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Package: Outpatient Pharmacy



PSOORDER ;BHAM ISC/SAB- utility routine to return Rx data ; 04/09/96 10:30 am

Source Information

Source file <PSOORDER.m>

Call Graph

Call Graph

Call Graph Total: 3

Package Total Call Graph
Outpatient Pharmacy 2 SIGONE^PSOHELP  EN^PSOHLUP  
National Drug File 1 (,$$PROD2)^PSNAPIS  

Caller Graph


Legend of Colors

Package Component Superscript legend

action A extended action Ea event driver Ed subscriber Su protocol O limited protocol LP run routine RR broker B edit E server Se print P screenman SM inquire I

Caller Graph

Caller Graph Total: 13

Package Total Caller Graph
Integrated Billing 2 IBATEP  IBJTEP1  
Virtual Patient Record 2 VPRDJ05  VPRDPSO  
Accounts Receivable 1 RCDPEWLP  
Clinical Case Registries 1 RORHL031  
Clinical Information Resource Network 1 RGVCCMR2  
Dietetics 1 FHASM4  
Enterprise Health Management Platform 1 HMPDJ05  
National Health Information Network 1 NHINVPSO  
Order Entry Results Reporting 1 ORAREN  
Pharmacy Benefits Management 1 PSUOP2  
Pharmacy Data Management 1 PSSRXACT  

Entry Points

Name Comments DBIA/ICR reference
  • ICR #1878
    • Status: Active
    • Usage: Supported
    ODT ;canceled or expiration date

    External References

    Name Field # of Occurrence
    ^PSNAPIS EN+50

    Global Variables Directly Accessed

    Name Line Occurrences  (* Changed,  ! Killed)
    ^DPT - [#2] EN+46
    ^PS(50.606 - [#50.606] EN+53
    ^PS(50.607 - [#50.607] EN+23
    ^PS(50.7 - [#50.7] EN+53
    ^PS(51.2 - [#51.2] EN+24
    ^PS(52.4 - [#52.4] EN+37
    ^PS(52.5 - [#52.5] EN+37, EN+61, EN+62, EN+63
    ^PS(53 - [#53] EN+35
    ^PS(55 - [#55] EN+6
    ^PSDRUG - [#50] EN+29, EN+49, EN+50, EN+51, EN+52
    ^PSNDF( EN+52
    ^PSRX - [#52] EN+3, EN+4, EN+5, EN+7, EN+8, EN+9, EN+14, EN+15, EN+22, EN+26
    , EN+28, EN+41, EN+46, EN+47, EN+55, EN+56, EN+60, EN+65, EN+67, EN+69
    CMOPCMOP+3, ODT+2, ODT+3
    ^SC - [#44] EN+34
    ^TMP("PSOR" EN+1!, EN+7*, EN+12*, EN+13*, EN+14*, EN+19*, EN+20*, EN+21*, EN+25*, EN+26*
    , EN+43*, EN+45*, EN+46*, EN+47*, EN+48*, EN+50*, EN+51*, EN+52*, EN+53*, EN+60*
    , EN+62*, EN+64*, EN+65*, EN+68*, EN+69*, CMOP+1*, CMOP+2*, CMOP+3*
    ^VA(200 - [#200] EN+10, EN+11, EN+17, EN+18, EN+30, EN+31, EN+32, EN+33, EN+60

    Label References

    Name Line Occurrences
    CMOP EN+65
    ODT EN+29

    Naked Globals

    Name Field # of Occurrence
    ^("H" EN+8
    ^("ND" EN+49
    ^("OR1" EN+8
    ^("STA" EN+8
    ^(0 EN+29, EN+53, EN+56, EN+60, EN+69, ODT+3
    ^(2 EN+8, EN+52
    ^(3 EN+8

