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Global: ^PRCD(420.1

Package: IFCAP

Global: ^PRCD(420.1


FileMan FileNo FileMan Filename Package


Directly Accessed By Routines, Total: 46

Package Total Routines
PRCVIBH    ^PRC(440.5    ^PRC(442    ^PRCD(420.1    
Accounts Receivable 1 PRCAFBDU    

Accessed By FileMan Db Calls, Total: 7

Package Total Routines
Accounts Receivable 1 PRCAFBDU    
Event Capture 1 ECUMRPC1    

Pointed To By FileMan Files, Total: 8

Package Total FileMan Files
IFCAP 4 FUND CONTROL POINT(#420)[#420.03(.01)]    CALM/LOG CODE SHEET(#423)[116116.4116.8117.3#423.0117(.01)#423.15(1)#423.15(3)]
MONTHLY ACCRUAL(#440.7)[#440.701(5)]    GENERIC INVENTORY(#445)[.9]    
Engineering 3 ENG EMPLOYEE(#6929)[5]    EQUIPMENT INV.(#6914)[36]    FR DOCUMENT LOG(#6915.6)[106]    
Event Capture 1 DSS UNIT(#724)[3]    

Pointer To FileMan Files, Total: 2

Package Total FileMan Files
IFCAP 1 BUDGET OBJECT CODE(#420.2)[#420.11(.01)]    
Kernel 1 NEW PERSON(#200)[.6]    

Fields, Total: 6

Field # Name Loc Type Details

  • INPUT TRANSFORM:  K:X[""""!($A(X)=45)!($L(X)>79)!($L(X)<4)!'((X?4N1" "1AN.ANP)!(X?6N1" "1AN.ANP)) X I $D(X) S DINUM=+X
  • LAST EDITED:  SEP 15, 1994
  • HELP-PROMPT:  Enter the 6 digit cost center number, a space and the cost center name. Answer must be 4-79 characters in length (no decimal allowed)
    This is the 6 digit cost center number, a space and the cost center name.
  • DELETE TEST:  .01,0)= I 1
    1)= S ^PRCD(420.1,"B",$E(X,1,30),DA)=""
    2)= K ^PRCD(420.1,"B",$E(X,1,30),DA)
    1)= S:$E($P(X," ",2,99),1,30)]"" ^PRCD(420.1,"C",$E($P(X," ",2,99),1,30),DA)=""
    2)= K:$E($P(X," ",2,99),1,30)]"" ^PRCD(420.1,"C",$E($P(X," ",2,99),1,30),DA)
    This cross reference is set on the cost center.
    1)= S ^PRCD(420.1,"D",X#1000,DA)=""
    2)= K ^PRCD(420.1,"D",X#1000,DA)
    This cross reference is set on the modulus of the cost center number using 1000 as divisor.
  • '0' FOR NO;
  • '1' FOR YES;

  • LAST EDITED:  AUG 26, 1988
    YES indicates if this is a deactivated cost center.
    1)= I X=1 S $P(^PRCD(420.1,DA,0),"^",3,4)=DUZ_"^"_DT
    2)= S $P(^PRCD(420.1,DA,0),"^",3,4)="^"
    This cross reference sets the deactivating user and the deactivation time on the cost center record.

  • LAST EDITED:  DEC 21, 1992
    This is the name of the person who deactivated the control point.

  • LAST EDITED:  AUG 26, 1988
    This is the date/time the cost center was deactivated.
1 BOC 1;0 POINTER Multiple #420.11 420.11

  • LAST EDITED:  MAY 06, 1994
    This is the budget object code for this cost center.

    This is a description of the cost center (optional field).
    This is a description of the cost center (optional field).

