea    
NAME: Sebaceous cysts    NAME: Bariatric patient    NAME: Device-related pressure    NAME: End of life care    NAME: Hypoalbuminemia    NAME: Medication - Vasopressors    NAME: Refusing to turn/move secondary to pain    NAME: Too unstable for turns    
NAME: Very low BMI (Body Mass Index)    NAME: Lateral malleolus right    NAME: Lateral malleolus left    NAME: Medial malleolus right    NAME: Medial malleolus left    NAME: Occiput    NAME: Sacrum/coccyx    NAME: Scapula Right    
NAME: Scapula Left    NAME: Trochanter right    NAME: Trochanter left    NAME: Heel - Right    NAME: Heel - Left    NAME: Ischial Tuberosity Right    NAME: Ischial Tuberosity Left    NAME: Knee right    
NAME: Knee left    NAME: Suspected Deep Tissue Injury    NAME: Stage I    NAME: Stage II    NAME: Stage III    NAME: Stage IV    NAME: Unstageable    NAME: Deteriorating    
NAME: No change    NAME: Healing    NAME: Healed    NAME: Antecubital Right    NAME: Antecubital Left    NAME: External Jugular Right    NAME: External Jugular Left    NAME: Forearm Right    
NAME: Forearm Left    NAME: Upper Arm Right    NAME: Upper Arm Left    NAME: Wrist Right    NAME: Wrist Left    NAME: Bandaid    NAME: Gauze    NAME: Transparent    
NAME: No evidence of complications    NAME: Drainage    NAME: Redness    NAME: Swelling    NAME: Small    NAME: Moderate    NAME: Large    NAME: Serous    
NAME: Serosanguinous    NAME: Bloody    NAME: 16 G    NAME: 18 G    NAME: 20 G    NAME: 22 G    NAME: Clean, dry, intact    NAME: Midline - Single Lumen    
NAME: Midline - Double Lumen    NAME: PICC - Single Lumen, Tunneled    NAME: PICC - Single Lumen, Non-tunneled    NAME: PICC - Double Lumen, Tunneled    NAME: PICC - Double Lumen, Non-tunneled    NAME: PICC - Triple Lumen, Tunneled    NAME: PICC - Triple Lumen, Non-tunneled    NAME: Pulmonary artery catheter    
NAME: Arterial line    NAME: Tunneled catheter - Single Lumen    NAME: Tunneled catheter - Double Lumen    NAME: Tunneled catheter - Triple Lumen    NAME: Non-tunneled catheter - Single Lumen    NAME: Non-tunneled catheter - Double Lumen    NAME: Non-tunneled catheter - Triple Lumen    NAME: Implanted port - Single Lumen    
NAME: Implanted port - Double Lumen    NAME: Brachial Right    NAME: Brachial Left    NAME: Femoral Right    NAME: Femoral Left    NAME: Internal Jugular Right    NAME: Internal Jugular Left    NAME: Subclavian Right    
NAME: Subclavian Left    NAME: AV Fistula    NAME: AV Graft    NAME: Central Venous Catheter (Dialysis catheter - Double Lumen, Tunneled)    NAME: Central Venous Catheter (Dialysis catheter - Double Lumen, Non-tunneled)    NAME: Central Venous Catheter (Dialysis catheter - Triple Lumen, Tunneled)    NAME: Central Venous Catheter (Dialysis catheter - Triple Lumen, Non-tunneled)    NAME: Groin - Right    
NAME: Groin - Left    NAME: Thigh - Right    NAME: Thigh - Left    NAME: Bruit/thrill present    NAME: Bruit/thrill not present    NAME: No signs/symptoms of complications    NAME: Behavioral Health Advance Directive copy not available    NAME: Diabetic    
NAME: Unable to answer    NAME: Refuses to answer    NAME: Abrasion    NAME: Bruising    NAME: Burn    NAME: Laceration    NAME: Rash    NAME: Surgical Incision    
NAME: Abdomen - Left    NAME: Abdomen - Right    NAME: Ankle - Left    NAME: Ankle - Right    NAME: Arm - Left, upper    NAME: Arm - Right, upper    NAME: Back - Lower    NAME: Back - Mid    
NAME: Back - Upper    NAME: Buttocks - Left    NAME: Buttocks - Right    NAME: Chest - Left    NAME: Chest - Right    NAME: Elbow - Left    NAME: Elbow - Right    NAME: Face - Left    
NAME: Face - Right    NAME: Foot - Left    NAME: Foot - Right    NAME: Full body    NAME: General Joint Pain    NAME: General Muscle Pain    NAME: Genitalia    NAME: Hand Left    
NAME: Hand Right    NAME: Head    NAME: Hip - Left    NAME: Hip - Right    NAME: Knee - Left    NAME: Knee - Right    NAME: Leg - Left upper    NAME: Leg - Right upper    
NAME: Mouth    NAME: Neck - Left    NAME: Neck - Right    NAME: Rectum    NAME: Shoulder - Left    NAME: Shoulder - Right    NAME: Stomach    NAME: Testicle - Left    
NAME: Testicle - Right    NAME: Wrist - Left    NAME: Wrist - Right    NAME: Other body site    NAME: Bleeding-skin    NAME: Bruising-skin    NAME: Bump/lump    NAME: Burning-skin    
NAME: Itching    NAME: Pain-skin    NAME: Skin sores    NAME: Asthma    NAME: COPD    NAME: Pulmonary Emboli    NAME: Pulmonary Fibrosis    NAME: Upper respiratory infections    
