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Global: ^PRCD(420.2

Package: IFCAP

Global: ^PRCD(420.2


FileMan FileNo FileMan Filename Package


Directly Accessed By Routines, Total: 35

Package Total Routines
PRCVIBF    PRCVIBH    ^PRCD(420.2    

Accessed By FileMan Db Calls, Total: 5

Package Total Routines
Accounts Receivable 1 PRCAFBDU    

Pointed To By FileMan Files, Total: 10

Package Total FileMan Files
IFCAP 8 ITEM MASTER(#441)[12#441.03(2)]    PROCUREMENT & ACCOUNTING TRANSACTIONS(#442)[34#442.01(17)#442.11(1)#442.11(3)]    AMENDMENTS(#443.6)[34#443.61(17)]
REQUEST FOR QUOTATION(#444)[#444.019(12.5)]    COST CENTER(#420.1)[#420.11(.01)]    INVOICE TRACKING(#421.5)[1516#421.541(.01)]
CALM/LOG CODE SHEET(#423)[99#423.07(5)#423.08(2)#423.09(2)#423.11(5)#423.16(4)]    MONTHLY ACCRUAL(#440.7)[#440.701(6)]    
Engineering 2 CATEGORY STOCK NUMBER(#6917)[8]    EQUIPMENT INV.(#6914)[37]    

Pointer To FileMan Files, Total: 1

Package Total FileMan Files
Kernel 1 NEW PERSON(#200)[.6]    

Fields, Total: 5

Field # Name Loc Type Details
************************REQUIRED FIELD************************

  • INPUT TRANSFORM:  K:X[""""!($A(X)=45)!($L(X)>79)!($L(X)<3)!(X'?4N1" "1AN.ANP)!($D(^PRCD(420.2,+X,0))) X I $D(X) S DINUM=+X
  • LAST EDITED:  JUN 12, 1992
  • HELP-PROMPT:  Enter the 4 digit BOC number, a space and the BOC name. Answer must be 3-79 characters in length
    This is the budget object code, a space and the budget object code name.
    1)= S ^PRCD(420.2,"B",$E(X,1,30),DA)=""
    2)= K ^PRCD(420.2,"B",$E(X,1,30),DA)
    1)= S ^PRCD(420.2,"C",$E($P(X," ",2,99),1,30),DA)=""
    2)= K ^PRCD(420.2,"C",$E($P(X," ",2,99),1,30),DA)
    This cross reference is set on the budget object code.
  • '0' FOR NO;
  • '1' FOR YES;

  • LAST EDITED:  JUL 12, 1994
    This is the deactivated sub-account.
    1)= I X=1 S $P(^PRCD(420.2,DA,0),"^",3,4)=DUZ_"^"_DT
    2)= S $P(^PRCD(420.2,DA,0),"^",3,4)="^"
    This cross reference sets on the deactivating user and deactivation time on the subaccount record.

  • LAST EDITED:  DEC 21, 1992
    This is the name of the person deactivating this sub-account.

  • LAST EDITED:  AUG 29, 1988
    This is the date/time this sub-account was deactivated.

    This is the description of this sub-account.
    This is the description of this sub-account.