Found Entries, Total: 679

NAME: 1200 Main Office of the General Counsel    NAME: 100000 General Admin-Central Off Staff (Excl of Oper Depts) - Summary of Accts    NAME: 110100 Office of the Secretary    NAME: 110200 Off of Assoc Deputy Admstr for Congressional & Intergovt'l Affairs    NAME: 110300 Board of Contract Appeals    NAME: 110400 OOffice of Equal Opportunity    NAME: 110500 Board of Veterans Appeals    NAME: 110600 Off of the Assoc Deputy Admstr for Public & Consumer Affairs    
NAME: 110700 Off of the Assoc Deputy Admstr for Info Resources Management    NAME: 110800 Office of the Associate Deputy Administrator for Logistics    NAME: 111600 Office of Public and Consumer Affairs    NAME: 120000 Office of the General Counsel    NAME: 130100 Office of Info Mgmt & Stats    NAME: 131100 Statistical Policy and Research Service    NAME: 131200 Research(Applied) Division    NAME: 131300 Biometrics Division    
NAME: 131400 Statistical Review and Analysis Division    NAME: 131500 Management Sciences Division    NAME: 132100 Paperwork Management and Regulations Service    NAME: 132200 Directives Management Division    NAME: 132300 Forms and Correspondence Division    NAME: 132400 Records Management Division    NAME: 132500 Mail and Travel Policy Division    NAME: 133100 Reporting Policy and Review Service    
NAME: 133200 Reporting Systems Division    NAME: 133300 Reports Preparation Division    NAME: 133400 Reports Management Division    NAME: 140000 Human Resources and Administration (sum 1401,1405,1510,1600)    NAME: 140100 Office of A/S for Human Resources    NAME: 140500 Personnel and Labor Relations (sum 1410-1499)    NAME: 141000 DAS For Personnel and Labor Relations    NAME: 145000 DASHO    
NAME: 151000 DAS for Equal Opportunity    NAME: 160000 Office of Administration    NAME: 161000 Office of the DAS for Administration    NAME: 163000 Office Operations Service    NAME: 164000 VACO Support Service    NAME: 165000 Audio Visuals Service    NAME: 168000 Publications Service    NAME: 168100 Office of the Director    
NAME: 168200 Printing Procurement Division    NAME: 168210 Service Section    NAME: 168400 Typography and Design Division    NAME: 168410 Office of Chief    NAME: 168411 Art and Design Staff    NAME: 168420 Composition Section    NAME: 168421 Forms Composition Staff    NAME: 168430 Editorial Section    
NAME: 168431 Index Staff    NAME: 168600 Forms and Publication Depot    NAME: 169000 Information and Regulations Staff    NAME: 170000 Congressional and Public Affairs (1701-1799)    NAME: 170100 Office of A/S for Congressional & Public Affairs    NAME: 171000 DAS For Congressional Affairs    NAME: 172000 Assistant Inspector General for Audit    NAME: 173000 Assistant Inspector General for Investigation    
NAME: 175000 DAS for Public Affairs    NAME: 176000 Regional Office of Audit    NAME: 176100 Atlanta Regional Office of Audit    NAME: 176200 Chicago Regional Office of Audit    NAME: 176300 Los Angeles Regional Office of Audit    NAME: 176400 Hartford Regional Office of Audit    NAME: 176500 Kansas City Regional Office of Audit    NAME: 176600 Hyattsville Regional Office of Audit    
NAME: 176700 Dallas Regional Office of Audit    NAME: 176800 Seattle Suboffice of Audit    NAME: 178000 Regional Office of Investigations    NAME: 178100 Atlanta Regional Office of Investigations    NAME: 178200 Chicago Regional Office of Investigations    NAME: 178300 Los Angeles Regional Office of Investigations    NAME: 178700 Washington Regional Office of Investigations    NAME: 180000 Finance and Planning (sum 1801-1899)    
NAME: 180100 Office of A/S for Finance and Planning    NAME: 181000 Office of Principal DAS for Finance & Planning    NAME: 182000 DAS for Budget    NAME: 183000 Manpower Service    NAME: 184000 DAS for Financial Management    NAME: 185000 Finance Staff - VADPC Hines, IL    NAME: 186000 DAS For Planning and Mangement    NAME: 190000 Office of Program Planning and Evaluation    
NAME: 191000 Office of the Director    NAME: 192000 Program Planning and Policy Analysis Service    NAME: 194000 Management and Organization Service    NAME: 195000 Program Evaluation Service    NAME: 200000 Information Resources - Summary of Accounts    NAME: 200100 Office of A/S for Information Resources    NAME: 200500 Systems Audit and Security    NAME: 201000 DAS for Information System    
NAME: 202000 Paperwork Management and Regulation Svc.    NAME: 203000 Reporting Policy and Review Service    NAME: 204000 Systems Audit and Security Staff    NAME: 205000 Systems Planning, Policy and Acq. Control    NAME: 206000 Systems Policy, Stds. and Integration    NAME: 207000 Mgmt and Dec. Sup. Sys. (MADDS)    NAME: 210000 Information Resources Operations (2105-2200)    NAME: 210500 Information Resources Ops. (2110-2199)    
NAME: 211000 DAS for Information Resources Operations    NAME: 211100 Office of the Director    NAME: 211200 Budget and Financial Staff    NAME: 211300 Associate Director for Systems Design and Intergration Mgmt    NAME: 211400 Associate Director for Telecommunications    NAME: 211500 Associate Director for ADP Policy and Operations Mgmt.    NAME: 212000 Resources Management Staff    NAME: 212100 Benefits Automation Service    
