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HEADER Secure MenuMan Delegation
   This Menu Management system allows the Site Manager to delegate the
all the chemistry menus to the head of the Chemistry Section, and so 
on, creating another [level] of delegation.
   The Site Manager may also [replicate] an existing set of previously
delegated options to duplicate the delegation to another user or replace
a delegate who has left or changed jobs.
    Certain menus are judged to be too sensitive to be delegated.
They are marked as '[non-delegable]' in the Option File and must be
allocated by the Site Manager using other methods.
     There are 2 main menus in the XQSMD system.  The Manager's menu
contains options to create new [delegates], modify their Delegated
management of certain menu [options] to another user.  This user may then
Options File, and assign [keys].  The User's menu contains options to
allow a delegate to assign those options to other users as primary or
secondary menu options.
assign these as primary or secondary options (along with their keys) to
users who fall under his or her administrative jurisdiction.
   For example, the Site Manager might delegate the management of the
laboratory options to the Lab Application Coordinator (LAC), and the
LAC could then allocate or remove options from everybody in lab.  The
system is set up in such a way that the LAC could also delegate, with
the Site Manager's permission and manager's menu, the management of
DATE ENTERED 1989-04-12 00:00:00