Found Entries, Total: 325

NAME: 1001 Administrative Personnel not Otherwise Classified    NAME: 1002 Clerical Personnel    NAME: 1005 Purchase and Hire Employees - Personal Property    NAME: 1006 Purchase and Hire Employees - Real Property    NAME: 1007 Computer Systems Analyst, Programmers, Keypunch & Operators    NAME: 1008 Wage Rate Employees    NAME: 1009 Purchase and Hire    NAME: 1010 Series-Allied Health Care Personnel-Summary    
NAME: 1014 Respiratory Therapist    NAME: 1015 Physical Therapist    NAME: 1016 Occupational Therapist    NAME: 1017 Other Therapists    NAME: 1018 Dietitian    NAME: 1019 Dietetic Technician    NAME: 1020 Social Worker    NAME: 1021 Social Worker Aides and Technicians    
NAME: 1022 Radiology Technologist    NAME: 1023 Radiology Technician    NAME: 1024 Pharmacists    NAME: 1025 Pharmacy Technicians and Aides    NAME: 1026 Dental Assistants, Hygienist, Aides, Dental Lab Aides and Technicians    NAME: 1027 Psychology Aides and Technicians    NAME: 1028 Audiologist and Speech Pathologist    NAME: 1029 Nuclear Medicine Technologist    
NAME: 1030 Nuclear Medicine Technicians and Aides    NAME: 1031 Other Health Technicians and Aides not Previously Identified    NAME: 1032 Recreation Specialist, Aides and Technicians    NAME: 1033 Medical/Laboratory Technologist    NAME: 1034 Medical/Laboratory and Pathology Technicians    NAME: 1035 Laboratory Aides and Workers    NAME: 1036 Radiology Technician    NAME: 1037 Medical Machine Technicians    
NAME: 1038 Orthopedists and Prosthetists    NAME: 1039 Chemists, Physicists, Microbiologists etc.    NAME: 1041 Physicians Geriatrics Fellows Program    NAME: 1042 Spinal Cord Injury Fellows    NAME: 1043 VA Fellows as RWJ Clinical Scholars    NAME: 1044 Substance Abuse Fellows    NAME: 1045 Dental Geriatric Fellows Program    NAME: 1046 Psychiatry Research Fellows    
NAME: 1047 Schizophrenia Research Fellows    NAME: 1048 Ambulatory Care Fellows    NAME: 1049 Neuroscience and Traumatic Brain Injuries    NAME: 1050 Trainees-Administrative Training Program    NAME: 1051 Trainees-Allied Health Programs    NAME: 1052 Interdisciplinary Team Training in Geriatrics    NAME: 1053 Geriatrics Expansion    NAME: 1054 Summer Trainees    
NAME: 1055 Upward Mobility    NAME: 1056 Trainees - Administrative training Program    NAME: 1060 Professional Nurses    NAME: 1061 Registered Nurses    NAME: 1062 Administrative Nurse Trainees    NAME: 1063 Nurse Anesthetist    NAME: 1064 Nurse Practitioners    NAME: 1065 LPN's and LVN's    
NAME: 1066 Nursing Aides and Nursing Assistants    NAME: 1067 LVN    NAME: 1069 WOC Employees Receiving QS&L    NAME: 1070 Expanded Dental Auxiliaries    NAME: 1071 Dentists-Full Time and Part Time    NAME: 1073 Dentists-Residents, Noncareer    NAME: 1074 Expanded Dental Auxiliaries    NAME: 1076 Dentists-Residents, Career    
NAME: 1078 WOC Employees Receiving QS&L    NAME: 1079 Podiatrists    NAME: 1080 Physician Assistants    NAME: 1081 Physicians-Full Time    NAME: 1082 Physicians-Part Time    NAME: 1083 Physicians-Residents, Noncareer    NAME: 1084 Physicians Assistants    NAME: 1085 Clin & Counseling Psychologist-FT/PT-Other Than Consultants or Trainees    
NAME: 1086 Physicians-Residents, Career    NAME: 1087 Psychologist, Physicians & Dentists-Research Associates    NAME: 1089 Optometrists    NAME: 1090 Administrative and Clerical Personnel Not Otherwise Classified    NAME: 1091 Federal,Summer Employment Program for Youth-Summer Aids    NAME: 1092 Stay-In-School Program Part-Time Employment of Needy Students    NAME: 1093 Subsistence & Temp Exp, Real Estate Costs & Misc Exp-PL 89-516    NAME: 1094 Employee Compensation Payments (Central Ofc only)    
NAME: 1095 Employee Salary Continuation    NAME: 1096 Employees on Sick Leave Pending Disability Retirement    NAME: 1097 Unemployment Compensation    NAME: 1098 Wage Rate Employees    NAME: 1099 Purchase and Hire    NAME: 1101 Regular Pay    NAME: 1102 Night Differential Pay    NAME: 1103 Holiday Pay    
NAME: 1104 Overtime Pay    NAME: 1105 Terminal Leave Pay    NAME: 1106 Post Differential (Manila Only)    NAME: 1107 Premium Pay on an Annual Basis (Standby)    NAME: 1108 Sunday Premium Pay    NAME: 1109 On Call Pay    NAME: 1110 Special Pay Part-Time Dentists    NAME: 1111 Special Pay Full-Time Dentists    
NAME: 1112 Special Pay Part-Time Physicians    NAME: 1113 Special Pay Full-Time Physicians    NAME: 1114 Cash Awards    NAME: 1115 Senior Executive Service Bonus    NAME: 1116 Reemployed Annuitants, Reimbursement to the CS Ret and Disability Fund    NAME: 1117 Saturday Premium Pay    NAME: 1118 Premium Pay in Lieu of Overtime    NAME: 1119 Employee Special Pay    
NAME: 1120 Geographic Pay    NAME: 1121 Recruitment Bonus    NAME: 1122 Retention Allowance    NAME: 1123 Hazard Pay Differential    NAME: 1124 Staffing Differential    NAME: 1125 Supervisory Differential    NAME: 1126 Relocation Bonus    NAME: 1127 Physicians Comparability Allowance    