NAME: 212200 Medical Automation Service    NAME: 212300 Staff Automation Service    NAME: 212500 Technical Support Service    NAME: 213000 Operations Management    NAME: 213100 Advanced Network Staff    NAME: 213200 Data Transmission Service    NAME: 213300 Telephone Service    NAME: 213400 Special Systems Service    
NAME: 213500 VA Data Transmission Systems Service    NAME: 213600 Resources and Data Base Management Service    NAME: 214000 Customer Support    NAME: 214100 Information Technology Center    NAME: 214200 Field Management Service    NAME: 214300 ADP Policy and Resource Management Service    NAME: 214400 ADP Systems Audit Service    NAME: 215000 Telecommunications    
NAME: 219100 Miscellaneous Administrative Expenses-Operations    NAME: 220000 Information Resources Operations - DPC'S (2210-2299)    NAME: 220100 Office of the Director    NAME: 221000 Office of the Director    NAME: 221100 Office of the Chief    NAME: 221200 Department of Veterans Benefits Systems Support    NAME: 221300 Department of Medicine and Surgery Systems Support    NAME: 221400 Controller Systems Support    
NAME: 221500 Construction Systems Support    NAME: 221600 Department of Memorial Affairs Systems Support    NAME: 221700 Staff Office Systems Support    NAME: 221900 Unassigned Systems Support    NAME: 222000 Systems Division    NAME: 222100 Office of the Chief    NAME: 222200 Production and Tape Control    NAME: 222300 Network Management    
NAME: 222500 Data Transcription Operations    NAME: 222600 Computer Operations    NAME: 222700 Equipment Management    NAME: 223000 Operations Division    NAME: 223100 Office of the Chief    NAME: 223200 Mail Handling Operations    NAME: 223300 Records Management    NAME: 223400 Warehousing Operations    
NAME: 223500 Office Services    NAME: 223600 Engineering    NAME: 224000 Administrative Divsion    NAME: 224100 Office of the Chief    NAME: 224200 Department of Veterans Benefits Systems Support    NAME: 224300 Department of Medicine and Surgery Systems Support    NAME: 224400 Controller Systems Support    NAME: 224500 Construction Systems Support    
NAME: 224600 Department of Memorial Affairs Systems Support    NAME: 224700 Staff Office Systems Support    NAME: 224900 Unassigned Systems Support    NAME: 225000 Analysis and Control Division    NAME: 225100 Office of the Chief    NAME: 225200 Personnel Staff    NAME: 226000 Personnel Division    NAME: 226100 Office of the Chief    
NAME: 226200 Operations Support    NAME: 226300 Systems Support    NAME: 226400 Communications Support    NAME: 226500 Staff Support-Remote Users and Telecommunications Support    NAME: 227000 Technical Support Division    NAME: 227100 ADP Systems Audit Staff    NAME: 228000 VADATS    NAME: 228100 Office of the Chief    
NAME: 228200 VADATS Operation - Austin    NAME: 228300 VADATS Operations - Romney    NAME: 228400 VADATS Support - Austin    NAME: 228500 VADATS Support - Romney    NAME: 228900 VADATS Miscellaneous Administrative Expense    NAME: 229000 Miscellaneous Administrative Expense    NAME: 240000 Vet Liaison & Prog Coord (2401-2499)    NAME: 240100 Off. A/S Vets Liaison & Prog Coord    
NAME: 241000 DAS for Vets Liaison    NAME: 245000 DAS for Prog Coord & Eval    NAME: 290000 Acquisitions & Facs (2901-2999)    NAME: 290100 Off of A/S for Acq & Facs    NAME: 290500 Off of Prin DAS for Acq & Facs    NAME: 300000 Department of Veterans Benefits    NAME: 301000 Executive Direction    NAME: 303000 Veterans Assistance    
NAME: 304000 Compensation and Pension    NAME: 305000 Loan Guaranty    NAME: 306000 Insurance    NAME: 307000 Education    NAME: 308000 Vocational Rehabilitation and Counseling Service    NAME: 309000 Office Services    NAME: 309100 Centralized Accounts Receivable Division    NAME: 309200 Administrative Services    
NAME: 309300 Finance Service    NAME: 309400 Personnel    NAME: 309500 Undistributed    NAME: 309600 Support Services    NAME: 309700 BIRLS Support Division    NAME: 410000 Off.Insp.Gen.(4110-4199)    NAME: 411000 Off Insp Gen    NAME: 412000 Asst IG for Audit    
NAME: 413000 Asst IG for Investigations    NAME: 415000 Asst IG for Pol,Plan,Res.    NAME: 416000 Regional Off of Audit (4161-4169)    NAME: 416100 Atlanic Regional Off of Audit    NAME: 416200 Chicago Regional Off of Audit    NAME: 416300 Los Angeles Reg Off of Audit    NAME: 416400 Boston Regional Office of Audit    NAME: 416500 Kansas City Regional Office of Audit    
NAME: 416600 Washington DC Regional Off of Audit    NAME: 416700 Dallas Regional Off of Audit    NAME: 416800 Seattle Regional Off of Audit    NAME: 418000 Regional Off of Investigations    NAME: 418100 Atlanta Regional Off of Investigations    NAME: 418200 Chicago Regional Off of Investigations    NAME: 418300 Los Angeles Regional Off of Investigations    NAME: 418700 Washington DC Regional Off of Investigations    
NAME: 500000 Department of Memorial Affairs    NAME: 510000 Central Office Staff (Department of Memorial Affairs)    NAME: 511000 Summary of Accounts in the 5110 Series    NAME: 511100 Office of Director    NAME: 511200 Ceremonies and Special Activities    NAME: 511300 Public Affairs    NAME: 511400 State Cemetery Grants    NAME: 511500 Computer Advisor    
NAME: 512000 Staff Offices    NAME: 512200 Budget and Planning Staff    NAME: 512400 Personnel Resources Staff    NAME: 512500 Administrative Operations Staff    NAME: 513000 Cemetery Service    NAME: 513100 Office of Director    NAME: 513200 Assistant Director for Operations    NAME: 513300 Assistant Director for Technical Support    
