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Routine: SROGMTS

Package: Surgery

Routine: SROGMTS



Source Information

Source file <SROGMTS.m>

Call Graph

Call Graph

Call Graph Total: 7

Package Total Call Graph
VA FileMan 3 $$GET1^DIQ  EN^DIQ1  ^DIWP  
Kernel 1 ($$FMTE,$$HTFM)^XLFDT  
Surgery 1 ($$ED,$$EDT,$$EN2,DICT)^SROGMTS0  

Caller Graph


Legend of Colors

Package Component Superscript legend

action A extended action Ea event driver Ed subscriber Su protocol O limited protocol LP run routine RR broker B edit E server Se print P screenman SM inquire I

Caller Graph

Caller Graph Total: 2

Package Total Caller Graph
Health Summary 2 GMTSRO  GMTSRON  

Entry Points

Name Comments DBIA/ICR reference
HS(X) ; return case information for a surical or non-OR case
; X - case number (IEN) in file 130
  • ICR #3590
    • Status: Active
    • Usage: Private
    ED(X) ; external date
    EDT(X) ; external date and time
    WP(X,Y,Z) ;
    OS(X) ; Obtains status for OR procedures
    SUB ;
    SG(X) ; Surgical (Operative) Record
    CPT(SRM,SRDOO,SRFIL,SRFLD) ;Set CPT code into REC array
    MOD(SRM,SRFIL,SUB) ;Set CPT Modifier into REC array
    SPD ;Obtain Surgery Procedure/Diagnosis Code File entry

    External References

    Name Field # of Occurrence
    $$GET1^DIQ SG+1
    EN^DIQ1 HS+11, SUB+10, SUB+19, SUB+29, SUB+39, SUB+58, SPD+3, SPD+10, SPD+15
    ^DIWP WP+9
    $$CPT^ICPTCOD SUB+40, SUB+42, CPT+1
    $$ED^SROGMTS0 HS+22
    $$EDT^SROGMTS0 HS+23, HS+24
    $$EN2^SROGMTS0 HS+14, HS+15, HS+16, HS+17, HS+18, SUB+11, SUB+20, SUB+42, SUB+45, SUB+46
    SUB+67, CPT+1, CPT+3, MOD+6
    $$FMTE^XLFDT ED+2, EDT+2

    FileMan Files Accessed Via FileMan Db Call

    FileNo Call Tags
    ^SRF - [#130] GET1^DIQ

    Global Variables Directly Accessed

    Name Line Occurrences  (* Changed,  ! Killed)
    ^SRF - [#130] HS+5, HS+12, SUB+8, SUB+17, SUB+27, SUB+37, SUB+40, SUB+42, SUB+56, SUB+61
    , MOD+1, SPD+6
    ^SRO( SPD+8, SPD+13
    ^UTILITY($J WP+6!, WP+10, WP+11, WP+13!

    Label References

    Name Line Occurrences
    $$OS HS+11
    $$SG HS+8
    CPT HS+12, SPD+6
    MOD SUB+30, SPD+11
    SPD HS+13
    SUB HS+13
    WP HS+26

