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Routine: IBCNHUT1

Package: Integrated Billing

Routine: IBCNHUT1



Source Information

Source file <IBCNHUT1.m>

Call Graph

Call Graph

Call Graph Total: 6

Package Total Call Graph
VA FileMan 3 ^DIC  ^DIE  ^DIK  
Integrated Billing 1 $$FM36^IBCNHUT2  
Kernel 1 ($$FMADD,$$NOW)^XLFDT  
Registration 1 $$SITE^VASITE  

Caller Graph


Legend of Colors

Package Component Superscript legend

action A extended action Ea event driver Ed subscriber Su protocol O limited protocol LP run routine RR broker B edit E server Se print P screenman SM inquire I

Caller Graph

Caller Graph Total: 16

Package Total Caller Graph
E Claims Management Engine 1 BPSRPT9A  

Entry Points

Name Comments DBIA/ICR reference
HOD(ID,INS,IBHD) ; function to determine if the data is an HPID, an OEID, or an invalid ID
; HPID/OEID is a 10 character string with the 1st digit being 7 for HPID & 6 for OEID
; and the 10th digit being a LUHN Check digit. If the optional INS value is passed, an
; additional validation check will be done, comparing the ID to what is currently on file
; for that insurance company ien.
  • ICR #6061
    • Status: Active
    • Usage: Private
    HPD(INS,V) ; this function returns the HPID/OEID for an insurance company
    ; The user must pass INS = Insurance Company ien in file 36
    ; V = 1 means run validation checks (not required). Will append an '*' to the HPID if it does NOT pass validation checks
  • ICR #6061
    • Status: Active
    • Usage: Private
    INS(ID,TYP,IBID) ; this function finds the ien of the insurance company entry in file 36 using the NIF ID or the HPID/OEID
    ; TYPE=N for NIF or H for HPID/OEID
    ; returns data array: IBID(0)=number of entries with this ID, IBID(n)=IEN^ID^Insurance Company name
    ; 11/7/14 - cross-reference format changed with HPID Build 2, now AHOD & ANIF
    NIF(INS) ; this function finds the NIF ID for an insurance company using the ien
    ; INS=Insurance Company ien in file 36
    SHP(INS) ; this function determines if the entry is a CHP or SHP
    ; INS = insurance company ien in file 36. Returns C for CHP (Controlling Health Plan) and S for SHP (Sub-Health Plan)
    PHP(INS) ; this function returns the parent HPID insurance company if applicable
    VID(INS) ; this function gets the VA National ID for the insurance company/payer
    UID(INS) ; this function creates the Vista Unique Site ID to send to the NIF
    ; returns station#_"."_insurance company ien
    TRG1(IEN,ST) ; this function sets the trigger for the DATE OF FUTURE PURGE (.1) field in file #367.1
    UNSOL(HLID,RTY,ID,DATA) ; this code handles unsolicited responses which only have the NIF ID, no insurance ien
    ; If there are multiple entries in file 36 with the same NIF ID, this code will update all of them.
    STAT(IEN,STAT) ; updates field .05 in file 367 (PROCESSING STATUS)
    CKDGT(ID) ; Function to calculate and return the check digit of an HPID
    ; The check digit is calculated using the Luhn Formula for
    ; Modulus 10 "double-add-double" Check Digit. A value of 24 is
    ; added to the total to account for the implied USA (80840) prefix.
    EXR(INS) ; Purge EXR records if the EDI numbers get updated.
    ; if the insurance company has an EXR response (Exception Report Reject), and the EDI#'s
    ; get updated, purge the EXR response.

    External References

    Name Field # of Occurrence
    ^DIC UNSOL+6
    ^DIE UNSOL+7, STAT+2
    ^DIK EXR+8, EXR+9
    $$FM36^IBCNHUT2 UNSOL+12
    $$FMADD^XLFDT TRG1+11, TRG1+19
    $$NOW^XLFDT TRG1+11, TRG1+19

    Interaction Calls

    Name Line Occurrences
    Function Call: WRITE
    • Prompt: $$HOD^IBCNHUT1(X,INS)
    • Line Location: HOD+7
    Routine Call
    • DIC
    • Line Location:
      • UNSOL+6
    Routine Call
    • DIE
    • Line Location:
      • UNSOL+7
      • STAT+2