NAME: 513400 Assistant Director for Plans and Management    NAME: 514000 Monument Service    NAME: 514100 Office of Director    NAME: 514200 Assistant Director for Procurement    NAME: 514300 Assistant Director for Claims Evaluation    NAME: 514400 Assistant Director for Plans and Management    NAME: 514600 Presidential Memorial Certificates Staff    NAME: 560000 National Cemetery Area Offices-Summary    
NAME: 560100 National Cemetery Area Offices    NAME: 561000 Albany Rural, Albany, NY.    NAME: 561100 Allegheny, Pittsburg, PA    NAME: 561200 Ashland, Carlisle, PA    NAME: 561300 Forest Hills, Madison, WI    NAME: 561400 Forest Home, Milwaukee, WI    NAME: 561500 Fort Crawford, Prairie, Du Chien, WI    NAME: 561600 Fort Winnebago, Portage, WI    
NAME: 561700 Green Mount, Montpelier, VT    NAME: 561800 Lakeside, Port Huron, MI    NAME: 561900 Mound, Racine, WI    NAME: 562000 Mount Moriah, Philadelphia, PA    NAME: 562100 Mount Pleasant, Augusta, ME    NAME: 562200 Oakdale, Davenport, IA    NAME: 562300 Prospect Hill, York, PA    NAME: 562400 Prospect Hill, Battleboro, VT    
NAME: 562500 Woodland, Cleveland, OH    NAME: 562600 Woodlawn, Aver, MA    NAME: 563000 Camp Chase, Columbus, OH    NAME: 563100 Confederate Stockade, Sandusky, OH    NAME: 563200 North Alton, Alton, IL    NAME: 563300 Point Lookout, St. Mary's County, MD    NAME: 563400 Rock Island, Rock Island, IL    NAME: 563500 Confederate Mound, Chicago, IL    
NAME: 563600 Crown Hill, Indianapolis, IN    NAME: 563700 Woodlawn, Terre Haute, IN    NAME: 564000 Evergreen, Newport, KY    NAME: 564100 Congressional Cemetery, Washington, DC    NAME: 564200 Union, Kansas City, MO    NAME: 565000 Baxter Springs, Baxter Springs, KS    NAME: 565100 Forest Lawn, Omaha, NE    NAME: 565200 Mound City, Mound City, KS    
NAME: 570000 National Cemetery-Summary    NAME: 570100 National Cemetery    NAME: 600000 Supply Fund (sum 6000 series)    NAME: 610000 Publications Service (sum 6121-6199)    NAME: 612100 Office of the Director    NAME: 613100 Printing Procurement Division    NAME: 614000 Typography and Design Division (sum 6141-6149)    NAME: 614100 Office of the Chief    
NAME: 614200 Art and Design Staff    NAME: 614300 Composition Section    NAME: 614400 Forms Composition Staff    NAME: 614500 Editorial Section    NAME: 615000 Forms and Publications Depot (sum 6151-6159)    NAME: 615100 Forms and Publications Depot    NAME: 615200 Office of the Depot Officer    NAME: 615300 Inventory and Distribution Control Section    
NAME: 620000 OA&MM (sum 6210-6399)    NAME: 621000 DAS A&MM    NAME: 622000 VACO Resource Management    NAME: 623000 VACO Materiel Management    NAME: 624000 VACO Acquisition Management    NAME: 625000 VACO Field Operations    NAME: 629000 Off of Small & Disadv Business Utilization    NAME: 632100 Depot Administration    
NAME: 632200 Depot Operations Division    NAME: 632300 Depot Inventory Control Division    NAME: 632400 Motor Vehicles - Other Motor & Veh Equip    NAME: 632500 Engineering Services - All Other    NAME: 632600 Catalog Division    NAME: 633000 Marketing Center    NAME: 634000 Denver Prosthetic Dist Center    NAME: 635100 Administrative Support    
NAME: 635200 Holding and Undistributed    NAME: 635300 M&R Rendered at Field Stations    NAME: 635400 M&R Rendered at Depots-Field Station Property    NAME: 635500 M&R Rendered at Depots-Other Govt Agencies    NAME: 635600 M&R Rendered at Depots for Vendors & Carriers    NAME: 635700 Tech Svc & Repairs Rendered at Depot/VACO    NAME: 635800 Tech Svc & Repairs Rendered at Marketing Center    NAME: 635900 Tech Supervision of PPM Program at Fld Stations    
NAME: 636000 Silver Recovery Program-VA    NAME: 636100 Silver Recovery Program-Other Govt Agency    NAME: 636200 Other Miscellany Costs    NAME: 637100 Library Technical Processing Division    NAME: 800000 Department of Medicine and Surgery    NAME: 800100 Office of Chief Medical Director    NAME: 800200 Resource Management Office    NAME: 800300 Facility Engineering, Planning & Construction Off    
NAME: 800400 Management Support Office    NAME: 800500 Office of Quality Assurance    NAME: 800600 Agent Orange    NAME: 800700 Office of Assoc CMD for Programs, Planning & Policy Development    NAME: 800800 Agent Orange Projects Office    NAME: 800900 AIDS Program Office    NAME: 801100 Assistant Chief Med.Dir. for Clinical Affair    NAME: 801200 Blind Rehabilitation Svc    
NAME: 801300 Spinal Cord Injury Svc    NAME: 801400 Nuclear Medicine Service    NAME: 801500 Dietetic Service    NAME: 801600 Deputy Assistant CMD for Prosthetics Svc R&D    NAME: 801700 Research Career Scientists    NAME: 801800 Nursing Service    NAME: 801900 Pathology Service    NAME: 802000 Optometry Service    
NAME: 802100 Pharmacy Service    NAME: 802200 Rehabilitation Medicine Svc    NAME: 802300 Podiatric Service    NAME: 802400 Mental Health & Behavioral Sciences Svc    NAME: 802500 Radiology Service    NAME: 802600 Social Work Service    NAME: 802700 Surgical Service    NAME: 802800 Audiology & Speech Pathology Svc    