NAME: TB    NAME: No new problems    NAME: Bleeding/Bruising    NAME: Calf pain    NAME: Chest pain    NAME: Difficulty breathing    NAME: Drowsiness    NAME: Irregular heart rhythm    
NAME: Jaw pain    NAME: Numbness and/or tingling    NAME: Anemia    NAME: Angina    NAME: Anticoagulant Therapy    NAME: Arrhythmias    NAME: CABG    NAME: CAD    
NAME: CHF    NAME: DVT    NAME: Hypertension    NAME: MI    NAME: Peripheral Vascular Disease    NAME: New cough    NAME: Pain with breathing    NAME: Dizziness    
NAME: Loss of sensation    NAME: Problems with memory    NAME: Problems with speaking    NAME: Problems with understanding    NAME: CVA    NAME: Multiple Sclerosis    NAME: Seizures    NAME: Spinal cord injury    
NAME: Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)    NAME: Abdominal Pain    NAME: Bleeding - Emesis    NAME: Bleeding - Stool    NAME: Constipation    NAME: Incontinence of stool    NAME: Nausea    NAME: Vomiting    
NAME: Anuria    NAME: Dribbling    NAME: Dysuria    NAME: Frequency    NAME: Incontinence    NAME: Intermittent catheterization    NAME: Nocturia    NAME: Oliguria    
NAME: Polyuria    NAME: Retention    NAME: Urgency    NAME: Diabetes    NAME: Dialysis - Peritoneal    NAME: Dialysis - Hemodialysis    NAME: Kidney disease    NAME: Neurogenic bladder    
NAME: Sexually transmitted disease    NAME: TURP    NAME: Urinary tract infections    NAME: Joint stiffness    NAME: Limitations of movement    NAME: Muscle pain    NAME: Amputee    NAME: Neurological disease    
NAME: Paraplegia    NAME: Paralysis    NAME: Quadraplegia    NAME: Alcoholism    NAME: Treatment for MH problems    NAME: Anger    NAME: Phobias    NAME: Homicidal intention    
NAME: Sadness    NAME: Bipolar    NAME: ECT    NAME: Major depression    NAME: PTSD    NAME: Restraint    NAME: Schizophrenia    NAME: Seclusion    
NAME: Suicide attempt    NAME: Airborne    NAME: Contact    NAME: Droplet    NAME: Unknown    NAME: Arm - Right, lower    NAME: Arm - Left, lower    NAME: Ear - Right    
NAME: Ear - Left    NAME: Eye - Right    NAME: Eye - Left    NAME: Leg - Left lower    NAME: Leg - Right lower    NAME: Scrotum    NAME: Education - Encourage early ambulation and exercise after surgical procedures    NAME: Bite    
NAME: Crush Injury    NAME: Hematoma    NAME: Penetrating Wound    NAME: Puncture Wound    NAME: Vascular Lesion    NAME: Ceiling lift    NAME: Ischial Tuberosity right    NAME: Ischial Tuberosity left    
NAME: Diarrhea    NAME: Hemorrhoids    NAME: Hernia    NAME: Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis    NAME: Continuous Bladder Irrigation    NAME: Continent Urinary Diversion (e.g.ileo-conduit)    NAME: External catheter (condom)    NAME: Indwelling urinary catheter    
NAME: Nephrostomy bag    NAME: Suprapubic catheter    NAME: Ureterostomy bag    NAME: Ambulating    NAME: Bathing    NAME: Dressing    NAME: Feeding    NAME: Toileting    
NAME: Transferring    NAME: Discharge to home with support services (special equipment needs) **    NAME: Discharge to home with Multidrug Resistant Organism (MDRO)/Infectious Disease information **    NAME: Refused    NAME: Regular    NAME: Irregular - Agonal    NAME: Irregular - Cheyne-Stokes    NAME: Irregular - Kussmal    
NAME: Irregular - Other    NAME: No difficulty observed    NAME: Dyspnea (shortness of breath)    NAME: Nasal flaring    NAME: Orthopnea    NAME: Pursed Lips    NAME: Use of accessory muscles    NAME: Left upper lobe    
NAME: Right upper lobe    NAME: Left lower lobe    NAME: Right lower lobe    NAME: Right middle lobe    NAME: Brown    NAME: Green    NAME: Pink    NAME: White    
NAME: Yellow    NAME: Frothy    NAME: Mucous Plugs    NAME: Thick    NAME: Thin    NAME: Distended    NAME: Firm    NAME: Guarding    
NAME: Non-tender    NAME: Rigid    NAME: Round    NAME: Soft    NAME: Tender    NAME: Neutropenic    NAME: Person and place    NAME: Situation    
NAME: Time    NAME: Place    NAME: Person    NAME: Delusions    NAME: Hallucinations    NAME: Increased level of violence to others    NAME: Increased level of violence to self    NAME: Bruise    
NAME: Elbow left    NAME: History of depression    NAME: Radial Left    NAME: Radial Right    NAME: Lifetime non-alcohol user    NAME: New Finding    NAME: Improving    

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^NUPA(1927.41 - [#1927.41] .01(XREF 1S), .01(XREF 1K)

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>> DA .01(XREF 1S), .01(XREF 1K)
X .01+1!, .01(XREF 1S), .01(XREF 1K)
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