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Package: My HealtheVet

Package: My HealtheVet


Namespace: MHV, EVET 


VA documentation in the VistA Documentation Library

Dependency Graph

Call Graph

Package Dependency List, Total: 19

Format:   package[# of caller routines(R) -> # of called routines(R): # of global-accessing routines(R) -> # of called globals(G): # of caller fileman files(F) -> # of called fileman files(F): # of caller routines(R) -> # of fileman files accessed via db call(F): # of package components accessing routines(PC) -> # of called routines(R): # of caller globals(G) -> # of called routines (R): # of caller globals(G) -> # of called globals (G):

Kernel [32(R)->(R)8:4(R)->(G)2:6(R)->(F)4]   VA FileMan [19(R)->(R)7]   Scheduling [3(R)->(R)4:4(R)->(G)4:6(R)->(F)3]   Temporary Globals [12(R)->(G)14]   Registration [3(R)->(R)2:1(R)->(G)2:3(R)->(F)2]   Health Level Seven [6(R)->(R)5:1(R)->(F)1]   
Event Capture [2(R)->(R)4:2(R)->(G)4:2(R)->(F)1]   Master Patient Index VistA [3(R)->(R)1]   Outpatient Pharmacy [3(R)->(R)5]   MailMan [1(R)->(R)1:1(R)->(F)1]   Order Entry Results Reporting [2(R)->(R)1]   Uncategorized [2(R)->(G)2]   
Text Integration Utility [1(R)->(G)1:1(R)->(F)1]   Problem List [1(R)->(R)1]   DRG Grouper [1(R)->(R)1]   CPT HCPCS Codes [1(R)->(R)1]   PCE Patient Care Encounter [1(R)->(R)1]   National Drug File [1(R)->(R)1]   
Pharmacy Data Management [1(R)->(R)1]   

FileMan Files, Total: 2

MHV REQUEST TYPE(#2275.3)    MHV RESPONSE MAP(#2275.4)    

Routines, Total: 58

MHV1P0    MHV1P1    MHV1P10    MHV1P11    MHV1P2    MHV1P22    MHV1P40    MHV1P5    
MHV1P6    MHV1P6B    MHV7B0    MHV7B1    MHV7B10    MHV7B1B    MHV7B1C    MHV7B1K    
MHV7B1L    MHV7B1M    MHV7B1N    MHV7B1O    MHV7B1P    MHV7B1R    MHV7B2    MHV7B8    
MHV7B9    MHV7B9A    MHV7BU    MHV7BUS    MHV7R1    MHV7R2    MHV7R4    MHV7R5    
MHV7R6    MHV7R7    MHV7RU    MHV7RUS    MHV7T    MHV7TB    MHV7U    MHVECFLR    
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