NAME: 802900 Recreation Service    NAME: 803000 Neurology Service    NAME: 803100 Chaplain Service    NAME: 803200 Readjustment Counseling Service    NAME: 803500 Assistant Chief Med Dir for Dentistry    NAME: 803600 ACMD for Geriatric & Extended Care    NAME: 803700 Patient Treatment Service    NAME: 803800 Development and Management Service    
NAME: 804000 Research Career Scientists    NAME: 804100 Assistant Chief Medical Director for Academic Affairs    NAME: 804500 Assistant Chief Medical Director for Planning Coordination    NAME: 805200 Assistant Chief Medical Director for Research and Development    NAME: 805300 Medical Research Service    NAME: 805400 Health Services Research and Development Service    NAME: 805600 Office of Director for Operations    NAME: 805700 Medical Information Resources Management Office    
NAME: 805800 Readjustment Counseling Service    NAME: 805900 Emergency Management and Resource Sharing Service    NAME: 806000 Assistant Chief Medical Director for Administration    NAME: 806100 Systems Development Office    NAME: 806200 Management Systems Service    NAME: 806300 Building Management Service    NAME: 806400 Voluntary Service    NAME: 806500 Medical Administration Service    
NAME: 806600 Security Service    NAME: 806900 Miscellaneous Expense    NAME: 807000 Medical Administration - CO Staff    NAME: 807011 Operating Equipment - Replacements    NAME: 807021 Operating Equipment - Additions    NAME: 807030 Alterations, Improvements and Acquisitions of Administrative Space    NAME: 807100 Grants to New State Medical Schools    NAME: 807200 Other Assistance for New State Medical Schools    
NAME: 807211 Operating Equipment - Replacements    NAME: 807221 Operating Equipment - Additions    NAME: 807240 Other Improvements - Replacements    NAME: 807250 Other Improvements - Additions    NAME: 807300 Grants to Affiliated Med Schools (VACO only)    NAME: 807400 Grants to Other Health Manpower Institutions (VACO only)    NAME: 807500 Improvement VA Bldg & Struc - Affil Med Sch Grants    NAME: 807600 Improvement VA Bldg & Struc-Other Health Manpower Insti Grants    
NAME: 807700 Improvement in Methods of Education & Training (VACO approved)    NAME: 807800 Other Health Manpower Training Institutions    NAME: 807811 Operating Equipment - Replacements    NAME: 807821 Operating Equipment - Additions    NAME: 807840 Other Improvements - Replacements    NAME: 807850 Other Improvements - Additions    NAME: 808200 Non-Government Training    NAME: 808300 Other Government Training    
NAME: 808400 All Other Postgraduates & Inservice Training Costs    NAME: 809000 Postgraduate and Inservice Training    NAME: 809011 Operating Equipment - Replacements    NAME: 809021 Operating Equipment - Additions    NAME: 809400 Nursing Students-Part-Time    NAME: 809500 Nursing Students-Full-Time    NAME: 809600 Other Health Professionals    NAME: 809700 Administration of Health Professional Scholarship    
NAME: 809800 VA Health Professional Scholarship Program.    NAME: 809811 Operating Equipment - Replacements    NAME: 809821 Operating Equipment - Additions    NAME: 809840 Other Improvements - Replacements    NAME: 810100 Administration and Common Research    NAME: 810200 Common Research Support    NAME: 810300 Merit Reviewed Medical Research    NAME: 810400 Investigator Salaries - Personal Svc. Costs Principal Investigator Only    
NAME: 810500 Animal Research Facilities    NAME: 810600 High Priority Research    NAME: 810700 Cooperative Studies    NAME: 810800 Career Development Program    NAME: 810900 Other Designated Research    NAME: 811000 Research Career Scientists    NAME: 811900 External Research Grants    NAME: 811911 Operating Equipment - Replacements    
NAME: 811921 Operating Equipment - Additions    NAME: 812000 Research in Health Care    NAME: 812011 Operating Equipment - Replacements    NAME: 812012 Building Service Equipment - Replacements    NAME: 812021 Operating Equipment - Additions    NAME: 812022 Building Service Equipment - Additions    NAME: 812040 Other Improvements - Replacements    NAME: 812050 Other Improvements - Additions    
NAME: 812100 Progam 822 Central Office    NAME: 812200 Research Center for Prosthetics-New York    NAME: 812300 VA Prosthetics R&D Center    NAME: 812400 All Other Intra-VA Rehabilitative Research & Development Activities    NAME: 812500 Bioengineering Research Service, VA Prosthetics Center    NAME: 813000 Rehabilitative Research    NAME: 813011 Operating Equipment - Replacements    NAME: 813021 Operating Equipment - Additions    
NAME: 813040 Other Improvements - Replacements    NAME: 813050 Other Improvements - Additions    NAME: 813200 Agent Orange Research-Program 823    NAME: 813211 Operating Equipment - Replacements    NAME: 813221 Operating Equipment - Additions    NAME: 813240 Other Improvements - Replacements    NAME: 813250 Other Improvements - Additions    NAME: 813300 Administration    
NAME: 813400 Program 824 Health Systems Research and Development    NAME: 813411 Operating Equipment - Replacements    NAME: 813421 Operating Equipment - Additions    NAME: 813440 Other Improvements - Replacements    NAME: 813450 Other Improvements - Additions    NAME: 815000 VHA Nursing Awards    NAME: 820100 Medical    NAME: 820200 Surgical    
NAME: 820300 Psychiatry    NAME: 820400 Clinical Ambulatory Care    NAME: 820500 Domiciliary Care    NAME: 820600 Intermediate Care    NAME: 820700 VA Nursing Home Care    NAME: 821100 Dialysis    NAME: 821200 Anesthesiology    NAME: 822100 Social Work    