    FileMan Files Accessed Via FileMan Db Call

    FileNo Call Tags
    ^IBCNH(367 - [#367] Classic Fileman Calls
    ^IBCNH(367.1 - [#367.1] Classic Fileman Calls

    Global Variables Directly Accessed

    Name Line Occurrences  (* Changed,  ! Killed)
    ^DIC(36 - [#36] HPD+6, INS+9, INS+10, INS+12, INS+13, NIF+4, SHP+4, PHP+3, VID+7
    ^IBCNH(367 - [#367] TRG1+11, TRG1+17, TRG1+18, EXR+7
    ^IBCNH(367.1 - [#367.1] EXR+5, EXR+6
    ^IBE(365.12 - [#365.12] VID+8
    ^IBE(365.13 - [#365.13] VID+5

    Label References

    Name Line Occurrences
    $$CKDGT HOD+15
    $$HOD HPD+7
    $$HPD HOD+17
    $$INS UNSOL+9
    $$STAT UNSOL+14

    Local Variables


    >> Not killed explicitly
    * Changed
    ! Killed
    ~ Newed

    Name Field # of Occurrence
    ARRAY(0 UNSOL+11
    C INS+5~, INS+9*, INS+10*, INS+12*, INS+13*, UNSOL+3~, UNSOL+11*, UNSOL+12
    DA UNSOL+3~, UNSOL+7*, STAT+1~, STAT+2*, STAT+3!, EXR+4~, EXR+8*, EXR+9*, EXR+10!
    DIC UNSOL+3~, UNSOL+6*, UNSOL+7!, STAT+1~, STAT+3!
    DIC(0 UNSOL+6*
    DIE UNSOL+3~, UNSOL+7*, STAT+2*
    DIK EXR+4~, EXR+8*, EXR+9*, EXR+10!
    DR UNSOL+3~, UNSOL+7*, STAT+1~, STAT+2*, STAT+3!
    I UNSOL+3~, UNSOL+12*
    IBAPP VID+2~, VID+5*, VID+8
    IBHD HOD~, HOD+17*, HOD+18
    IBHPD HPD+4~, HPD+6*, HPD+7
    IBI CKDGT+5~, CKDGT+7*
    IBID INS~, INS+6*, INS+7, INS+14
    IBID( INS+10*, INS+13*
    IBID(0 INS+6*, INS+10*, INS+13*
    IBPY0 VID+2~, VID+8*
    IBPYR VID+2~, VID+7*, VID+8
    ID HOD~, HOD+13, HOD+15, HOD+18, HOD+19, HOD+20, INS~, INS+7, INS+9, INS+10
    , INS+12, INS+13, TRG1+6~, TRG1+18*, UNSOL~, UNSOL+9, UNSOL+12, CKDGT~, CKDGT+7
    IEN INS+5~, INS+9*, INS+10, INS+12*, INS+13, TRG1~, TRG1+11, TRG1+17, TRG1+18, UNSOL+6*
    , UNSOL+7, UNSOL+11, UNSOL+14, STAT~, STAT+2, STAT+4
    INS HOD~, HOD+17, HPD~, HPD+5, HPD+6, HPD+7, NIF~, NIF+3, NIF+4, SHP~
    , SHP+3, SHP+4, PHP~, PHP+2, PHP+3, VID~, VID+7, UID~, UID+2, UID+3
    , UNSOL+3~, UNSOL+12*, EXR~, EXR+3, EXR+5
    PS UNSOL+3~, UNSOL+11*, UNSOL+12*, UNSOL+14
    RSIEN EXR+4~, EXR+6*, EXR+7, EXR+9, EXR+10!
    RSP TRG1+6~
    ST TRG1~, TRG1+9
    TQIEN EXR+4~, EXR+5*, EXR+6, EXR+8, EXR+10!
    TYP INS~, INS+8, INS+11
    U HPD+6, HPD+7, INS+10, INS+13, NIF+4, SHP+4, PHP+3, VID+7, VID+8, UID+3
    , TRG1+11, TRG1+18, UNSOL+9, UNSOL+12, UNSOL+14, EXR+6, EXR+7
    V HPD~, HPD+7
    X UNSOL+3~, UNSOL+6*, UNSOL+9*
    Y UNSOL+3~, UNSOL+6
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