    Local Variables


    >> Not killed explicitly
    * Changed
    ! Killed
    ~ Newed

    Name Field # of Occurrence
    >> CLK EN+31*, EN+47
    >> CLN EN+34*, EN+47
    CMIN EN+2~, EN+63*, EN+64, CMOP+4!
    CMIND EN+2~, EN+64*, CMOP+4!
    CMOP EN+2~, CMOP*, CMOP+1, CMOP+2, CMOP+3, CMOP+4!
    DFN EN~, EN+4, EN+5*, EN+6, EN+46
    DT EN+38
    FPN EN+2~, EN+33*, EN+47, CMOP+4!
    HDST EN+2~, EN+42*, EN+43, CMOP+4!
    I EN+2~, EN+9*, EN+11, EN+12, EN+13, EN+14, EN+15*, EN+16, EN+18, EN+19
    , EN+20, EN+21, EN+22*, EN+23, EN+24, EN+25, EN+26*, EN+55*, EN+56, EN+60
    , EN+69*, CMOP*, CMOP+1, CMOP+2, CMOP+3, CMOP+4!
    IEN EN+2~, EN+67*, EN+68*, CMOP+4!
    >> INS1 EN+67
    LSFD EN+2~, EN+8*, EN+9*, CMOP+4!
    MI EN+22*, EN+25*, EN+27!
    >> MW EN+36*, EN+47
    >> OERR EN+8*, EN+33, EN+47, EN+53
    PSO2 EN+2~, CMOP+4!
    PSOCF EN+2~, EN+44*, EN+45, CMOP+4!
    PSOCST EN+2~, EN+9*, EN+13, EN+16*, EN+20, CMOP+4!
    PSODR EN+2~, EN+28*, EN+29*, EN+48, CMOP+4!
    PSODT EN+2~, EN+28*, EN+45, CMOP+4!, ODT+2*, ODT+3*
    PSOFD EN+2~, EN+29*, EN+45, CMOP+4!
    PSOID EN+2~, EN+28*, EN+45, CMOP+4!
    PSOJ EN+2~, CMOP+4!, ODT+3*
    PSOLFD EN+2~, EN+28*, EN+45, CMOP+4!
    PSOPLCL EN+2~, EN+18*, EN+19, CMOP+4!
    PSOPLPR EN+2~, EN+17*, EN+19, CMOP+4!
    PSOPR EN+2~, EN+28*, EN+30*, EN+47, CMOP+4!
    PSOREF EN+2~, EN+28*, CMOP+4!
    PSORF EN+2~, EN+8*, EN+9*, EN+45, CMOP+4!
    PSORFCL EN+2~, EN+11*, EN+12, CMOP+4!
    PSORFPR EN+2~, EN+10*, EN+12, CMOP+4!
    PSOST EN+2~, EN+28*, CMOP+4!, ODT+1
    PSOX EN+2~, EN+23*, EN+24*, EN+27!, EN+29*, EN+30*, EN+31*, EN+32*, EN+33*, EN+34*
    , EN+37*, EN+39*, EN+40, EN+45, CMOP+4!
    PSOXN EN+50*, EN+51!
    >> PSUPSO EN+67
    REA EN+58*, EN+59*, EN+60!
    RF EN+56*, EN+57, EN+60!
    RFT EN+57*, EN+60!
    RP EN+27!
    RP( EN+22*, EN+23, EN+24, EN+25
    RT EN+24*, EN+25, EN+27!
    RX EN~, EN+3, EN+4, EN+5, EN+7, EN+8, EN+9, EN+12, EN+13, EN+14
    , EN+15, EN+19, EN+20, EN+21, EN+22, EN+25, EN+26, EN+28, EN+37, EN+41
    , EN+43, EN+45, EN+46, EN+47, EN+48, EN+50, EN+51, EN+52, EN+53, EN+55
    , EN+56, EN+60, EN+61, EN+62, EN+64, EN+65, EN+67, EN+68, EN+69, CMOP
    CMOP+1, CMOP+2, CMOP+3, CMOP+4!, ODT+2, ODT+3
    RX0 EN+2~, EN+8*, EN+10, EN+17, EN+28, EN+30, EN+31, EN+34, EN+35, EN+36
    , EN+44, EN+45, EN+49, EN+50, EN+51, EN+52, CMOP+4!
    RX1 EN+2~, CMOP+4!
    RX1( EN+9*, EN+11, EN+12, EN+13, EN+14
    >> RX2 EN+8*, EN+28, EN+29, EN+32, EN+38, EN+45, EN+46, EN+47
    RX3 EN+2~, EN+8*, EN+28, CMOP+4!
    RXH EN+2~, EN+8*, EN+41*, EN+42, EN+43, CMOP+4!
    RXP EN+2~, EN+35*, EN+47, CMOP+4!
    RXP( EN+15*, EN+16, EN+18, EN+19, EN+20, EN+21
    SG EN+2~, EN+68*, CMOP+4!
    SIG EN+2~, EN+67*, EN+68, CMOP+4!
    ST0 EN+2~, EN+8*, EN+38*, EN+39, CMOP+4!
    SUS EN+2~, EN+61*, EN+62, EN+63, CMOP+4!
    UN EN+23*, EN+25, EN+27!
    >> VPR EN+32*, EN+47
    >> X EN+67*
    ZR EN+56*, EN+58, EN+59, EN+60!

    Marked Items

    Name Field # of Occurrence
    $T(^PSNAPIS EN+50
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