    Local Variables


    >> Not killed explicitly
    * Changed
    ! Killed
    ~ Newed

    Name Field # of Occurrence
    DA HS+2~, HS+7*, SUB+1~, SUB+7*, SUB+16*, SUB+26*, SUB+36*, SUB+57~*, SPD+1*, SPD+12~*
    DA( SUB+9*, SUB+18*, SUB+28*, SUB+38*, SUB+57*, SPD+9*, SPD+14*
    DIC HS+2~, HS+7*, SUB+1~, SUB+7*, SUB+16*, SUB+26*, SUB+36*, SUB+57~*, SPD+1*
    DIQ HS+2~, HS+7*, SUB+1~, SUB+7*, SUB+16*, SUB+26*, SUB+36*, SUB+57~*, SPD+1*, SPD+7*
    DIQ(0 HS+7*, SUB+7*, SUB+16*, SUB+26*, SUB+36*, SUB+57*, SPD+1*
    DIWF WP+1~, WP+6*
    DIWL WP+1~, WP+6*
    DIWR WP+1~, WP+6*
    DR HS+2~, HS+9*, HS+10*, SUB+1~, SUB+7*, SUB+16*, SUB+26*, SUB+36*, SUB+57~*, SPD+2*
    SPD+7*, SPD+8, SPD+12*, SPD+13
    DR( SUB+7*, SUB+16*, SUB+26*, SUB+36*, SUB+57*, SPD+7*, SPD+12*
    DT HS+6*
    DTIME HS+6*
    FILE HS+2~, HS+7*, SUB+1~, SUB+7*, SUB+16*, SUB+26*, SUB+30, SUB+36*, SUB+57~*, SPD+1*
    SPD+4, SPD+5, SPD+6, SPD+8, SPD+11, SPD+13, SPD+16, SPD+17
    FLD HS+2~, SUB+1~
    FLDA HS+3~, SUB+1~
    FLDB HS+3~, SUB+1~
    FLDI HS+2~, SUB+1~
    FLDR HS+3~, SUB+1~
    FLDRT HS+3~, SUB+1~
    FLDS HS+2~, SUB+1~
    IEN HS+2~, HS+3~, HS+5*, HS+8, HS+11, HS+12, HS+14, HS+15, HS+16, HS+17
    , HS+18, HS+19, HS+20, HS+21, HS+22, HS+23, HS+24, HS+25, HS+26, SUB+7
    SUB+8, SUB+11, SUB+16, SUB+17, SUB+20, SUB+26, SUB+27, SUB+30, SUB+36, SUB+37
    SUB+39, SUB+40, SUB+41, SUB+42, SUB+43, SUB+45, SUB+48, SUB+49, SUB+50, SUB+56
    SUB+57, SUB+59, SUB+61, SUB+64, SUB+65, SUB+66, SUB+68, SUB+69, CPT+2, CPT+3
    , CPT+6, CPT+7, CPT+8, CPT+9, MOD+1, MOD+4, MOD+5, MOD+8, SPD+1, SPD+4
    SPD+5, SPD+6, SPD+7, SPD+8, SPD+11, SPD+12, SPD+13, SPD+16, SPD+17
    IENS HS+2~, HS+5*, SUB+1~
    REC HS+2!
    REC( SUB+8!, SUB+17!, SUB+27!, SUB+37!, CPT+2*, CPT+6*, CPT+8*, CPT+9*, MOD+4*, MOD+5*
    , MOD+8*, SPD+4, SPD+5, SPD+8!, SPD+11, SPD+13!, SPD+16, SPD+17
    REC(130 HS+8*, HS+11*, HS+12, HS+14*, HS+15*, HS+16*, HS+17*, HS+18*, HS+19, HS+20*
    , HS+21*, HS+22*, HS+23*, HS+24*, HS+25*, HS+26, WP+2, WP+3, WP+5, WP+7
    , WP+8, WP+11*, WP+12*, OS+1, OS+2, OS+3, OS+5, OS+6, OS+7, OS+8
    , OS+9, OS+10, SUB+11*, SUB+20*, SUB+30, SUB+39, SUB+40*, SUB+41, SUB+43*, SUB+45
    SUB+48*, SUB+49*, SUB+50*, SUB+59, SUB+64*, SUB+65*, SUB+66*, SUB+68*, SUB+69!, CPT+3