NAME: 822200 Diagnostic Radiology    NAME: 822300 Laboratory    NAME: 822400 Pharmacy    NAME: 822500 Medical Media Production    NAME: 822600 Libraries    NAME: 822700 Psychology    NAME: 822800 Audiology and Speech Pathology    NAME: 822900 Nuclear Medicine    
NAME: 822904 RC Test cost center    NAME: 823100 Podiatric    NAME: 823200 Optometric    NAME: 823300 Spinal Cord Injury Service    NAME: 823400 Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Center    NAME: 823500 Neurology    NAME: 823600 Dermatology    NAME: 823700 Radiation Therapy    
NAME: 823800 Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory    NAME: 823900 General Reference Laboratory    NAME: 824100 Nursing Service    NAME: 824200 Rehabilitation Medicine Service    NAME: 824300 Dietetic    NAME: 824400 Chaplains    NAME: 824500 Blind Rehabilitation    NAME: 824600 Recreation Service    
NAME: 824700 Readjustment Counseling    NAME: 824800 Dental    NAME: 825100 Dental Clinics    NAME: 825200 Central Dental Laboratory    NAME: 826200 Contract and Home Dialysis    NAME: 826300 Outpatient Fee Medical, Dental and Pharmaceutical Services    NAME: 826400 Federal Employees' Health Program    NAME: 826500 Prosthetics Distribution Center    
NAME: 826600 Orthopedic Shoe Service    NAME: 826900 General Reference Laboratory    NAME: 827000 Prosthetic Activities--Summary    NAME: 827100 Office of Director, VA Prosthetics Center    NAME: 827200 Prosthetic Activity    NAME: 827300 Orthotics Laboratories    NAME: 827400 Restoration Clinic    NAME: 827500 Prosthetics Distribution Center    
NAME: 827600 Orthopedic Shoe Service    NAME: 827700 Patient Care Service    NAME: 827800 Testing and Distribution Service    NAME: 828100 Supply Processing and Distribution Section    NAME: 828500 Ward Administration Section    NAME: 828600 Ambulatory Care Administration    NAME: 831100 Civil Hospitals    NAME: 831300 Municipal and State Hospitals    
NAME: 831500 Manila    NAME: 831700 Civilian Health and Medical Program, VA    NAME: 832100 US Army    NAME: 832200 US Air Force    NAME: 832300 US Navy    NAME: 832400 US Public Health Service (Marine)    NAME: 832500 US Public Health Service (Fort Worth)    NAME: 832600 Department of Health and Human Services (St. Elizabeths)    
NAME: 832700 Panama Canal Zone    NAME: 832900 All Other    NAME: 833100 Domiciliary Care-State Homes    NAME: 833200 Hospital Care-State Homes    NAME: 833300 Contract Adult Day Health Care    NAME: 834100 Nursing Home Care-State Homes    NAME: 834200 Nursing Home Care-Community Homes    NAME: 834300 Homemaker Home Health Aid Services - Patient Homes    
NAME: 834400 Homeless Veterans Comprehensive Service Program Act 1992    NAME: 835100 Posthospital Care-Non-VA Federal Hospitals    NAME: 836100 Alcohol and Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation    NAME: 836200 Homeless, Chronically Ill, Mental Illness    NAME: 836300 Outpatient Fee Medical, Dental and Pharmaceutical Services    NAME: 836400 Contract Dialysis    NAME: 840000 Administrative Support - Summary    NAME: 840100 Office of Director    
NAME: 840200 DHCP and IHS Operations    NAME: 840300 Direction and Coordination of VA Training Programs    NAME: 840400 Medical Disctrict Office    NAME: 840500 Voluntary Service    NAME: 840600 Evaluation of Preventive Health-Care Services    NAME: 840700 Security Service    NAME: 840800 Regional Directors' Office    NAME: 840900 Chief of Staff    
NAME: 841100 Office of the Chief Medical Administration    NAME: 841200 Ambulatory Care and Processing Section    NAME: 841300 Contractual and Fee Services Section    NAME: 841400 Medical Information and Records Section    NAME: 841500 Ward Administration Section    NAME: 841600 Office Operations Section    NAME: 841900 Quality Assurance and Case Mix Activity    NAME: 842100 Fiscal    
NAME: 843100 Personnel    NAME: 844100 Supply    NAME: 844200 Supply Processing & Distribution Section    NAME: 845100 Prosthetic Assessment and Information Center    NAME: 846100 Centralized Safety & Fire Protection Engineering    NAME: 847000 Information Resources Management    NAME: 850100 Office of the Chief, Engineering Service    NAME: 850300 Facility Safety, Occupational Health & Fire Protection Engineering    
NAME: 850400 Project Management Engineering    NAME: 850500 Biomedical Engineering    NAME: 851100 Plant Operations    NAME: 852100 Transportation - All Motor Vehicles except Fire Trucks    NAME: 853000 Other Engineering Operations - Summary    NAME: 853200 Fire Protection Unit    NAME: 853300 Grounds Maintenance and other Misc. Operations    NAME: 854000 Engineering - Maintenance/Repair    
NAME: 854100 Recurring M&R - Real Property    NAME: 854200 Nonrecurring M&R - Real Property    NAME: 855100 Operating Equipment M&R    NAME: 855500 Biomedical Engineering    NAME: 856100 Office of the Chief, Building Management Service    NAME: 856200 Pest Management Operations    NAME: 856300 Grounds Management Operations    NAME: 856400 Sanitation Operations    
NAME: 856500 Bed Service and patients Assistance Program Operations    NAME: 856600 Glazing Maintenance Operations    NAME: 856700 Waste Management Operations    NAME: 857000 Laundry and Drycleaning Operations    NAME: 857100 Linen and Uniform Operations    NAME: 857200 Uniform Operations    NAME: 857300 Patients Assistance Program Operations    NAME: 857500 Interior Design Operations    
