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Routine: PRCH0A

Package: IFCAP

Routine: PRCH0A



Source Information

Source file <PRCH0A.m>

Call Graph

Call Graph

Call Graph Total: 1

Package Total Call Graph

Caller Graph


Legend of Colors

Package Component Superscript legend

action A extended action Ea event driver Ed subscriber Su protocol O limited protocol LP run routine RR broker B edit E server Se print P screenman SM inquire I

Caller Graph

Caller Graph Total: 16

Package Total Caller Graph
Kernel 1 ^DIC(19  

Entry Points

Name Comments DBIA/ICR reference
V ;;5.1;IFCAP;;Oct 20, 2000
EN ;Count reconciliation record
RECCT(PRCA) ;prca = user ri, ef value: ^1=count reconcile records by user, ^2=earliest statement date, ^3=latest statement date (fm date)
APPCT(PRCA) ;prca = user ri, count ready approved order by user
DD(PRCA,PRCB) ;ef value = ~1 dd1 segment, ~2 dd2 segment of ET
DDA4406(PRCA) ;ev-value dda-segment (see et-dda doc)
  • ICR #7235
    • Status: Active
    • Usage: Private
    DDA442(PRCA) ;ev-value dda-segment (see et-dda doc)
  • ICR #7235
    • Status: Active
    • Usage: Private
    PIECE(A,B,C) ;set piece in variable PRCDDA, A-VALUE, B-PPECE #, C-LENGTH
    EM(PRCA) ;ef valaue = E if original, M if modification; PRCA is cc-doc id
    FP(PRCA) ;ef value ^1 = if final pay, 0 if not, ^2=total payment, ^3=old p.o. status code
    LUHN(A,B) ;ef value ^1=1 if check digit is true, 0 if false, ^2=check digit
    CCN(A) ;ef = "*" if invalid charge card number
    CCNR(A) ;ef = "*" if replaced charge card number is on in file
    ST(A) ;ef = "*" if STATION # not in file, = "" if defined
    STR(A,B) ;ef value = "#" if replaced card station # not equal B, else = nil
    FC(A) ;ef = "*" if FUND CODE not in file, ="" if defined
    FCR(A,B) ;ef= "#" if replaced card fund code is different B, else =nil
    ACC(A) ;ef = "*" if acc not in file, = "" if defined
    ACCR(A,B) ;ef= "#" if replaced card ACCcode is different B, else =nil
    CC(A) ;ef = "*" if cost center not in file, ="" if defined
    CCR(A,B) ;ef value="#" if replaced card cc not equal B, else= nil
    BOC(A,B) ;ef = "*" if boc not in file, ="" if defined
    BOCR(A,B) ;ef value = "#" if replaced card boc not equal B, else = nil
    UFCP(A,B,C) ;ef value = "#" if user code is not in fcp, else = nil
    FFVV(A,B,X) ;ef= ^1=1 if valid, else =0, ^2=internal value if valid

    External References

    Name Field # of Occurrence
    $$ACC^PRC0C DDA442+5
    $$DATE^PRC0C DDA4406+5, DDA4406+7, DDA4406+8, DDA442+4
    $$FUND^PRC0C DDA4406+5, DDA442+6
    DOCREQ^PRC0C DDA4406+6, DDA442+7

    Interaction Calls

    Name Line Occurrences
    Function Call: WRITE
    • Prompt: !,"You have ",+A," charge(s) to be reconciled for statement ("_$P(A,"^",2)_" - "_$P(A,"^",3)_")."
    • Line Location: EN+3

    Global Variables Directly Accessed

    Name Line Occurrences  (* Changed,  ! Killed)
    ^DD( FFVV+1
    ^PRC(411 - [#411] DD+7, DD+11
    ^PRC(420 - [#420] ST+2, FCR+7, ACCR+7, UFCP+1
    ^PRC(440.5 - [#440.5] EN+4, APPCT+2, CCNR+1, STR+3, STR+4, FCR+3, FCR+4, FCR+6, ACCR+3, ACCR+4
    , ACCR+6, CCR+3, CCR+4, BOCR+3, BOCR+4
    ^PRC(442 - [#442] APPCT+2, DDA442+4, DDA442+14
    ^PRCD(420.1 - [#420.1] CC+2, BOC+4
    ^PRCD(420.131 - [#420.131] ACC+2, ACCR+8
    ^PRCD(420.2 - [#420.2] BOC+2
    ^PRCD(420.3 - [#420.3] FC+2
    ^PRCH(440.6 - [#440.6] RECCT+2, DD+4, DDA4406+4, FP+3
    ^VA(200 - [#200] EN+4

    Label References

    Name Line Occurrences
    $$APPCT EN+4
    $$EM DD+10
    $$LUHN CCN+1
    $$RECCT EN+3
    PIECE DDA4406+7, DDA4406+8, DDA4406+9, DDA4406+10, DDA4406+11, DDA4406+12, DDA442+8, DDA442+9, DDA442+10, DDA442+12
    , DDA442+13, DDA442+14, DDA442+15, DDA442+16

    Naked Globals

    Name Field # of Occurrence
    ^(0 DD+4, FP+3
    ^(1 DDA442+4, FP+3
    ^(23 DDA442+4
    ^(5 DD+4
    ^(6 FP+3
    ^(60 DD+7*