    , CPT+7*, SPD+16*, SPD+17!*
    SCOD SUB+1~
    SNAM SUB+1~
    SRC HS+3~, SUB+1~, SUB+41~, SUB+42*, SUB+43, SUB+44*, SUB+47, SUB+62*, SUB+64, SUB+66
    SUB+67, CPT+1*, CPT+2, CPT+3*, CPT+5, MOD+2*, MOD+4, MOD+7
    SRCPTM HS+2~, HS+4*, SUB+25, SUB+55
    SRCS HS+3~, SUB+42*, SUB+47*, SUB+50, CPT+1*, CPT+5*, CPT+9
    SRF WP+1~, WP+3*, WP+5, WP+7, WP+8, WP+11, WP+12
    SRFIL CPT~, CPT+2, CPT+6, CPT+7, CPT+8, CPT+9, MOD~, MOD+4, MOD+5, MOD+8
    SRFLD CPT~, CPT+2, CPT+6, CPT+8, CPT+9
    SRGI WP+1~, WP+6*, WP+7*, WP+8, WP+10*, WP+11
    SRI HS+3~, WP+1~, WP+2*, WP+3, WP+5, WP+7, WP+8, WP+11, WP+12, SUB+1~
    SUB+8*, SUB+9, SUB+11, SUB+17*, SUB+18, SUB+20, SUB+27*, SUB+28, SUB+30, SUB+37*
    SUB+38, SUB+39, SUB+40, SUB+41, SUB+43, SUB+45, SUB+48, SUB+49, SUB+50, SUB+56
    SUB+57, SUB+59, SUB+64, SUB+65, SUB+66, SUB+68, SUB+69, MOD+4, MOD+5, MOD+8
    SPD+8*, SPD+9, SPD+11, SPD+13*, SPD+14
    SRJ SUB+1~, SUB+56~*, SUB+57, SUB+59, SUB+64, SUB+65, SUB+66, SUB+68
    SRM HS+12*, SUB+1~, SUB+30*, SUB+39*, SUB+40, SUB+41*, SUB+42, SUB+59*, SUB+60, SUB+61
    , CPT~, CPT+1, MOD~, MOD+1, SPD+5*, SPD+6, SPD+11*
    >> SRMOD MOD+1*, MOD+2, MOD+3
    SRMOD1 SUB+60~, SUB+61*, SUB+62, SUB+63
    SRN OS+1~*, OS+2, OS+3, OS+5, OS+6, OS+7, OS+8, OS+9, OS+10
    SRRT HS+3~
    SRS HS+3~, SUB+41~, SUB+42*, SUB+46, SUB+48, SUB+63*, SUB+65, SUB+66, SUB+67, CPT+1*
    , CPT+4, CPT+6, MOD+3*, MOD+5, MOD+6
    SRSG HS+2~, HS+8*, HS+9, HS+10, HS+11, HS+25, HS+26, SUB+2
    SRT HS+3~, SUB+41~, SUB+45*, SUB+46*, SUB+47*, SUB+49, SUB+67*, SUB+68, CPT+3*, CPT+4*
    , CPT+5*, CPT+7, CPT+8, MOD+6*, MOD+7*, MOD+8
    SRW WP+1~, WP+4*, WP+6
    STXT SUB+1~
    SUB SUB+1~, SUB+7*, SUB+8, SUB+9, SUB+16*, SUB+17, SUB+18, SUB+26*, SUB+27, SUB+28
    SUB+30, SUB+36*, SUB+37, SUB+38, SUB+57~*, SUB+64, SUB+65, SUB+66, SUB+68, MOD~
    , MOD+4, MOD+5, MOD+8, SPD+7*, SPD+8, SPD+9, SPD+11, SPD+12*, SPD+13, SPD+14
    U HS+5*
    X HS~, HS+5*, HS+7, ED~, ED+1*, ED+2*, ED+3, EDT~, EDT+1*, EDT+2*
    , EDT+3, WP~, WP+2, WP+8*, OS~, OS+1*, OS+2*, OS+3*, OS+4*, OS+5
    , OS+6*, OS+7*, OS+8*, OS+9*, OS+10*, OS+11*, OS+12, SG~, SG+1*
    Y WP~, WP+3
    Z WP~, WP+4
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