NAME: 1128 Incentive Awards, Cash or Non-Cash    NAME: 1129 Foreign Language Award    NAME: 1130 Locality Pay    NAME: 1203 QS&L Allowances Provided WOC Employees    NAME: 1204 Office of Workers Compensation Program Payments (VACO Only)    NAME: 1205 Uniform Allowances    NAME: 1206 Severence Pay (Manila Only)    NAME: 1208 Subsistence and Temporary Expenses    
NAME: 1209 Real Estate Costs    NAME: 1210 Relocation Income Tax & Withholding Tax    NAME: 1212 Federal Employees Life Insurance Fund - VA Contributions    NAME: 1214 FICA Employers Tax    NAME: 1216 Civil Service Retirement Fund - VA Contributions    NAME: 1218 Federal Employee's Health Benefits - VA Contributions    NAME: 1219 Living Allowances and Educational Assistance    NAME: 1220 Medicare - VA Share    
NAME: 1222 Federal Employees Retirement System(FERS)-Regular    NAME: 1223 Federal Employees Retirement System(FERS)-Special, includes firefighters    NAME: 1224 Federal Employees Retirement System(FERS)-Thrift    NAME: 1301 Severence Pay, Public Law 89-301    NAME: 1302 Unemployment Compensation Payments    NAME: 2101 Permanent Duty Travel    NAME: 2102 Round Trip Tvl Between Old and New Sta To Seek Perm Res Quarters    NAME: 2103 Employee Training Travel    
NAME: 2104 Employee Administrative Travel    NAME: 2111 Employee Medical Travel    NAME: 2112 Inter-Facility Travel    NAME: 2120 Beneficiary Travel    NAME: 2121 Local Transportation of Employees    NAME: 2122 Travel of Witnesses    NAME: 2128 Nonmedical Beneficiary Travel    NAME: 2130 Rental of Passenger Veh From Gov't Motor Pools    
NAME: 2140 Commercial Transportation Charges    NAME: 2150 Reimbursable Travel Expense    NAME: 2210 Shipment of Bodies    NAME: 2220 Other Shipments    NAME: 2224 Other Shipments Related to Personal Property    NAME: 2225 Other Shipments Related to Real Property    NAME: 2230 Shipment of Household Goods & Personal Effects    NAME: 2240 Parcel Post Service (Central Ofc only)    
NAME: 2250 Rental of Trucks From Gov't Motor Pools    NAME: 2299 Supply Fund - Shipping    NAME: 2301 Telephone-Long Distance-Commercial    NAME: 2302 Telephone-Long Distance-GSA-FTS Service    NAME: 2303 Telephone-Recurring Cost-Commercial    NAME: 2304 Telephone-Recurring Costs-GSA    NAME: 2305 Telephone-Nonrecurrings Costs    NAME: 2306 Commercial Record/Data Costs    
NAME: 2307 Data Communications Services    NAME: 2308 Telegrams-Commercial    NAME: 2309 Facsimile - Rental Cost    NAME: 2311 Integrated Data Communications Utility    NAME: 2312 Communications-Other    NAME: 2313 VADATS    NAME: 2314 All Other GSA Record    NAME: 2320 Regular Mail Service (Central Ofc only)    
NAME: 2321 Express Mail Service    NAME: 2324 ADP Software Rental    NAME: 2330 Real Property Rentals    NAME: 2331 GSA SLUC Charges    NAME: 2341 Equipment Rental    NAME: 2342 Office Automation/Word Processing, Rental    NAME: 2343 ADP Equipment Rental    NAME: 2345 Telecommunications Equipment (Data), Rental.    
NAME: 2350 Motion-Picture Film Rentals    NAME: 2390 Utility Services    NAME: 2391 Electricity    NAME: 2392 Water    NAME: 2393 Steam, Heat and Hot Water    NAME: 2394 Gas    NAME: 2395 Sewer    NAME: 2421 Tabulating Cards    
NAME: 2422 Tabulating Paper    NAME: 2423 Forms and Form Letters    NAME: 2424 Other Printing and Reproduction    NAME: 2507 Information Technology Support Services    NAME: 2510 Data Processing Services (Federal Supplier)    NAME: 2511 Data Processing Services (Commercial Supplier)    NAME: 2512 Data Entry Services (Federal Supplier)    NAME: 2513 Data Entry Services (Commercial Supplier)    
NAME: 2514 Systems Analysis & Programming (Fed Supplier)    NAME: 2515 Systems Analysis & Programming (Comm Supplier)    NAME: 2516 Special ADP Studied (Federal Suppliers)    NAME: 2517 Special ADP Studies (Commercial Suppliers)    NAME: 2520 Repair of Furniture and Equipment    NAME: 2530 Storage of Household Goods    NAME: 2531 Relocation Services    NAME: 2532 Special Services Provided by GSA    
NAME: 2535 Interior Decorating Services    NAME: 2540 Laundry and Drycleaning Services    NAME: 2542 Operating Services    NAME: 2543 Maintenance and Repair Services    NAME: 2544 ADP Maintenance Contracts-Computers Only    NAME: 2545 EAM Maintenance Contracts    NAME: 2546 Minor...Preparation for Information Technology Systems.    NAME: 2551 Prosthetic Repair Services    
NAME: 2552 Repair Services to Home Dialysis Equipment    NAME: 2553 Miscellaneous Contractual Svc for Indigent Veterans    NAME: 2561 Fee Basis-Medical & Nursing Services    NAME: 2571 Fee Dental Service    NAME: 2572 Services Purhased/Sold VHSRA SCRC    NAME: 2574 Home Oxygen - Contractual Agreement.    NAME: 2575 Other Contract Hospitalization    NAME: 2576 Consultants and Attendings.    