NAME: 857700 Directional System Operations    NAME: 860100 Home Improvement and Structural Alterations    NAME: 860200 Beneficiary Travel    NAME: 860300 Care of Dead    NAME: 860400 Operation and Maintenance of Cemeteries    NAME: 860500 Operation of Continuing Education Field Units    NAME: 860600 Regional Police Training Center    NAME: 860700 Learning Resources Centers    
NAME: 861000 Regional Information Systems Centers (ISC's)    NAME: 861500 Administrative Programs    NAME: 862100 Operation of Housekeeping Quarters    NAME: 862200 Operation of Nonhousekeeping Quarters    NAME: 862300 Operation and Maintenance of Garages and Parking Facilities    NAME: 862400 Third Party Medical Recoveries    NAME: 863100 Insurance Claims and Indemnities    NAME: 863200 Canteen    
NAME: 864900 Federal Employee Health Program    NAME: 865000 Regional Activities - Summary (Cost Centers 8651 through 8655)    NAME: 865100 Regional Directors Office    NAME: 865500 Medical District office    NAME: 866000 VA/DOD/Sharing Personnel    NAME: 870000 Medical Care Appropriation    NAME: 870011 Operating Equipment - Replacements    NAME: 870012 Building Service Equipment - Replacements    
NAME: 870021 Operating Equipment - Additions    NAME: 870022 Building Service Equipment - Additions    NAME: 870040 Other Improvements - Replacements    NAME: 870050 Other Improvements - Additions    NAME: 870100 Health Professional Scholarship Program Award    NAME: 870200 Reserve Member Stipend Awards    NAME: 880100 GPF Recreation Facilities    NAME: 880200 GPF Religious Facilities    
NAME: 880300 GPF Research Facilities    NAME: 880400 GPF Medical and Other Facilities    NAME: 881100 GPF Recreational Equipment    NAME: 881200 GPF Ecclesiastical Equipment    NAME: 881300 GPF Research Equipment    NAME: 881400 GPF Medical and Other Equipment    NAME: 882100 GPF Research Supplies & Svcs    NAME: 882200 GPF Medical & Other Nonrecreational or Nonreligious Supplies & Services    
NAME: 883100 GPF Recr Act - Rent/Lease Recr Equip/Fac    NAME: 883200 Recreational Act - Hire of Entertainers, Sports Officals, Etc.    NAME: 883300 GPF Recr Act - Supplies    NAME: 883400 GPF Recr Act - Repairs & Svcs    NAME: 883500 Recr Act - Personal Comfort Items    NAME: 884100 GPF Religious Act - Supplies    NAME: 884200 GPF Religious Act - Repairs & Svcs    NAME: 885000 Housing Related Expenses    
NAME: 885100 Housing Utilities    NAME: 885200 Housing Maintenance    NAME: 885300 Housing Subsistence    NAME: 885400 Housing Furnishings    NAME: 885500 Housing Appliances    NAME: 885600 Housing Service Equipment    NAME: 885700 Housing Cost of Sales    NAME: 885800 Housing Purchases    
NAME: 885900 All Other    NAME: 886000 Credit Reform Summary    NAME: 886100 Credit Reform (36X8126)    NAME: 886200 Credit Reform (36X8128)    NAME: 890100 Depot Administration    NAME: 890200 Depot Operations Division    NAME: 890300 Depot Stock Control Division    NAME: 890600 Motor Vehicles - Other Motorized and Vehicle Equipment    
NAME: 890700 Engineering Services (All Other)    NAME: 890800 Catalog Division    NAME: 891100 Disaster Relief Fund,Medical Care 36X0160    NAME: 892100 Library Tech Proc Div - Subsidiary to general ledger acc 474026    NAME: 893100 Administrative Support    NAME: 893200 Holding and Undistributed    NAME: 893300 Maintenance and Repairs Rendered at Field Stations    NAME: 893400 Maintenance and Repairs Rendered at Depots-Field Station Property    
NAME: 893500 Maintenance and Repairs Rendered at Depots for Other Government Agencies    NAME: 893600 Maintenance and Repairs Rendered for Vendors and Carriers    NAME: 893700 Technical Service and Repairs Rendered Depots and Central Office    NAME: 893800 Technical Service and Repairs Rendered Marketing Center    NAME: 893900 Tech Supervision of Personal Maintenance Prog at Field Station    NAME: 894000 Silver Recovery Program - VA    NAME: 894100 Silver Recovery Program - Other Governmental Agencies    NAME: 894200 Other Miscellaneous Costs    
NAME: 895000 Third Party Medical Recoveries    NAME: 895011 Operating Equipment Replacements    NAME: 895021 Operating Equipment Additions    NAME: 895030 Alterations, Improvements and Acquisitions of Admin Space    NAME: 895100 MCCR Central Office Program Office    NAME: 895200 MCCR Office of Finance and IRM    NAME: 895300 MCCR General Counsel    NAME: 895400 MCCR Information Systems Centers    
NAME: 895500 MCCR Regional Offices    NAME: 895600 MCCR Learning Resources/Continuing Education Center    NAME: 895700 MCCR Field Stations    NAME: 895800 MCCR Finance Center - Austin    NAME: 895900 MCCR Operating equipment    NAME: 897100 Marketing Center    NAME: 898000 Office of Procurement and Supply    NAME: 898100 Office of Small & Disadvantaged Business Utilization    
NAME: 898200 Computer Systems Staff    NAME: 899000 Veterans Canteen Services (36X4014 Fund)    NAME: 899100 Compensated Work Therapy Program    NAME: 899600 Compensated Work Therapy Equipment    NAME: 899700 Federal Employee Parking Program    NAME: 899800 Federal Employee Parking Improvements    NAME: 899900 Supply Stock Fund    

