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Sub-Field: 6914.05

Package: Engineering

EQUIPMENT INV.(#6914)-->6914.05

Sub-Field: 6914.05


Parent File Name Number Package
EQUIPMENT INV.(#6914) ORIGINAL BAR CODE ID 6914.05 Engineering


Field # Name Loc Type Details

  • INPUT TRANSFORM:  K:$L(X)>15!($L(X)<3) X
  • LAST EDITED:  JAN 10, 2001
  • HELP-PROMPT:  Answer must be 3-15 characters in length.
  • DESCRIPTION:  The original bar code identifier. This field is normally populated only in cases where a site undergoes consolidation with another facility. In such a case, the routines used to merge the site's equipment records with
    those of the primary site will record an image of the original bar code label so that the Engineering Package will still be able to recognize it. This will enable sites affected by merger to continue to use their bar
    coded inventory and preventive maintenance functions without replacing existing bar coded equipment labels.
    The format of this field is of the form 'SSS EENNNN', where SSS is the station number and NNNN is the Equipment ID# (also the internal entry number) prior to consolidation. ' EE' is a literal character string used in bar
    coding all equipment labels.
  • CROSS-REFERENCE:  6914.05^B
    1)= S ^ENG(6914,DA(1),12,"B",$E(X,1,30),DA)=""
    2)= K ^ENG(6914,DA(1),12,"B",$E(X,1,30),DA)
    1)= S ^ENG(6914,"OEE",$E(X,1,30),DA(1),DA)=""
    2)= K ^ENG(6914,"OEE",$E(X,1,30),DA(1),DA)
    Used for quick lookup by original bar code label at sites that have experienced a change in station number.
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