NAME: 2577 Representation Allowance (Manila, PI, CO Finance Off only)    NAME: 2578 Official Residence Allowance (Manila only)    NAME: 2579 Scarce Medical specialist Contracts    NAME: 2580 Miscellaneous Contractual Services by Individuals, Institu and Organiz    NAME: 2581 Contracts & Agreements with Individuals for Personal Services    NAME: 2582 Incentive Therapy    NAME: 2583 Contracts and Agreements for tuition and registration fees within Govt    NAME: 2584 Contracts and Agreements for tuition and registration fees outside Govt    
NAME: 2585 College Work-Study Program    NAME: 2586 Sharing Medical Resources    NAME: 2587 House Staff Contracts    NAME: 2588 Contractual Procurement and Installation of Graveliners    NAME: 2589 Compensated Work Therapy    NAME: 2590 VA/DOD Sharing Agreement-38 U.S.C. 5011]    NAME: 2591 Handling Charges on Trainee Books, etc.    NAME: 2592 Counseling    
NAME: 2593 IRS Collection Fee    NAME: 2594 Architectural and Engineering    NAME: 2595 Education and Training Reporting Allowances    NAME: 2596 Contracts and State Approval Agencies    NAME: 2597 Burial Cost for Unclaimed Bodies    NAME: 2598 Contract Hospital and Outpatient Treatment    NAME: 2599 Depreciation Charges    NAME: 2610 Provisions    
NAME: 2620 Office Supplies    NAME: 2621 Tabulating Cards-Not Custom Printed    NAME: 2622 Tabulating Paper-Not Custom Printed    NAME: 2623 ADP Recording Media    NAME: 2624 ADP Software    NAME: 2626 Test of ADP Software and equipment    NAME: 2630 Pharmaceutical Items.    NAME: 2631 Drugs, Medicines and Chemical Supplies    
NAME: 2632 Other Medical and Dental Supplies    NAME: 2633 Home Oxygen Supplies    NAME: 2635 Blood and Blood Products    NAME: 2636 Prescriptions    NAME: 2645 Books, Periodicals and Newspapers.    NAME: 2646 Newspapers and Periodicals    NAME: 2647 Audiovisual Software    NAME: 2650 Fuel    
NAME: 2660 Operating Supplies and Materials    NAME: 2661 Expendable Furniture and Fixtures and Decoras    NAME: 2665 Standard Linen Items    NAME: 2666 Employee Uniforms    NAME: 2667 Related Linen Items    NAME: 2668 Specialty Items    NAME: 2669 Protective Clothing Items    NAME: 2670 Maintenance Supplies and Materials    
NAME: 2680 Supply Fund -    NAME: 2691 Flags    NAME: 2692 Prosthetic Supplies    NAME: 2693 Home Dialysis Equip & Prosthetic Supplies    NAME: 2696 Inventory Held for Sale    NAME: 2697 Supply Fund - Pharmacy/Drugs    NAME: 2698 Supply Fund - Other Medical    NAME: 2699 Supply Fund - General    
NAME: 3103 Operating Equipment Service and Reclamation    NAME: 3104 Operating Equipment Service and Reclamation    NAME: 3105 Trust Equipment    NAME: 3106 Trust Equipment    NAME: 3107 Equipment in Custody of Research Contractors    NAME: 3108 Equipment in Custody of Research Contractors    NAME: 3109 Invalid Lifts, Other Devices and Equipment    NAME: 3110 Transportation Equipment    
NAME: 3111 Transportation Equipment, Passenger Vehicles    NAME: 3112 Transportation Equipment    NAME: 3113 Transportation Equipment, Non-Passenger Vehicles    NAME: 3114 Invalid Lifts, Other Devices, and Equipment    NAME: 3120 Nonexpendable Furniture and Fixtures    NAME: 3121 Office Equipment    NAME: 3122 Office Automation/Word Processing, Purchased.    NAME: 3123 ADP Equipment    
NAME: 3124 ADP Software    NAME: 3125 Telecommunications Equipment (data) purchased.    NAME: 3126 Furniture and Fixtures    NAME: 3127 Office Equipment    NAME: 3128 Office Automation/Word Processing, Purchased    NAME: 3129 ADP Equipment    NAME: 3130 Medical, Dental and Scientific Equipment    NAME: 3131 Medical, Dental, and Scientific Equipment    
NAME: 3133 Telecommunications Equipment    NAME: 3134 ADP Software, Purchased    NAME: 3150 Utility and Operating Equipment    NAME: 3151 Utility and Operating Equipment    NAME: 3160 Equipment Acquired Under Lease Purchase Contracts    NAME: 3161 Equipment under Capital Lease    NAME: 3210 Land    NAME: 3220 Buildings and Facilities    
NAME: 3221 Site Prep for Information System Technology.    NAME: 3222 Land,Building and Other Structures Acquired Under Lease Purchase Contracts    NAME: 3223 Buildings and Facilities    NAME: 3224 Building Under Capital Lease    NAME: 3225 Telecommunications Equipment    NAME: 3226 Telecommunications    NAME: 3230 Leasehold Improvements    NAME: 3231 Leasehold Improvements (Under $5,000)    
NAME: 3240 Other Structures and Facilities    NAME: 3241 Other Structures and Facilities    NAME: 3250 Work In Process - Non Major and Minor Construction Funds    NAME: 3310 Investments and Loans    NAME: 4110 Grants, Subsidies and Contributions    NAME: 4120 Grants, Subsidies and Contributions    NAME: 4210 Pension Annuities and Insurance Claims    NAME: 4220 Federal Tort Claims    
NAME: 4250 Reimbursement for Losses    NAME: 4310 Interest Expense - Lease Purchase    NAME: 8888 RC Test subaccount    NAME: 8999 Posted Stock    NAME: 9999 Casca/GPF/Supply Fund    