ICR, Total: 4

ICR LINK Subscribing Package(s) Fields Referenced Description
ICR #50
  • NAME (.01).
    Access: Read w/Fileman

    ICR #492
  • Event Capture
  • NAME (.01).
    Access: Direct Global Read & w/Fileman

    ICR #1484
  • Engineering
  • NAME (.01).
    Access: Pointed to

    ICR #6630
  • NAME (.01).
    Access: Direct Global Read & w/Fileman

    Access: Read w/Fileman

    Access: Read w/Fileman

    Access: Read w/Fileman

    BOC (.01).
    Access: Read w/Fileman

    DESCRIPTION (.01).
    Access: Read w/Fileman

    File 420.1 "B" cross reference Used to look up by COSTCENTER NAMEFile 420.1 "C" cross-reference Used to look up by CostCenter name.File 420.1 "D" cross-reference Used to look up by CostCenter modulus (CC#1000).Subfile 420.11 "B" cross-reference Used to generate alist ofBOCs for a Cost Center viaa VA FileMan API callspecifying the "B" index

    External References

    Name Field # of Occurrence
    ^%DT .7+1

    Global Variables Directly Accessed

    Name Line Occurrences  (* Changed,  ! Killed)
    ^PRCD(420.1 - [#420.1] .01(XREF 1S), .01(XREF 1K), .01(XREF 2S), .01(XREF 2K), .01(XREF 3S), .01(XREF 3K), .5(XREF 1S), .5(XREF 1K)

    Local Variables


    >> Not killed explicitly
    * Changed
    ! Killed
    ~ Newed

    Name Field # of Occurrence
    >> %DT .7+1*
    >> DA .01(XREF 1S), .01(XREF 1K), .01(XREF 2S), .01(XREF 2K), .01(XREF 3S), .01(XREF 3K), .5(XREF 1S), .5(XREF 1K)
    >> DINUM .01+1*
    DT .5(XREF 1S)
    DUZ .5(XREF 1S)
    X .01+1!, .01(XREF 1S), .01(XREF 1K), .01(XREF 2S), .01(XREF 2K), .01(XREF 3S), .01(XREF 3K), .5(XREF 1S), .7+1*!
    >> Y .7+1
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