    Local Variables


    >> Not killed explicitly
    * Changed
    ! Killed
    ~ Newed

    Name Field # of Occurrence
    A EN+2~, EN+3*, EN+4*, RECCT+1~, RECCT+2*, RECCT+3, APPCT+1~, APPCT+2*, APPCT+3, DD+2~
    , DD+6*, DD+8, DD+9*, DD+11*, DD+12, DDA4406+2~, DDA4406+4*, DDA4406+5, DDA4406+7, DDA4406+8
    , DDA4406+9, DDA4406+12, DDA442+2~, DDA442+6*, DDA442+7, DDA442+14*, PIECE~, PIECE+1, FP+1~, FP+2*
    , FP+3*, FP+4, LUHN~, LUHN+3, LUHN+5, CCN~, CCN+1, CCNR~, CCNR+1, ST~
    , ST+1, ST+2, STR~, STR+2, STR+3, FC~, FC+1, FC+2, FCR~, FCR+2
    , FCR+3, ACC~, ACC+1, ACC+2, ACCR~, ACCR+2, ACCR+3, CC~, CC+1, CC+2
    , CCR~, CCR+2, CCR+3, BOC~, BOC+1, BOC+2, BOC+4, BOCR~, BOCR+2, BOCR+3
    , UFCP~, UFCP+1, FFVV~, FFVV+1
    B EN+2~, RECCT+1~, RECCT+2*, APPCT+1~, APPCT+2*, DD+2~, DD+7*, DD+8, DDA4406+2~, DDA4406+4*
    , DDA4406+5, DDA4406+9, DDA4406+10, DDA4406+11, DDA442+2~, DDA442+4*, DDA442+5, DDA442+14*, PIECE~, PIECE+1
    , FP+1~, FP+2*, FP+3*, LUHN~, LUHN+2*, LUHN+3, LUHN+5, STR~, STR+5, FCR~
    , FCR+5, FCR+8, ACCR~, ACCR+5, ACCR+8, CCR~, CCR+5, BOC~, BOC+2, BOC+3
    , BOC+4, BOCR~, BOCR+5, UFCP~, UFCP+1, FFVV~, FFVV+1
    C EN+2~, RECCT+1~, RECCT+2*, RECCT+3, APPCT+1~, APPCT+2*, DD+2~, DDA4406+2~, DDA4406+5*, DDA4406+6
    , DDA4406+12*, DDA442+2~, DDA442+4*, DDA442+5, DDA442+16*, PIECE~, PIECE+1, FP+1~, FP+2*, FP+3*
    , FP+4, LUHN+1~, LUHN+3*, STR+1~, STR+3*, STR+4*, STR+5, FCR+1~, FCR+3*, FCR+4
    , FCR+6*, FCR+7, ACCR+1~, ACCR+3*, ACCR+4, ACCR+6*, ACCR+7, CCR+1~, CCR+3*, CCR+4*
    , CCR+5, BOCR+1~, BOCR+3*, BOCR+4*, BOCR+5, UFCP~, UFCP+1
    D EN+2~, RECCT+1~, RECCT+2*, RECCT+3, FP+1~, FP+2*, FP+3*, FP+4, LUHN+1~, LUHN+3*
    , FCR+1~, FCR+4*, FCR+5, FCR+7*, FCR+8, ACCR+1~, ACCR+4*, ACCR+5, ACCR+7*, ACCR+8
    DUZ EN+3, EN+4, APPCT+2
    E FP+1~, FP+2*, FP+3*, FP+4, LUHN+1~, LUHN+3*, LUHN+4*, LUHN+5, FCR+1~, FCR+6*
    , FCR+7, ACCR+1~, ACCR+6*, ACCR+7
    F LUHN+1~, LUHN+3*
    PRCA EN+1~, EN+4*, RECCT~, RECCT+2, APPCT~, APPCT+2, DD~, DD+4, DD+9, DDA4406~
    , DDA4406+3, DDA442~, DDA442+3, EM~, FP~, FP+3
    PRCACC DDA442+1~, DDA442+5*, DDA442+6, DDA442+8, DDA442+9, DDA442+10, DDA442+13, DDA442+15
    PRCB EN+1~, DD~, DD+3, DDA4406+1~, DDA442+1~, DDA442+4*, DDA442+5, DDA442+10, DDA442+12, DDA442+16
    PRCC DD+1~, DD+4*, DD+5, DD+10, DDA4406+1~, DDA442+1~, DDA442+4*
    PRCD DD+1~, DD+4*, DD+5
    PRCDD1 DD+1~, DD+5*, DD+6*, DD+8*, DD+13, DD+14
    PRCDD2 DD+1~, DD+9*, DD+10*, DD+12*, DD+13*, DD+14
    PRCDDA DDA4406+1~, DDA4406+3*, DDA4406+11, DDA4406+13, DDA442+1~, DDA442+3*, DDA442+13, DDA442+17, PIECE+1*
    PRCREQ DDA4406+1~, DDA442+1~
    PRCREQ("CC" DDA4406+10, DDA442+12
    PRCRI DD+1~, DDA4406+1~, DDA442+1~
    PRCRI( DD+4*, DDA4406+3*, DDA4406+4
    PRCRI(411 DD+4*, DD+7, DD+11
    PRCRI(442 DD+3*, DDA442+3*, DDA442+4, DDA442+14
    U EN+4
    X EN+2~, FFVV~, FFVV+2
    Y EN+2~
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