ICR, Total: 3

ICR LINK Subscribing Package(s) Fields Referenced Description
ICR #1497
  • Engineering
  • NAME (.01).
    Access: Pointed to

    ICR #3680
  • Emergency Department Integration Software
  • ICR #6631
  • NAME (.01).
    Access: Read w/Fileman

    Access: Read w/Fileman

    Access: Read w/Fileman

    Access: Read w/Fileman

    DESCRIPTION (.01).
    Access: Read w/Fileman

    File 420.2 "B" cross-reference Used to look up byBUDGET OBJECT CODENAMEFile 420.2 "C" cross-reference Used to look up byBUDGET OBJECT CODE by BOC name.

    External References

    Name Field # of Occurrence
    ^%DT .7+1

    Global Variables Directly Accessed

    Name Line Occurrences  (* Changed,  ! Killed)
    ^PRCD(420.2 - [#420.2] .01+1, .01(XREF 1S), .01(XREF 1K), .01(XREF 2S), .01(XREF 2K), .5(XREF 1S), .5(XREF 1K)

    Local Variables


    >> Not killed explicitly
    * Changed
    ! Killed
    ~ Newed

    Name Field # of Occurrence
    >> %DT .7+1*
    >> DA .01(XREF 1S), .01(XREF 1K), .01(XREF 2S), .01(XREF 2K), .5(XREF 1S), .5(XREF 1K)
    >> DINUM .01+1*
    DT .5(XREF 1S)
    DUZ .5(XREF 1S)
    X .01+1!, .01(XREF 1S), .01(XREF 1K), .01(XREF 2S), .01(XREF 2K), .5(XREF 1S), .7+1*!
    >> Y .7+1
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